Spring Cleaning 101


I take everything out of my kitchen cupboards and wash them off and I get rid of the items I have not used for a long period of time. I wipe out my cupboards and I put new shelf paper on the sleeves. Get rid of any old expired food items that you may find stashed away. I clean out my refrigerator and I wash all of the sleeves off and I clean up the crispers. I run a brush across the wires under the refrigerator or on back of it as it will run more efficiently then and last a lot longer. I run vinegar water through the coffee maker and it makes it work like brand new again. I put a package of washing machine cleaner in my washing machine that cleans out any debris that may be stuck in the tub of the machine. I run a dryer vent brush through the tubing of the dryer as this will prevent dryer fires. The oven gets cleaned and I clean under it. I also tidy up the closet up in the kitchen. The smoke and carbon monoxide detectors get replaced or new batteries are installed. I put new batteries in my weather radio. I clean the light fixtures throughout my house. Get rid of any old paper work that you no longer need.


I clean the tub and shower head and if needed I replace my shower curtain. The medicine cabinet gets cleaned out and old medicines are safely disposed of. I dust off the top of all of the doors throughout my house. The paneling in the bathroom gets a thorough cleaning. Any hair is removed from the drains. Mirrors get polished up throughout my home.


I shake out all of the dresser scarfs. I clean out the chest of drawers and I put new shelf paper in them and I get rid of unused clothing. I vacuum all of the beds and bedroom  rugs. I take everything out of the bedrooms and I wash and wax the oak floors. I clean up all of the little knick knacks. Closets are gone through and items are given to Good Will or Affordables. The bedding and pillows gets washed along with the blankets. The mirrors in the rooms are cleaned with window cleaner. My ceiling fan blades get a good dusting. My curtains get washed in woolite on the gentle cycle and then I hang them back up wet and they dry with no wrinkles in them at all.

Living And Dining Room

I clean all of the dishes in my corner hutch and I get rid of any dish or glassware I have no need for anymore. I vacuum off all of my furniture, drapes and under furniture. I clean the carpet next to the walls and crevices with a special carpet attachment. My drapes get a royal vacuuming. Every piece of furniture gets dusted inside and outside and magazines get thrown out and books get weeded out of my bookcases. My wooden furniture gets a treatment of lemon oil which helps prevent the wood from drying out.


My freezers are unplugged and cleaned and I rearrange my food in them so I use up the oldest frozen goods first. My appliances get waxed with car polish to prevent rust on them. Cupboards are emptied out and fresh paper is put on the sleeves. I clean my cement floor in my basement right after I vacuum it. I clean up all of my cat litter boxes and their food and water dishes with dish soap. All of my windows throughout my home get cleaned with window cleaner inside and outside. I get a water hose and I spray out my air conditioner unit that sets outdoors so it is ready to go in the hot weather that will be coming soon.


I go through my garage and rid of things that I have stored in there that I no longer need. Everything is removed form my garage and I wash my garage floor with a mop and soapy water after I have vacuumed the floor. I grease my garage doors for easier operation. I check the seal on the bottom the doors and see if it needs to be replaced.

Outdoor Buildings

I sweep the floors in my outdoor buildings and I also clean the windows. I inspect my buildings to see if I need to hire someone to fix boards or roofs and more. I get rid of items that may just be collecting dust in the buildings. Cleanliness is next to Godliness. Enjoy the fruits of your labor with with a nice fresh, clutter free and clean home and outdoor buildings.

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Fulfillment In Life

What Fulfills You In Your Life

Be grateful for what you have been given in your life. Be grateful to others for what they have added to your life. I am very thankful and grateful that I have wonderful and outstanding friends to share my life with. I am grateful to have God in my life as he always knows what I need in my life before I even know it. I am grateful for my pet cats as they are wonderful companions and very loving. I am very grateful that I grew up on a farm as enjoy farm life immensely. Be grateful for all that you have been given in your life and share with others so that they may have more joy and hope in their lives.


I love to write and blogging fulfills that need for me. I love writing inspirations with Laura as I want to share Gods good works with all of you, I love sharing my experiences with my cat families over the years with you as I hope it will help you have a happy and healthy cat for many years to come. I love traveling as I have a wanderlust to explore and learn about different countries. Traveling fulfills my quest to learn more and explore the World and all of its grandeur. I loved going to all of the countries that my ancestors came from and being able to walk along some of the same streets that they had walked down many years ago and sharing that experience with you through my blog.

