Fall Cleaning 101

Starting Fall Cleaning

Start cleaning the hardest areas first or the jobs you like the least. By getting the jobs you do not like to do done first will give you more energy to continue with your cleaning later on. I look forward to finishing up the little jobs and living in a nice clean home from top to bottom.

I Clean My Upstairs Bedrooms First

I take things out of my bookcases and dust them off and get rid of some things. I put new paper in my dresser draws and dust out the towels on top of my dressers. I reorganize my closets and get rid of clothing that I no longer wear. I wash the curtains and clean the bedding. I dust everything and then I vacuum the rugs and wash and wax the floors.

Living And Dining Room Cleaning

I vacuum off my drapes and my furniture. I vacuum under all of my furniture. I clean out cabinets thoroughly. I dust all of the items inside and out of cabinets. I dust off each what not and clean all of the dishes in the corner cupboard. I put lemon oil on the wood furniture so it will shine and not dry out.  I clean out the bookcase and weed out some of my books. I then shampoo my carpets. I clean all of the windows throughout my house.

Kitchen Cleaning

Take everything out of your cupboards and wash them off and then put fresh paper in your cupboards. Clean up your stove and refrigerator and then polish them. Shine up your pots and pans with cleaners. Clean your microwave and shake all of the bread crumbs out of your toaster. Clean your washer and dryer. I put a cleaner in my washer that cleans up the wash tub. I take a lint brush to my my dryer vent to prevent a lint fire. I clean up my stainless steel sink with a special cleaner for stainless steel and then my sink looks like new again. I finish up by cleaning under  my appliances.

Bathroom Cleaning

Clean out your medicine cabinet and get rid of anything that is expired or medicines that you no longer use. I clean off the glass shelves with window cleaner. I clean out my storage cupboard and get rid of items I no longer need. Clean your bathtub and toilet thoroughly. I put a new battery in my bathroom scale in the fall.

Basement Cleaning

I clean out all of my cupboards and put fresh paper in them. I check the dates on all of my canned food. I defrost my freezer and reorganize everything that is in it so I end up eating the oldest meat first. I clean off my basement shelves and the items that are stored on them. I sweep my basement floor and then I wash it thoroughly. My cat litter boxes, food bowls and water bowls get an extra special cleaning.

Garage Cleaning And Tools

Clean the floors in your garage and set out mouse traps. Put an oil solvent or absorbent on any areas of your cement floor that may have gotten some oil on them. I wax all of my cars  and my garage doors and my air conditioner. Take everything out of your garage and get rid of those unused items. Clean up any dirty tools in your garage. Make sure your cars are serviced before winter. Have battery chargers in place in your garage along with a good trouble light. Put jumper cables in your cars along with reflector safety signs. Pack an emergency for every car you own. Make sure your snowblowers are ready for winter. Put fresh oil and sparks plugs in all of your snowblowers and make sure the chains are tight and the augers are in good working order. If you have a generator make sure it will start when you may need it this winter.

Miscellaneous Necessities

I replace all of my smoke alarm batteries, put a new filter in my furnace, replace light bulbs and stock up on heavy items before winter. Clean up and sweep out all of your outdoor buildings. Make sure the anti-freeze in your vehicles is ready for winter and have your furnace checked before winter. Replace all of the batteries in your flashlights. Have an emergency kit in your home.

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Lost In The Shuffle In Life

Do you feel like you are lost in the shuffle in life ? We get stuck in patterns in our life that may not be good for us. We are creatures of habit and bad habits are hard to break or overcome. We may go to the same stores to shop all of the time and never try out the new store that just opened up down the street. Try something new everyday and break away from your old habits that are holding you back in life.

Learn Something New Everyday

I like to try out new things and learn something new everyday, Doing new things and exploring new things puts you in a better frame of mind. Your mind is yearning to learn new things that will help enrich your life. Traveling is an excellent way to broaden your horizons and discover the vast beauty of Gods creations. Learning the history of the various places that I travel to is very enlightening. I have learned a lot about my ancestors by traveling to the countries that they came from.

Put God,Family And Friends First In Your Life

Remember to always have family and God and good friends come first in you life. Money  does not buy happiness. Never get lost in the shuffle in life over money. Money will not help you feel better about yourself or talk to you when you need someone to share your thoughts with. Material possessions only go so far. Retail therapy is a temporary fix to a much bigger problem. Retail therapy does not help with loneliness or the loss of a loved one. Surround yourself with family and friends and sing praises to God everyday and then you will be truly fulfilled in life.

