Life Is About Serving People And Lifting Them Up

Visit people often and help them and put a smile on their face.  Hold doors open for people and great them with a firm handshake. It is so rewarding to give people a gift that they were not expecting.

Do something special for your friends. Call up your friend and invite them on the spur of the moment to go for a drive or out to eat. You will make your friend happy and you will be happy also. Spend quality time with your friends and don’t miss a moment of your time together.

Wesley Church

I love visiting with people in the rest home or in assisted living. The people I visit with enrich my soul with wonderful lessons on what life is really all about. We can learn a great deal form our elders and other people that we visit with, We all have our ups and downs in life it is how we handle them that makes all the difference in the World how our life turns out.

Do not dwell or live in the past as you can not change its outcome. Make new and fond memories in others lives and in your own. Look at things in perspective and never lose your focus on what is truly important in life. We should serve God, community, family, friends and strangers. A friend in need is a friend indeed as the old saying goes.

upper range light


An illness in my life was a blessing in disguise. It has made me into a more outgoing and caring person. I have become a lay minister in my church. I see things differently then I used to. I enjoy visiting with people and having them tell me some of their lives stories. There is always someone who is in worse shape then you no matter what your illness or situation is.


My goal is to help brighten or enrich peoples lives and put a smile on someones face everyday and to be kind, compassionate, caring and to be an awesome listener and to learn something new each and everyday and to share my knowledge with others.


God bless you each and everyday and never forget that you can always become a better and more outstanding you that will make God and your family proud of the person you are today.

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Instinct Minced Rabbit Recipe Cat Food From Chewy.Com

I set out individual portions of Instinct Rabbit Recipe in Savory gravy for my cats next door. Mr. Gray, Russ, Addi and Sherlock were very excited indeed as they ate their Instinct Rabbit Recipe Cat Food From Chewy.Com. Hiford and Faith ate up their portions immediately. Nicole likes to hide in a kitchen cupboard and all of a sudden she leaped out of the cupboard and ignored my presence in the room completely as she gobbled down her Instinct Rabbit Food for Cats. Nicole has never been that excited over any food in her entire life.


Instinct is grain free and the ingredients are : rabbit, pork liver, pork broth, egg whites, peas, spinach, carrots, Flaxseed, kelp, artichokes, cranberries, pumpkin, tomato, blueberries, broccoli, cabbage, kale, parsley and lots of vitamins and minerals. My cats seemed to know that Instinct Minced Rabbit Recipe Cat Food From Chewy.Com had exactly what they needed to eat for optimal health. Instinct is made in the USA. Instinct offers natural nutrition for cats. You can feed your adult cat two to 2.5 bowls of Instinct a day.



Nicole leaped out of the cupboard immediately this morning hoping to the first one to eat the wonderful Instinct Rabbit Recipe Cat Food. Nicole ate up a large portion of her Instinct  Rabbit cat food. Russ, Hilford, Sherlock and Addi enjoyed their portion immensely. Faith ate in an area by herself so she would not have to share with anyone. Mr. Gray ate up all of his Instinct ASAP and cleaned up any little nibble left behind.

My cats and I enjoyed the smell of the Instinct cat food. The cat food has a nice pleasant fresh smell. There are nice small pieces of meat and carrots in the cat food and a savory gravy. My cats rate Instinct Minced Rabbit Recipe Cat Food from Chewy.Com on their all paws up review. My cats were on top of the World while they indulged on their Instinct Rabbit cat food.

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The Franciscan Crab Restaurant Located In San Francisco

I had read the reviews on The Franciscan Crab Restaurant on Facebook and Yelp and the restaurant had outstanding reviews. My friend and I were walking along Fishermans Wharf and decided we would have our evening meal there.  We sat by a window and had an outstanding view of the bay. We saw tour boats and boats of all different sizes and a lot of  sea birds.


Our waiter came and took our order. Our waiter was dressed in formal attire and he came to our table with a loaf of fresh bread and butter. We ordered crab cakes which were seasoned to perfection and they just melted in our mouth. We ordered water to drink and we had an endless supply of nice cold ice water to drink.


I liked the layout of the restaurant and how it was decorated. The restaurant was nice and peaceful so you could visit easily and hear every word the other person said at your table. The Franciscan Crab Restaurant had binoculars at your table so you could get a closer look at the different sea birds and boats and occasionally a sea lion or a dolphin.


We ate at The Franciscan Crab Restaurant again for another evening meal. We both ordered the crab salad and it was perfect. Our salad had lots of crab meat, black olives, hard boiled egg, cucumber slices, spinach leaves, lettuce and a special salad dressing with cocktail sauce in it. I absolutely loved the crab salad and the awesome salad dressing that came with it.


The Franciscan Crab Restaurant has excellent food and surroundings. They have an extensive menu and wonderful looking desert items. I would give their food and the restaurant and staff five stars out of five stars. A top notch restaurant to eat at a long Fishermans Wharf.

