Different Cat Personalities

Siamese cats are very outgoing and very talkative. A purebred Siamese has a very high pitched meow. Sometimes they are a one person cat and do not do well with strangers. I had a purebred Siamese and she liked to jump on strangers heads. Siamese cats were trained to jump on peoples heads years ago. They were kind of like a small dog guard for the family. My cat Sebastian saw a man walking down my road at night and he let out a meow or wail that could literally wake the dead. I pulled my shade down and I thanked Sebastian for his heroic effort.

Himalayan cats are very quiet and never seem to meow much at all. They are very loving and very kind and they need a lot of grooming with their long hair. A Himalayan is a cross between a Persian and a Siamese cat. Persians have a short stubby nose and tend to be on the quiet side.

Rex cats do not shed and they have curly hair or no hair at all. Some of the hairless cats are quit long and resemble a Siamese cat that would have no hair. The hairless cats have a short life expectancy compared to other cat breeds.

I saw two Manx cats on the Isle of Man were they originated from. They were long and had no tails. They were very friendly and outgoing. They tend to have some health problems because they do not have a tail.

They are many more exciting and various breeds of cats to consider bringing into your household. Each and every cat seems to have its own distinctive and interesting personality that sets it apart from other cats or breeds.

All of the cats that I have now are domestic short hairs which is a combination of other breeds of cats. My cats are part domestic short hair, Siamese, Persian, Himalayan and Maine Coon. Most of my cats have a lot of Siamese and Himalayan in their genetic makeup. I had a purebred Maine Coon cat when I was six years old and she lived until I was sixteen and about forty years later I had a male cat born on my farm that looked identical to her.

My domestic short hair cats have lived to be eighteen years old. They are easy going and friendly and very loving cats. My cats are wonderful and loving companions. I hope you and your cats have a lifetime of friendship and many years together.

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What does salvation mean ? It stands for preservation or deliverance from harm or ruin or loss. Deliverance from sin and its consequences believed by Christians to be brought about by faith in Christ. It also means redemption  and reclamation. Jesus shall bring salvation to his followers.

Salvation has come to me when I was afraid or sick. My prayers have been answered many times. My faith has many branches as the branches of the trees. In times of trial or tribulation God has helped me stay focused and alert to what I can do to help and enrich others lives. Set goals for yourself as you can achieve most anything with God as your cheerleader in life.

We pray for the Lord ” to take our soul if we should die before we wake”. We have salvation when we are not afraid and have faith in Christ. Salvation paves the way for your redemption and reclamation. The Salvation Army helps people that have had ruin, loss or been harmed by the  storms in life. They make sure people have food, housing, clothes and much more as they our some of Gods good stewards.


Think of the many ways God has saved you or rescued you from harm. God saved my life at least three times in the hospital. I made it through several illnesses that could have killed me. God has plans for each and everyone of us to accomplish on earth. Do not waste your time and let life pass you buy as you have much to accomplish in this World that will help generations to come. All it takes is one person to move a mountain so to speak. Have faith in the Lord and Salvation will be yours. Go out and move mountains, keep your faith, praise the Lord and yea shall find Salvation.

John   4: 39

A woman who has an encounter with Jesus.  Just tell people the way Christ changed your life. Everyone’s testimony is powerful because it is a story about moving from death to life. Giving your personal testimony is a way to share the gospel.

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Tidy Cats Clumping Litter With Glade Winter Pine Scent From Chewy.Com

I was provided Tidy Cats clumping litter with Glade winter pine scent from Chewy.Com to facilitate my review. All thoughts are 100 % honest and my own.

The Tidy Cats litter with winter pine scent smells likely a freshly cut Christmas tree. Your cats litter box will smell like a Christmas tree this year with the wonderful scent of a fresh cut pine tree. Tidy Cats litter has strong clumps that are easy to clean up. Clean your cats litter box with warm water and a mild detergent between litter changes. Put 3 to 4 inches of Tidy cats litter in your cats litter box and remove solids daily.Tidy Cats litter is made by the Purina Company in the USA and is guaranteed to lock away odors.

Kohl was watching me fill one of the litter boxes with the Tidy cats winter pine scent. He could smell the pine scent. As soon as I went up the steps he made a deposit to the litter box. Later on in the day there were quite a few deposits in the litter box. I clean the deposits out of my litter boxes twice a day. Kohl seems to be getting in the festive spirit with his Tidy Cats Clumping Litter with Glade  Winter Pine Scent from Chewy.Com.

This morning Garfunkel made a deposit to the freshly cleaned cat litter. The cats and I love the pine scent as it makes the house smell like Christmas will soon be here. Your house will smell like Christmas when you use Tidy Cats Winter Pine Scent. Conrad always watches my other cats before he makes a decision about a new cat litter. He went over to the litter box and smelled the litter  and made his deposit. All three of my house cats are very happy using their new Tidy Cats Clumping Litter With Glade Winter Pine Scent from Chewy.Com. They really dig Tidy Cats Winter Pine Scent Litter. The litter smells like an old fashioned Christmas with a fresh cut pine tree all decorated for the Holidays.