Never Forget God In The Shuffle Of Life

Make sure you never forget God in the shuffle of life. Without God you would not be here on earth. Go to church as often as you can and praise God for what he has given you here on earth and what he will be giving you when you die which is eternal life. God is our creator and our great redeemer. Read a daily devotion and think to yourself how can I use that to help someone out today. Go to religious events that are being offered in your local community such as plays, musicals, etc. Pray to God to not let you get lost in the shuffle in life. Pray without ceasing. Tell God that you love him and that you want him to be your compass in life.

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My Two Asthmatic House Cats

Kohl and Conrad Are Half Brothers

I read that Himalayan And Siamese cats are more prone to asthma then other breeds are. Kohl and Conrad have Siamese, Himalayan and domestic short hair in their DNA makeup. The article I read said that female cats are more likely to have asthma then males are. Kohl and Conrad  are neutered Tom’s.

Kohl’s Asthma

Kohl would snore loudly at night and he would also sneeze on you. We started out giving him antibiotics which seemed to help him for about two months and then he would have the same old symptoms again. He started life with an upper respiratory infection as a very small kitten. His Mother was very young and if I would have not had him as a house cat he would have died. I had to feed him PediaSure for one month otherwise he would not have survived. Kohl is now 12 years old. He is having steroid shots to control his asthmatic attacks and he is doing OK now.

Conrad’s Asthma

Conrad’s asthma started out quickly. He started out sleeping more and not having any energy. He would lay on his back with his feet up in the air. Conrad had lost interest in playing with his toys and he just wanted to rest all of the time. I looked at him breathing on day and I noticed his lungs were moving up and down very rapidly. I could tell he was having labored breathing. I called my vet ASAP and he looked Conrad over and he said he had asthma. He gave Conrad a steroid shot and he was breathing perfectly in the morning.

How You Can Treat Asthma In Cats

If you have a real gentle cat that will put up with anything you can put a breathing mask on your cat and use an inhaler on him. I know my cats would freak out if I would even try to put a mask on their face so I choose the only other option which is the steroid shot.

Long Term Effects Of Steroid Shots

Steroid shots can cause heart trouble, muscle weakness, diabetes and more when used for long term illness. My vet said not to give my cats any more steroid shots then are absolutely necessary. He said to watch them closely and only when they are having trouble breathing bring them in for another steroid shot. The steroid shots should last for at least 6 to 8 weeks before another shot is necessary. I hope your cats can breath easier with this knowledge as you will now know what to look for if your cat has any of these breathing issues.

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Do we have the endurance to continue when adversity knocks on our door louder than ever before. Sometimes we think things are to hard for us that we barely have the stamina to continue. We must have fortitude and know that God will lift us up at our darkest hour. We will all endure many storms in our life. Life will ask more from us than we have to give but we will not be crushed or forsaken.

We think some people have an easy life but they are the people that know their limitations and put what they are good at to help enrich others peoples lives. Do not be jealous of someone or their accomplishments you do not know what they have had to endure in their life. Be a cheerleader for people and congratulate them on any and all achievements they have had in their life.

A person does not have peace and joy in their life until they have endured pain of some kind.  We endure a lot of pain and suffering when we hurt, injured or in the hospital. Embrace your pain and move forward with it and reflect on your pain.

We have a great deal of endurance in us when push comes to shove. The old saying slow and steady wins the race is very true indeed. Endurance keeps us going in the long haul. With endurance we have an ability to recover from wounds, trauma and fatigue. We need to be resilient, have a strong constitution, fortitude and a certain hardiness in us to survive in life. May the God of hope fill you with joy and peace every single day of your life. When we endure hardship and pain we have hope that things will improve very quickly.

Endurance will test you and take you to your maximum limitations. It is your to job to endure through whatever comes your way and to learn from it. Think to yourself while you are sick what you want to do with yourself when you have your life energy back again. You can write a card to someone while you are recovering or reach out to someone else that is recovering from an illness. You can start writing a journal or start planning a trip. Read the bible and daily devotions.

Many people in the Bible have had to endure a lot of pain and suffering. They became better people and they were better stewards after their hardships and suffering. God gives us pain and suffering for the betterment of our external souls. It is difficult for us to comprehend this. But he knows what is best for us. God is our comfort in the midst of our suffering. God comforts us while we are suffering so we can comfort others while they are suffering. Maintain a cheerful heart and let others see your cheerful heart. Keep on enduring children and you will see God in his full glory.

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Are Cats Are Like Family

We think of are cats as family and they think of us as part of their family. We form very close bonds with our cats. They sleep in our bed with us at  night. They sit as close as they possibly can to us. We want them to be as healthy as possible and we care very deeply for them. We take them to the vet for their daily checkups and make sure all of their shots are up to date.