Having Happiness And Joy In Your Life

I always try to look on the bright side of things as much as I can. Negativity will take over if you let it and it will act like a large vacuum cleaner that will suck the life right out of you. Try not to worry because the only thing that worry does is rob you of a day of happiness. If you have a joy in your life share it with others. I find happiness in the company of friends and family and in traveling. I find joy in mowing my lawn on wonderful summer day. I love to watch my garden items grow  and eating them in the early spring and frozen vegetables in the winter months. I share my extra produce with friends.



Spring cleaning is a good time to declutter your life. If you have not used something in ten years sell it or give it to a good cause. Once I get rid of things I never miss them. Get rid of extra knickknacks, bedding, pots and pans, clothing, toys, tools and s much more. I feel very fulfilled after I have given my home a good old fashioned spring cleaning from top to bottom. I enjoy looking at how much better a home looks after you have gotten rid of unused items that just clutter up your home. Get rid of cat toys that no longer interest your cats.

Other Things That Fulfill One

Smile more and put a smile on someones face today. Compliment people more. Sing praises and pray to God more. Take time for yourself know and then and stress less. Spend quality time with those that you love in your life. Exercise more for a healthier you. Keep a journal, get plenty of sleep and plan out your week. I keep a list of what I want to accomplish everyday. Take time to reflect on your life and get out in nature. I hope you and your family are fulfilled in your life.

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Things To Do Early In Spring

Make Appointments With Contractors Now

Contractors get booked up very early in the Spring. I call my roofer and tell him what buildings I want roofed now. If you need a new garage door installed call them up now. Call up your furnace man if you need a new AC put in your home. If you need new windows  or siding installed in your home get your estimates now. The early bird gets the worm as the old saying goes.

Powered Outdoor Equipment

I take my snowblowers at the end of the winter season and I have new spark plugs put in them along with a tune up before they get stored away for the season. Put fresh oil in your lawn mowers and get their blades sharpened early before people start needing repairs on them. Make sure your weed whackers and chain saws are  running up to speed or have them serviced. I have my service man put fresh oil in my car and check the car over in early spring.

Plan Out Your Garden

I have already purchased my garden seeds.If you wait to purchase your seeds until the last minute they may be sold out at the stores. I draw up a  plan of where I want to plant my various garden seeds as I always rotate the area where I plant my seeds. Get your garden tiller serviced and buy any new garden tools that you may need.

Trees Cut Down Or Trimmed

Call up your tree man now as they get completely booked very early. I tell him how many tress that I want taken down or trimmed up. We talk about the project and we agree on a price that will work for both of us.

Lawn Care

By booking early lawn care service you will generally receive a discount. I have my lawn sprayed and fertilized twice a year. To begin with I had it done 4 times a year until the weeds got under control. Make sure you hire a man to mow your lawn if you cannot mow it yourself  now.

Garden Care And Weeding

Some people a hire a gardener to weed their garden and their flower beds for them. There are not many gardeners to hire anymore. Look early for a gardener and ask your friends if they know of anyone who might be willing to weed your garden and flower beds for you.

Trees And Plants

If there are any particular trees that you may want to plant consider ordering them now. Some varieties are very hard to find.  Some varieties of apple trees are particularly hard to come by so put your order in now.  If you want to plant a fancy plant outdoors you may want to order it ahead of time.

Your Handy Man Or Carpenter

Tell your handy man or carpenter what you want to get accomplished this year with repairs and redecorating your home. You may want to hire an interior decorator and your handy man will most likely know one that is very dependable. I hope all of your projects get completed on schedule this year and your home and property is how you dreamed it could be.

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Spiritual Awakenings

The Birth Of A Baby

Babies carry on our family genes and they awaken our spirits. Having a baby is a highly spiritual act. God has blessed you with the birth of a baby. Babies are a true gift from God. A child may bring lots of joy to his parents. A child from God may become a great man or woman of God later on in life that will spread Gods good works and enrich the lives of others while serving the Lord. God cares about how children are raised and nurtured in life.