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Where Have Our Standards Of Ethics Gone ?

Our standards of ethics have been lacking in society more and more with each passing year. We need a strong set of values that we can pass down to our children and others. We know in our hearts what is right and what is wrong and we should act as if we do with each other.

It is not OK to bash other people. If you have to run down your opposing candidate that is a very sad situation because it shows you cannot run on your own merits or accomplishments. If you cannot run on your own merits perhaps you should not run at all. Always make the right and ethical stand or make no stand at all.

We need more people with upstanding moral principles in many different jobs and areas of life. Treat others like you would like to be treated. It is not OK to harm others in any way shape or form.

What are your set of ideals ? I want to treat people with respect and reach out to them. I want to do things on my own merits. Do not ride on the coat tails of others to take you to the top. Get to the top of your game with a high standard of ethics and you cannot go wrong in life.

It is not OK to bully people. If you cannot say something to someone to make them feel better do not say anything. We all have problems and no one has a clue as to what you are going through in your life. If something about someone upsets you maybe you have the same problem yourself but you cannot see the forest for the trees.

Remember your ideals, values, standards, rights and wrongs, moral principles  and sense of ethics. Be one of Gods good stewards by setting high standards for yourself to live bye.

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Frisco 62 ” Cat Tree From Chewy.Com

I was provided a Frisco 62 ” Cat Tree From Chewy.Com to facilitate my review. All thoughts are 100 % honest and my own.

The Frisco cat tree was very easy to assemble. The instructions on how to assemble the cat tree were spot on and I had it assembled and ready for my cats to enjoy in record time. I love the quality of the Frisco cat tree as it is very sturdy and well thought out. The Frisco Cat Tree From Chewy.Com has a scratching mat, a bed, several ledges and lots of scratching post and shelves, a rope to play with, a ball on a string, and a tunnel to hide in.

Russ and Faith were the first two to use the Frisco cat tree. Faith played with the rope toy and the ball and ended up on the top ledge looking out of the window. Russ licked my hand while I was assembling it and  the he rested on one of the ledges. Cali loved the cat bed and she curled up in it for awhile. Maggie sharped her claws and got them in optimal working order. Nicole came out of hiding to check it out.  Hilford played with the string rope and rested on the side shelf for a period of time.  Mr. Gray was on the top ledge later on looking out of the window at me as I walked bye.

Faith was looking out of the window this afternoon on the top ledge. I also noticed Cali taking a sunbath on the top ledge. My cats love to leap up to the different tiers and sharpen their claws in passing. Russ was moving his front paws up and down on the side board claw sharpener.

This morning Addi and Faith were enjoying the Frisco cat tree from Chewy.Com. Peter was on the top tier looking at me come to the house this morning. All of my cats next door love taking turns playing and clawing and sleeping on the Frisco cat tree. They love to leap to the different tiers and play with the rope toy and the hanging ball. They love to lay in the cat bed and play with the other cats tail as they walk bye. My cats next door are absolutely in love with their new Frisco cat tree from Chewy.Com.

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What does it take to be courageous ? You have to be willing to stand up for what you think is right even when all the odds seem to be against you. You willingly step into situations even when it is dangerous to do so to help someone else. You have the courage to go the extra mile if necessary to get the job done at hand. If you are fighting for a cause you believe in it takes a lot of courage to do so if no else is backing you up at the time.

Fire fighters, police, law enforcement, military and many other jobs have truly courageous people that protect us everyday willingly and knowing they could die from protecting us. God protects us everyday and he tries to lead us on the right path in life if we truly listen to him and we ask for guidance in our prayers.

If you see something that is completely wrong and not right be courageous and report the problem to someone in authority that might be able to correct the problem. If someone is a bully report him or her and try to take the bullies power away. People that hurt others  have a major problem and have to be reported so their reign of terror will finally stop.

Be courageous and step out of your comfort zone. Travel, get a new and better job, try something new and you most likely will like the changes in your life. Courage is a great motivator to be a better and kinder and more compassionate you. Further your education and remember you do have the courage in you to complete your college degree.

Be courageous and make the world a better place. Stand up for what is right and just. Always put your best foot forward in life. Remember Jesus Christ was very courageous.

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Should I Have a Male or a Female Cat ?

I have had both male and female cats over the years. There is not a lot of difference between the two sexes.

Male cats seem to put up with more then a female cat will. A male cat will let you hold him longer. Neutered Toms are very gentle and loving. Male cats that are not neutered may spray your furniture. My male cats have always seemed more relaxed and easy going then the females are. My male cats do not seem to live quite as long as my female cats have.

Female cats are gentle but are not as tolerant as the male cats are. The female cats like to be held on their own terms. A female cat prefers to jump own your lap rather then you picking her up and putting her on your lap. She will lay on your lap for a short period of time. My female cats do not like to be brushed for a long time. They like their grooming to be over very quickly.