Cats do tend to have a favorite family member in your household. They hold a special place in their heart for that person and the bond cannot be broken. Cats vie for your attention and they always succeed in getting it whether it is negative or positive attention. Humans tend to vie for attention now and then also.

A purring cat will relax almost anyone and put them in a better frame of mind. Watching your cat sleeping peacefully makes you want to take a catnap also sometimes. After a hard day of work a cat is so very nice to come home to. They will sit in your lap and purr away and are very pleased you are back home again to be with them.

We love our cats unconditionally and they love us because we love them. We shower our cats with fancy beds, toys, food and so much more. Are cats make no demands on us except they do need food, shelter, water, loving care and someone to be kind to them all of their nine lives.

Teach your children at a very young age it is not right to harm or injure a defenseless animal. Teach them how to hold a cat correctly and that is not alright to pull the cats tail. Children learn by example so set the bar high on how you treat one of Gods wonderful creatures known as the cat. A cat is a perfect pet for a young child as their pet cat may live to be 18 years old if they are well cared for and have a good genetic makeup.

I cannot imagine a World without a beloved pet cat in it. I hope your cat family member keeps you relaxed and purrs away on your lap for many years to come. God bless our feline friends.

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In Search Of Beautiful Fall Foliage

In Search Of Beautiful Fall Foliage

I have always loved to go for a drive and look at the beautiful colors of fall foliage. As a child my parents and I would drive to McGregor, Iowa located along the Mississippi , River. The leaves are absolutely spectacular in this area. We would cross the other side of the river and drive to Praire du Chien, Wisconsin and we would visit the Villa Louis which is a National Historic Landmark located on the St. Feriole, Island in Praire du Chien, Wisconsin. We would also drive to Galena, Illinois and look at President Grant’s home which was built in 1859-1860. We would drive to an apple orchard in Nashua, Iowa and also we would stop and look at the Little Brown Church.

Looking At Leaves Along River Roads

I like driving to Keosauqua, Iowa which is along the Des Moines, River. Keosauqua is one of the villages in Van Buren county. I love to stay at the Historic Hotel Manning overnight when traveling in the fall and looking at the villages of Van Buren county. I like to look at Bonaparte and Bentonsport , Iowa as these villages have changed very little over the steamboat days of old. Farmington, Iowa is a city in Van Buren county. They have lots of interesting old stores to see and shop in. I love this beautiful historic area. River roads are a great place to drive along and enjoy the awesome fall foliage.

Governor Larabee Mansion Located In Clermont, Iowa

I love this drive and looking at his beautiful mansion and all its beautiful rooms and furniture which sits up high on a hill looking down at the town. He would purchase five or more items at one time and sell them at a small profit except for one and then the one he wanted would be free. He had a pet ocelot  and when she died he had a taxidermist prepare her body to look lifelike and you can see her when you take a tour of his magnificent mansion. The outdoor area is well manicured and stunning.

Fall Foliage In Vermont, New Hampshire And Maine

Now is the peak time for looking at the fall foliage in Vermont and enjoying their homemade Maple Syrup. I loved driving to Stowe, Vermont and staying at the Trapp  Family Lodge. The Sound of Music is based on the Trapp family. The leaves in this area I would rank no. 1 on my list. Driving through the White Mountains in New Hampshire will amaze you with all of the beautiful fall leaves colors. Traveling through the New England states is a wonderful. We saw the Cog Railway. The White Mountain Lodge has 5 star accommodations and excellent food. Driving in Coastal Maine to see the fall foliage. We drove along the coast in Camden, Maine. We also stopped and toured several of he lighthouse’s in the area. At night we had a wonderful lobster dinner. We drove to Kennebunk and Kennebunkport, Maine. We drove past President George H. W. Bush’s house in Kennebunkport, Maine. We drove along the Hwy next to the Atlantic ocean and we enjoyed our spectacular scenery and we ate some fried fish and chips at a small road stand that was very popular. In the evening we had a wonderful duck dinner in Kennebunkport, Maine.

Boulder and Estes Park Colorado

When traveling in Colorado go early before some of the roads get closed in the higher elevations due to snow. I love driving in Boulder and Estes Park, I also love driving on Hwy 7  that takes you to Lyons, Colorado where I always have to stop for homemade Bing Cherry Juice. Estes Park has magnificent fall foliage. Drive along the Big Thompson River for spectacular fall colors.