A Horrible Illness

An illness in your life will bring you closer to God. You know that God is constantly by your side while you are ill. You can feel Gods healing power while you are in your hospital bed. God knows exactly what people that are in your life that you need to help you keep your faith  while you are ill and to lift up your spirits. God and your friends and the people that care for you can bring you closer to God. As you and other people pray for your recovery you feel like God is holding your hand saying you will recover from this. If God was not in my life I never could have made it through any illness in my life.

Taking Care Of Those In Need

When you help others you feel better . God has helped all of us in our lives and we should help all of the people that need a hand. If someone is sick buy items for them that they can no longer go out and buy on their own anymore due to health issues and more. Do not charge people for your help only charge them for the food and if they cannot afford the food give that to them also. Be compassionate, kind, considerate and understanding of other peoples plights and misfortunes in life and make a little light in their heart shine brightly for the whole world to see by uplifting them and bringing hope, joy, love and peace to them.


Easter is a time of spiritual awakenings. Jesus died on the cross for our sins so that we may never truly die as our soul will live on. At Easter time a lot of new baby animals come into the world and plants and trees start getting new leaves and flowers. Easter time is a time of renewal as small seeds will grow into big plants that will produce a bountiful harvest for us to eat later on in the year. Animals come out of hibernation.  God has provided little seeds that grow into produce for us to eat. Easter is a time of spiritual renewal as we reflect on all that God has given and sacrificed for us on earth that we may live with him in eternity in heaven. Praise God everyday of your life and thank him for everything he has done for you to make your life enriched, rewarding, hopeful, joyful, loving and peaceful. Always remember to be one of Gods good shepherds in the world.



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How To Help Your Cat Shed Those Unwanted Pounds


Some cats eat a lot of cat food and night and therefore they really pack on the pounds. Do not overfeed your feline friends. Do not give more than 3 little cat snack pieces to your cat per day. An indoor cat needs no more than 1/2 cup of dry cat food per day. Your cat should eat one small can of wet food for each 3.5 pounds of their total body weight. Take away your cats food at night if the food dish appears to be empty in the morning.

Health Problems With An Obese Cat

An overweight cat can become diabetic and lethargic. A heavy cat can become arthritic and it will be difficult for him to jump up and down and move around without pain. Overweight cats can have asthmatic attacks and heart problems. Heavy cats will have trouble cleaning themselves after they use the litter box as they cannot bend around good anymore. Fat cats get more dander and their fur is not as bright and shiny anymore.

Steps In Your Home

I have a cat bed in the hallway upstairs that the sun hits. My cats love to take turns sleeping in the warm cat bed. They get exercise by running up and down the steps. My cats litter boxes, food and water are in my basement. My cats have to go up and down the steps multiple times a day to eat, drink and relieve themselves which gives them some exercise. I have a step stool for cats by my bed so that my older cat can get in and out of my bed easily.

Cat Exercise Wheel

One fast cat is a good way for your indoor cats to exercise and get rid of unwanted pounds. Put some catnip on a string or in a cat toy that holds catnip and your kitty will try to catch it and he will be able to master the cat wheel and his heart rate will go up and he will burn off calories.


Buy Cat Toys So You And Your Cats Can Interact Together

Buy stick toys for cats that have a fish on the end of the string. Throw the fish toward your cat and let him eventually grab it and run off with it so he thinks he got the catch of the day. Buy cat treat balls that makes your cat work to get his cat treats. Cats love to play with catnip filled mice, balls, singing birds, plastic lizards, frogs, sponge balls, crunchy balls. balls with rattles and many more cat toys. cats love circle game toys that have a mouse or a ball in them. My cats spend a lot of time playing with their circle ball toys. Sometimes I will spin the ball around and one of my cats will soon take over. Cats love cat trees that have dangling balls and ropes that they can play with. Think of things that will keep your cat on the move so he will be a lean looking cat that will live for many happy and healthy years to come. Hope you and your cat stay in shape and reap the benefits of your exercise routine.

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Accountability For Your Actions

You Are Accountable For Your Actions

Think before you act. If you destroy something you should be held accountable. I have heard people say the government will pay for that. The tax money comes from all of us and all of us are paying for something that you destroy. People have destroyed national monuments and then they they say the government will pay for that. All of us will pay for the destroyed monument with higher entry fees into the parks. The destroyed monuments will never look the same and they will decay much faster over time once there original structure has been damaged. Parks and monuments are for future generations to enjoy. Protect and respect your parks and monuments so young people will be able to enjoy them for many generations to come. You will be accountable to God  for your actions while you were alive on earth.