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In Memory Of My Cat Bella

Bella was given to me by a friend. Bella was a nice and friendly cat. She did not want to be patted on the head. She liked to have her back rubbed. Snowflake and Bella were the best of friends and now they are together again in heaven,


Bella liked to sleep on a shelf with boxes that had nice clean fluffy towels for her to sleep on. In the winter months she would sleep in a heated  cat bed next to Snowflake. When Snowflake died she slept by herself. Bella would always greet me in the morning with a warm and welcoming meow.

Bella lost three pounds suddenly. I took her to my vet and he ran blood test that came back positive for liver cancer. I feed her tuna canned in water and I managed to get her weight up to 8.4 lbs. She had trouble swallowing and could not eat dry cat food any longer. I had Bella put to sleep at my vets office because I did not want her to suffer and get worse again all of a sudden. Bella was 11 years and ten months of age.

Bella loved cat snacks and treats and would eat and eat away at them. In her later years she could not eat any snacks or treats but she could eat a tablespoon of tuna in the morning and at night.



My cat Russ was always her knight in shining armor. If any younger cat would pick on Bella he would put them in there place. It seemed like Russ told them to respect their elders and tow the line.

Bella was a gray striped cat with orange coloring throughout her hair. I am honored to have shared my life with Bella’s life. I will always remember her dearly and have a special place in my heart for her. My vet gave a memorial to Bella to help cure cats with similar diseases or ailments. God bless the beast and the children.

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What Grade Would You Give Yourself In Life ?

Have you done everything or accomplished everything in life that you had to do or wanted to get done? Have you worked at your goals in life and have you left the world in better place as far as what you have done with your life? We all have thoughts to ponder as we try to figure out the correct path to follow in our life. With Gods help and love we can accomplish most things that we set out to do.

Are you working on the mission that God has set for you ? Let God be your compass and your guide with your path in life. Be kind, caring, compassionate, loving, and very caring with other people. Always put yourself in the other persons shoes. Never judge someone as you have no idea whatsoever as to what they have gone through in their lifetime.


Live each and every day to its full potential and do not waste any days because all of us have finite days on earth and a limited time frame to accomplish our purpose or mission on earth. Enjoy life, savor life, cherish life and spend quality time with family and friends. Do not make life more difficult than it has to be and don’t sweat the small stuff. In the whole scheme of life there will be hiccups now and then but don’t let them stop you from reaching your finish line.

How do we begin to grade ourselves in life ? Have we done good things and been kind and caring and helped spread Gods good works ?  If you can answer yes you are definitely heading toward a high grade in life.

Life is wonder-less and glorious  and a constant journey to learning and understanding and bettering ourselves and each other each and everyday. Follow the path God has set for you and you will be filled with the grace of God.

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Embrace Your Illness Do Not Let It Empower You

Illness comes to knock on all of our doors eventually. Illness does not care if your door is locked it just burst in the very moment you do not expect it. Be ready for illness in your life and embrace it. You take control of your illness to the best of your ability. Find things to do that you like to do and travel and get out as that will occupy your mind and give you new things to think about.



Never sit around and just concentrate on the illness that you have as that is when it will empower you. Try to get out and live your life the best that you can  with the illness that you have and then you will empower your illness.  Never think  poor me as all of us have health battles to empower in life.

Find new hobbies and new things to do when you cannot possibly  do all of the things that you used to do. Read books, enjoy the great outdoors, write, surround yourself with friends and let God be your guide in life. Find a cause to support and help others that our fighting health battles.


Only you can take control of your life. If you tell yourself in life that you cannot win chances are you won’t. Make positive changes in the World everyday and embrace your illness as you may find  a new you that is also an improved you. You may find yourself to be more outgoing or more creative.

God is always by your side even when you think he is not. God does not want any of his children to suffer. God will help you embrace your illness if you let him. Go out and help others embrace their illness and do not let them get empowered by their illness. God Bless You and strengthen you everyday.


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Tiki Cat After Dark Variety Pack Canned Cat Food from Chewy.Com

I was provided Tiki Cat After Dark Variety Pack Canned Cat Food from Chewy.Com to facilitate my review. All thoughts are 100 % honest and my own.

My two outdoor cats absolutely loved Tiki Cat Chicken with liver, gizzards and heart. Maggie and her sister had the whole can completely gone in a matter of seconds.

eating cat snacks

Russ, Mr. Gray, Hilford, Sherlock, Bella, Faith and Cali indulged in the Tiki Cat Chicken & Pork. Bella growled as she ate her portion. Sherlock licked up every little sliver of food that he could find. Russ and Mr. Gray ate side by side in perfect harmony. Hilford and Cali ate up and large portion of the Tiki Cat. Faith came along last but she still ate all that she could find.

Tiki Cat is grain free and is formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO Cat Food Nutrient Profiles for all Lifestages. Feed 3 cans per day for 7 lb. Adult Cats. Varies based on age, variety, and lifestyle.

Maggie was very excited when she ate her Tiki Cat Chicken & Beef Canned Cat Food from Chewy.Com. She was in seventh heaven as she gobbled down her Tiki Cat.