Enjoy The Colors of Fall

Find out the peak time of year for the best fall colors in the state that you will be traveling to. Looking at leaves and taking drives in the fall is fun and relaxing. You can shop in the towns stores and maybe buy some new fall clothing. Enjoy some coffee at a coffee shop and dine out at a new restaurant. I also look for gifts that I can give to friends at Christmas. Enjoy the fruits of your labor this fall by driving in search of the perfect fall foliage.

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Life Has Many Paths

Choose The Right Path

Choose the right path that will take you down the right path in life. We have many paths that will be available for us to walk along in life. Take a path that does not have too many forks in the road so you won’t get stuck on a path to nowhere. If you find yourself on a wrong path ask God for guidance as he will get you back on the right path quickly and safely. Do no stay on a wrong path as you may get tangled up in the dirt and debris left on that path by others that have gone on it before you.

Our Forefathers Blazed Many Paths For Us

Our forefathers have blazed a great many paths for us to follow over the years. Some of them lingered on the path for too long and others persevered and helped get our nation on solid ground. We have a lot to learn from our founding Fathers as they blazed a trial that many can benefit from forever. If we try to change what are Founding fathers accomplished our country will be in ruin. They were inspired by the Magna Carta and other English documents.

Sometimes We Have To Get On A New Path In Life

Sometimes we have to get off of a path we have been on for years because of our age, health, change of the times or our job may be eliminated due to progress. Maybe  its time to start writing a book that you have always wanted to start writing. You could do volunteer work and get a great feeling of satisfaction by helping others. God has chosen the path he wants us to take ever since we were in our Mothers womb. We may now be on the path that God has always wanted us to take. If you stumble and fall on your path keep going for God will help you with all of your endeavors that will benefit others along your path.

Be Brave And Adventurous On Your Path In Life

Be brave and be adventurous and you will discover great things to look at on the paths that you walk on. The scenes of nature can never be captured the way your eyes can capture the seen at that particular moment in time. Look at the mountains and think to yourself how many years it actually took for that mountain to be formed and look as magnetic as it does now. There will be flowers, trees, animals, people, plants, houses and Gods magnificent creations to enjoy on all of your paths that you walk along in life.

Sometimes It Is Necessary To Blaze A New Trail

Sometimes it is necessary to take a walk down a path that not many people walk on. If you see someone being laughed at or bullied help them. If you see someone that cannot defend themselves against others call as many people as you possibly can for help. All of us will need an advocate for us sometime on our path in life as we will not be able to defend ourselves. Many people try to look the other way and try not to think about the injustice going on. Injustice will come to all of us someday and I think you will care if everyone just walks on by and does nothing at all to help you.

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Taking The Road Less Traveled

By taking the road less traveled you will find little hidden treasures on your journey through life. The side roads are not as busy  and there is much scenery to enjoy. Roads traveled by the masses lack majestic scenery as it has been destroyed to help move the traffic along quickly and efficiently. The Interstates are the quickest way to get from point A to point B  but you will miss out on a relaxing and scenic journey.

Small Towns

I like to drive through the small towns and shop in their stores. I have found many small town furniture stores, drugstores, hardware stores, appliance stores, book stores, antique stores, clothing and shoe stores and more. They are always very friendly and accommodating to your needs. I love to eat at small town restaurants. I have been served many mouthwatering specialty dishes over the years at small home town restaurants. I have a favorite hardware store that specializes in old tools and more. I have made a lot of purchases at that wonderful old hardware store over the years.

Youthful Years

In my youth I always had my parents stop at a small metal building by the side of the road that was a pop up candy store. I would order their Milk Duds or a Sugar Daddy Milk Caramelized Pop and eat it up on our way home. I also would also buy popcorn from a little metal shed by the side of the road in another small town. In adulthood I would order alfalfa shots and watermelon juice. I would also stop a a roadside store that sold fresh Bing cherry juice that was absolutely delicious.

Blaze Your Own trail In Life

Don’t always follow the masses and do not be afraid to blaze your own trail in life. Following the herd can lead to danger. To find beauty and scenery do not follow the herd. Think for yourself and do not do what the rest of the group is doing just to fit in or be popular. Civil unrest can happen with herd mentality. Sometimes when one person sees someone destroying something the others in the group will follow suit and it keeps escalating out of control into utter chaos.

The Road Less Traveled Leads To Heaven

God Will Lead You On The Road That He Wants You To Travel On

Do not be afraid to carve your own trail in life. Jesus said The road less traveled is the road to heaven. God said you cannot take shortcuts in life to get to the other side of the mountain. Follow God by faith and have peace with God through Jesus. God will lead you on the roads that he wants you travel on in your life. Keep your faith, hope, grace, peace, joy and more by following God whenever and wherever he leads you throughout your entire life. Remember always take the road less traveled and you will be content and find joy surrounds you in your life.