Trying To Pass The Buck

Do not blame someone else for your ignorance and lack of respect for other peoples property. If you make a mess clean it up. No on should have to hold your hand and tell you to cleanup after yourself. I have seen people put their garbage in a garage when the dumpster is only 3 feet away. Kids will say the other student did it when they are standing right next to the item that they ruined. Stop trying to pass the buck and be a responsible and be an upstanding person in your community. If you got a new bike for you kids for Christmas free from the Salvation Army do not go out the next day and get one from another place. Take only one item so that other people can have at least one.

Never Destroy Anything

Help people repair items that need fixing. When you break out windows on a building you and all of your friends will be paying for those windows down the road. The store will have to charge more for the items in the store to compensate for his cost in replacing the windows. No one wins when you destroy things. When you destroy something it shows a lack of intelligence on your part or anyone that is taking part in it. Fixing damaged items cost millions of dollars every year. Everyone’s insurance goes up every year to fix destroyed items. Your vandalism and no respect for others property will cost you dearly down the road. You may not be able to get a job when your future employer reads your rap sheet. All of your arrest and criminal records are public knowledge that follow you around and around like a Merry Go Round.


Raise You Kids So That They Are Held Accountable For Their Actions

If you see your child breaking something explain to them that that is unacceptable behavior in your household or anywhere that they may go. If they throw a rock through the neighbors window make them pay for the window and apologize  to the neighbor for what they did. If you see them destroying public property make them pay the store owner out of their allowance. Teach your children the right values to have in life as they will take them far in life.


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Walking On Your Vacation

Shopping At Stores

My friend and I stayed in the central part of town in a hotel. We would take off from the hotel in the morning and shop at the local stores. It is fun to look at the sights and shop while you are walking around. We would stop at local museums and would would buy tickets to concerts in the evening. I tried on a pair of shoes which I liked and and I carried them back to my hotel room. I once purchased a Christmas wreath that I carried to the local post office that I sent heme. A lot of stores would offer free shipping to your home which was wonderful so I would not have to carry it back to my hotel room. I found an old toy store on a vacation in France that had wonderful toys like the ones I played with years ago. I purchased a wind up toy pig and a robot and a an old car with a man driving it with his duster outfit on. I have found wonderful crosses in the windows of stores that I love to wear.

Looking At Sights And Scenery While You Walk

I have walked into bakeries and I have purchased their wonderful baked goods. They make for a good evening dessert after a day of walking and taking in all of the sights and sounds. When walking you can walk into the local restaurants and see which one you want to eat in later on after you look their menu over. My friend and I went on an old train engine for a ride after we saw their sign that the train ride would start in one hour. It was so much fun riding in that little passenger train car. We have walked up to old light houses and taken a tour of them. I love old light houses and I love what they stand for and I think of how many peoples lives they have saved over the years.

Outdoor Markets

I love going to the outdoor markets in Europe. I have found wonderful gifts to give people for Christmas. I have found unique one of a kind items. I have purchased old books, hand made wooden items for kitchen use, socks, shirts, toys for my pet cats and much more. I purchased a big antique serving plate for my friend for her birthday. I purchased a hand made flute and Turkish delights in Turkey. I also purchased a small Turkish rug. I love looking at the fresh cut flowers and produce items. I have purchased the fresh fruit at outdoor markets to eat in my hotel room at night which is a healthy snack to eat in the evening. I purchased a cuckoo clock in Germany.

Walking On A Vacation Is Good For You

You can talk to some of the locals as you walk along and ask them where you might go for tickets to a concert, opera, a play and more. I ask them where some of their favorite restaurants are located. People tend to be very helpful in directing you on how to find something you may want to look at in town. The exercise you get while you walk will keep you from gaining a lot of weight on your trip. Keep walking and you will be surprised by what you will see and what you will be able to do on your walking adventures on your upcoming vacations.