Mr.Gray, Russ, Hilford, Sherlock and Bella loved the Tiki Cat Chicken and Lamb. Bella ate every single morsel of her serving. Sherlock kept searching for any over looked morsel of Tiki Cat Chicken and Lamb which was about impossible to find.

Maggie and her sister savored a can of Tiki Cat Chicken  &  Lamb. The can of cat food disappeared out of thin air it seemed like.

Hilford ate a Quail egg out the can if Tiki Cat Chicken & Quail Egg. Hilford was absolutely consumed with his wonderful find of the Quail egg. Bella ate the entire amount of all of her Tiki Cat including the wonderful juice that each can is packed with. Mr. Gray Sherlock and Faith were eating and licking up all that they could. Nicole came out of hiding as she smelled the can of Tiki Cat Chicken and Quail Egg being opened and she purred away with great delight as she ate.

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The Lowell Inn located in Stillwater, Minnesota

The Lowell Inn has been in business since 1927. The Lowell Inn has an upscale American restaurant with awesome food and the food is served by a waitress or waiter in full attire which is nice to see.


I was very impressed at the inside of the Inn. I loved their lighting and the table and chairs and just the atmosphere in general. I love the touch of charm that an old inn has to offer as it is very homey and welcoming to me. I love to look at their old buffets and silver coffee service and portraits and pictures and antiques as I love the old world charm.


Th fall is an excellent time to book a room at the Lowell Inn. You can take a drive and the look at the vivid and vibrant colors of the fall leaves. I like go to the various orchards and get fresh apples for eating or making applesauce which looks mighty good in the long winter months ahead.

The Lowell Inn  is an excellent place to have your wedding reception. Your wedding guest will be absolutely amazed by the fine food that they will be served. You could stay at the Lowell Inn for your honeymoon. The perfect place to go to have a lot of wonderful wedding memories for years to come.


My friend and I had lunch at the Lowell Inn. Our waitress was very attentive to our every need and want. I ordered a bowl cream of mushroom soup and I asked my waitress to ad one piece of grilled chicken to it. My soup was the best soup that I have ever had, My friend ordered there crab cakes and she said they were very good.


I would highly recommend eating at the Lowell Inn for an amazing upscale dining experience with an awesome atmosphere.

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Caru Tuna Recipe Cat Treats from Chewy.Com

I was provided Caru Tuna Recipe Cat Treats from Chewy.Com to facilitate my review. All thoughts are 100% honest and my own.

My house cat Kohl was extremely excited as he gobbled down his Cara Tuna Baked Bites from Chewy.Com. Kohl wanted more Caru treats constantly. My house cat Garfunkel ate the Caru treats the second they were laid in front of him.


Caru Tuna Recipe Baked Bites are made with wild tuna, no GMO ingredients, no wheat, gluten, corn or soy ingredients. Caru means” to love” in Welsh. Caru is prepared to help keep your cat happy, healthy and full of life. Caru is made in the USA with tuna caught in Canada or the USA. Caru is a healthy snack or supplement to your cats diet. Caru is a family owned company.

I gave Caru Tuna Recipe Cat treats from Chewy.Com to my next door cats. Mr. Gray ate up the Caru treats ASAP. Russ was happy with the Caru tuna recipe cat treats. Cali ate up a good share of the Caru tuna recipe cat treats. Hilford found the treats quickly and Nicole ate up her portion of Caru Tuna recipe Baked Bites from Chewy.Com.

I gave some Caru tuna recipe treats to Maggie my outdoor cat. The treats were barely placed in front of her and they disappeared like streak lightening. Maggie knows a healthy treat when one is presented to her. She gives it her stamp of approval quickly and efficiently.


I gave some more Caru tuna recipe baked bites from Chewy.Com to my house cats again this evening. Kohl loved his Caru treats again. Garfunkel just about inhales the Caru tuna recipe baked bites as he eats them up faster than the speed of sound practically.

I love feeding my cats healthy cat treats that are made in the USA with high quality ingredients.


Home is a place where laughter abounds around every corner. Memories  are found in every nook and crevice of your home. We always come home for celebrations and funerals. Home is where the heart is. There is no place like home as the old saying goes.

We gather around the table on Thanksgiving day reflecting back on all the people in our lives that have made Thanksgiving day a day to be truly Thankful for. We are thankful for our families, friends, good health, a good job and so much more. God has blessed us with a bountiful harvest of family, friends, and good food and an everlasting tie to God that cannot be broken.


We come home at Christmas time to be with our family and awesome friends, We reflect on all the people that have come and gone in our home throughout the years. We remember past Christmases as a child and what a joy it was to find that perfect Christmas present under the tree waiting for us to unwrap it and have fond memories of it yet today.


A home changes throughout the years as people die and babies are born. A new family moves into your old home place to make fond memories of their own. They remodel your home to meet their current needs at the time. There is a constant circle in the chain of life. Life cannot go on without changes in it. We have to adapt to constant change in our life day after day if we are to survive in this World.

All of us come home to die or to be buried in our hometown. We all want to be in a place where everybody knows us and loves us for who we are. I  love my home, family, friends, pets and God my creator.

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