Scripture    Matthew 7: 13-14

Enter ye in the straight gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in therat: Because straight is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.

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A History Lover’s Guide To Lincoln By Gretchen M. Garrison

I was provided a copy of her book : A History Lover’s Guide To Lincoln by Gretchen M.Garrison to facilitate my review. All thoughts are 100 % honest and my own.

Lincoln, Nebraska is Gretchen’s hometown. She has done an outstanding job of telling the history of Lincoln. I am very impressed with her book as it tells the vast history of Lincoln. I could not lay the book down once I started to read it. I love reading history books and knowing what buildings used to be years ago. I love the pictures that she included in her book as you can see the great pride people took in constructing their buildings years ago.

Lincoln, Nebraska was originally known as Lancaster. The salt flats in Lancaster elevated the village to capital status. In 1867 the first lot sold for 25 cents in Lincoln and the next day the lots were selling for $40.00 to $150.00 a lot. Lincoln population grew rapidly over the years. The population started out with 30 settlers to a city of 300,000.

The History of The Buildings In Lincoln

I love the fact that a lot of the buildings in Lincoln have been re-purposed. Different business’s have gone into the buildings over the years. The second floors of a lot of the buildings are now apartments.I do not like it when they tear down historic buildings. Some of the buildings in Lincoln have been a family business for many years and they are still operating as they were years ago.  Leon’s is still in business selling items as they have for many years. The first thing I do when I go into an old store that I find that I am impressed with is to ask them about the history of their building over the years.  Pershing Auditorium opened in 1958. Johnny Carsen and Stecher-Horowitz were dou pianist. General Pershing’s hometown was in Lincoln. Charles Lindbergh went to the Nebraska Standard Flying School. Because  he went to Flying School in Lincoln he was able to move  on to more aviation experiences. Lincoln National Bank was robbed  and the robbers took off with a sizable amount of cash and bonds even by today’s standards. Learn more about the robbery in the book. Gene Bedient started the Bedient Pipe Organ Company in 1969.  The masterpiece Bedient organs are in many Lincoln churches. I loved reading about the history of the churches and schools in Lincoln. Churches and schools help build and hold a community together.

I would highly recommend reading A History Lover’s Guide To Lincoln by Gretchen M. Garrison. You can purchase A History Lover’s Guide To Lincoln on Amazon .com. Click on my link above.

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Living A Holy Life


Holiness builds a relationship with God and builds spiritual strength and stability. Holiness makes us useful for Gods purposes. Holiness in your life helps us be effective for Gods purposes. Holiness in your life causes people around to glorify God. Holiness builds peace with God. Holiness pleases God and produces fruit. Holiness sets us free and draws us close to God. Scriptures: Readings in Psalms, Timothy, Peter and Ephesians.


Holy is anything that is directly connected to God such as your house of worship and your Bible and more. Obey Gods laws to be considered holy to God. Holy means clean and pure and being held sacred.  Living by Gods standards is considered to be holy. When we work hard Gods wants us to enjoy the benefits of our hard work for it is a gift from God. Have a sincere heart and speak the truth. Do not live a life that is in between holy and unholy for God wants you to live a truly holy life. God wants us to be holy so we can be set free from our sins.Glorify God by being holy and living a righteous life. Let your beacon shine in the darkness that will lead people to God.


Ways To be Holy

Keep the Sabbath day and worship and honor God for everything that he has blessed you with. Let other people know about your relationship with God and how he has helped and inspired you to become a better person. Help other people whenever and however you can. Live a life that you and God can be proud of. Keep the Ten Commandments and follow the Golden Rule. Always be kind, compassionate, caring, loving, joyful, peaceful, hopeful and bless others. Be grateful for other peoples accomplishments and do not try to out do them or keep us with the Jones so to speak. Be thankful and appreciative for all that God has given to you to enjoy. Remember to glorify God every single day of your life.

Remember On Christ The Solid Rock You Stand All Other Ground Is Sinking Sand

Keep a pure heart and soul and mind. Be a person that inspires others to do the right things in life. Live your life as Christ intends you to live your life. Do not attend church just to be noticed. Attend church because you want to grow closer to God and help him spread his good works. God has a purpose for all of us. Before you do something you may regret say to yourself is this how Christ would want me to act. Give with a cheerful heart not expecting anything in return. Make everyday a day that draws you closer to God and a day that helps many other people with all of their struggles, trials and tribulations in life grow closer to God also. Go out and fulfill Gods purpose for you in this World and do it in a Holy manner. God bless you with your spiritual growth.

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