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I Can Accomplish That


If I am determined to do something I can get it done. If one has their mind set to accomplishing a goal and you keep working on it you can most likely reach your goal. Think of your mission coming to fruition and how wonderful that will be. Never let someone tell you not to try something because they don’t think you can do it.  If they turn out to be right at least you tried to do and that is an achievement in itself. If you never try to enrich your life and move forward with new plans and ideas you will stagnate and not be happy or accomplish what you could have to enrich the world.


You will never regret going onto college as you will be able to accomplish much more with a college degree than without one. Most jobs require at least a master’s degree today that are high paying lasting jobs. You have to have a vast array of computer knowledge to get most top quality jobs today. If you do not know how to use a computer effectively and efficiently Continue reading

Eye Cancer and Your Cat

I once had a Calico kitten and I named her Cleopatra. Cleopatra was a beautiful light colored Calico cat. Cleopatra loved to play with her Mother’s tail. Cleo was born on my farm in the barn that we had at that time. She had three siblings of various colors. Her mother was an excellent huntress and would come home with gophers and mice that she had killed. Cleo would follow me everywhere. She helped me when I was repairing items outdoors. Cleo would rub up against me constantly and purr away. She was excellent company when I was outdoors.


Cleo would chase leaves and pounce on them as a kitten. She followed her Mother on her Mother’s hunting expeditions. Her mother thought her all of her wonderful hunting skills. Cleo kept up with her Mother as far as her hunting skills were concerned. Her brother and sisters would play together constantly. Her brother was an all  black kitten and one sister was a yellow tabby and the other sister was a gray stripped tabby cat.

Cleo was always very healthy and energetic. She loved to climb up in the hay loft and sleep in the nice hay that was stored there. I think she had the nice threat of a pigeon now and then. I also saw some rabbit fur on occasion in the barn.

When Cleo was about six years old I noticed her eye was watering and was full of matter. I put eye drops in her eyes and noticed that they were not helping her. I took her to my vet and he diagnosed her with eye cancer. Cleo got along fine for about nine months. I noticed her eye was getting worse. My vet had told me that he could not operate on her that the eye cancer had spread to her brain. I decided to have Cleopatra put to sleep. I never want to see any pet suffer. Cleopatra was an awesome and wonderful loving cat.

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Memorable and Honor Roll Cats

I have had many cats in my life. All of my cats have made an important impression in my life.

Flossie was my very first cat. I have a picture of my Father showing her to me in my baby stroller. It was love at first sight for cats the rest of my life. Flossie would sit with me while I swung  in my swing set. She would wait with me while I waited for the school bus. She was a constant and comforting friend.

Blacknose was Flossie’s kitten. She was beautiful Calico cat. I have a picture of both of us on my tricycle. She has her paws hanging over the handle bars and she is looking straight ahead. She was a loving cat like her Mother.

2014-01-06 12.10.36

Blackie and her son Midnight were wonderful cats. Blackie had many kittens in her ten years of life. She was an excellent huntress. When I would sit on the steps of my house she would always sit in my lap and purr away. Midnight was a shiny and gorgeous black cat. He was a good hunter.

Hoover was a beautiful yellow and white stripped female cat. I named her after are vacuum cleaner. I was only five years old then. Hoover put up with me holding her like a five year old would.

Schnitzel was a yellow and white cat that tolerated me dressing him up in doll clothes. He was very kind and gentle. He lived to be ten years old.

Leonardo was a long haired yellow cat that would sit with me under a tree while I did my math homework. Whenever I would do my homework outdoors he would keep me company. He was an excellent lap cat.

Sebastian started growling one evening as he was looking out of the picture window. He peaked my curiosity so I looked out of the window and saw a man walking down the gravel road at 9:00 PM. I pulled my shade down after that. When I first brought Sebastian in my house as a kitten he gathered up all of the toy mice and placed them in a nice row. He wanted me to see that he was an excellent hunter. He lived to be thirteen years old.

Red was a red tabby cat that one of my vets gave me. I bought a round circle toy with a ball in the middle from Kmart. Red learned how to spin the ball around with his left paw or his right paw. He was very proud of his accomplishment. Whenever company would come Red would show off his skills at batting the ball around with his paws. He would look at everyone in the room to make sure they were watching him.

My outdoor cat Maggie kept me company while I wrote this post. She purred away and rubbed against the area were I was working.

I have had too many outstanding cats to mention them all. I am sure you have had memorable and outstanding cats also.

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