Both male and female cats love to play with cat toys. Both sexes of cats love to be patted on their head and scratched under the chin. Males and females love to snuggle up in bed with you. Both male and female cats like a warm and cozy place for their afternoon naps. Male or female cats will give you a lot of joy and love.

I have had many male and female cats in my lifetime. Both the male and female cats have given me great joy over the years. Either sex of cat that you choose will love you the same.

Whatever sex of cat that you choose you will have a companion that will give you great joy and love for many years to come.

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You Cannot Relive The Past

It will be a grave disappointment if you try to relive an event that happened in the past. Time changes things quickly. The old buildings you remember might be torn down. People you remember may be gone now.

I went to a town as a child and it was completely different when I returned as an adult. The town was a tourist trap now and had lost it appealing  charm that it had years ago. I went to the town where my Mother was born when I was 20. The old hometown grocery store, her school and the house her father built was still there. I went back to her hometown 25 years later and everything had been torn down and replaced with new buildings.

If you attended a fun event years ago and you think you can recreate the event again, think again. Life is full of constant changes which is a good thing. You can attend a new event and have fond memories of that event for years to come. I remember the people that have owned and operated stores years ago. I have many wonderful memories of the people I have met along life’s Hi – Way.

Change is what makes the world continue to grow and not stagnate. Buildings get old and are beyond repair and eventually have to be replaced with new ones that fit the times we live in now. We can remember the past and hold it deeply in our heart but we cannot recreate the past event. Past means it is in the past and it has passed by.

We all struggle with the past. Some of us want to buy a car like we had when we were young. People like to buy an old toy they see if it is one they had as a child. We want to hang onto our youth as long as we possibly can. Remember the people,places and events that have made you happy throughout your life but do not try to recreate the particular event. Life keeps moving forward day after day with a new event or moment in everyday. Live your life to its full potential.

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Cosmic Catnip Double Wide Cat Scratcher From Chewy.Com

I was provided the Cosmic Catnip Double Wide Cat Scratcher from Chewy.Com to facilitate my review. All thoughts are 100% honest and my own.

I placed the catnip on the scratcher and Cali went wild for it. She scratched and scratched away at it even though she is declawed and then she laid down on it to claim it as her own. Russ fell in love with it after Cali left for a little while. Cali wanted to claim the the cat scratcher for her very own. My cats next door watched Cali hoping they would get their turn to try it out soon.

Th Cosmic Catnip double wide cat sratcher is made in the USA. There catnip is North American grown. A cat scratcher helps save furniture, helps groom claws and is a good place for your cat to exercise. A cat can work off his frustrations and stress with a cat scratcher.

My cats have been scratching  away at the  Comic Catnip Double Wide Cat Scratcher from Chewy.Com. They love to paw away at the cat scratcher and they love to lay on it as a bed with the alluring smell of the fresh dried catnip. A happy cat is a content cat. The cat scratcher relaxes my cats and helps them shed away their old claws. My cats do not claw away at my window sills when there is a cat scratcher in my house.

I love the fact that I can turn the Comic Catnip Cat Scratcher over when on side gets worn out. They have supplied a lot of fresh dried catnip to spread on the cat scratcher to keep your cats peak interest in the cat scratcher. My cats next door love to have a place to sharpen their claws or just paw away at the catnip or have a relaxing afternoon catnap. I hope you are your cat are content and happy.

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What To Look For In A Good Restaurant

If I see a lot of people in a parking lot of a restaurant I figure they must have good food. If you need to make reservations that is a good sign that their food must be good. People waiting in line to get in the restaurant speaks volumes about the quality of their food.

I like to be waited on right away when I am seated at my table. I want my waitress to come around with a glass of water and their menu. I like to place my order within ten minutes of being seated at the longest. I go to a restaurant that is willing to remove ingredients that I might be allergic to from my meal. If they are not accommodating  to my request I will never return again.

At a fine dining establishment they will not say can I seat you guys when two ladies walk in. The waitress will say how are you ladies today, may I seat you at a table or a booth. A topnotch restaurant will have cloth napkins and tablecloths and a special atmosphere that is very attractive along with all of the appointments.  One should treat themselves to fine dining on occasion. Try their special deserts such as creme brulee, panna cotta , tiramisu , and more.

I look for cleanliness in a restaurant if their floors are dirty or their tables I figure their kitchen must be dirty also. I do not want to see dust on the light fixtures right above my food. I do not want them vacuuming while I am eating. Cleaning should be completed and done before they open there doors for business.  I check out restaurant reviews online as they can be very helpful in choosing where to eat out.

I want to eat in  restaurant with relaxing music and a relaxing and calming environment after along day of work. I want a waitress that brings around more water or coffee and that ask me how my meal was. I want a friendly and accommodating waiter or waitress. Happy dining and awesome food awaits you in all of your travels.

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