Scoop Away Complete Scoop Cat Litter From Chewy.Com

I was provided Scoop Away Complete Scoop Cat litter From Chewy.Com to facilitate my review. All thoughts are 100 % honest and my own.

I placed the Scoop Away dust free and 10 day odor free cat litter in a clean litter box for my cats to use. Cali immediately made a deposit. I left out their old cat litter also so they could get used to the new litter gradually. Russ also made a deposit before I left the house. I like the fact that the Scoop Away cat litter is dust free and odor free. It was very easy to remove the used cat litter from the litter box. My cats used the new cat litter much more than their old brands of cat litter. I like the fact that the Scoop Away cat litter comes in a sturdy plastic bag instead of a box. It is much easier to move the plastic bag of cat litter around instead of a box of cat litter where the handle falls off eventually.

My cats continue to use the Scoop Away Complete Cat Litter on a regular basis. There is no overpowering smell to the cat litter. The cat litter has a nice pleasant smell with no odor. The size of the cat litter pellets is perfect and my cats really dig it. My cats make lots of deposits to the litter box containing their new cat litter. The used Scoop Away Complete cat litter has no smell that I can detect. Russ made a deposit right after I had cleaned out the used cat litter box. Russ is very fastidious.

All of my cats next door had no issues whatsoever with the Scoop Away Complete Scoop Cat Litter from Chewy.Com. The consistency of the Scoop Away Complete cat litter is just the perfect size for your cats to move around easily and cover all their business.

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Don’t Let Anything Break Your Stride In Life

When my Mother was sick there was a new song on the radio called ” Ain’t Nothin gonna break my stride I have to keep on movin now ” My mother said always remember that song. I think of that song often and how important those words in that song actually are. When we loose a loved one or suffer from a horrible illness we have to remember to keep on movin now.

A lot of things will come along in your life that will try to break your stride but we cannot let that happen to us. We have to rise above adversity by reaching out to other people and setting a positive example for them through us. Stride is something that cannot be broken if we keep our minds on the positives in our life and not the negatives.

Don’t let things slow you down for too long for they will consume you and eat you up with negativity. Keep a positive heart and a positive soul and you can achieve much that others will see your positive stride shining through you your darkest of moments. Think of your illness as a temporary moment in your life and take time to refine yourself if necessary.

Do not let past events break your stride. Learn from past events in your life and move forward toward more uplifting events. Surround yourself with people that know the flow of your life and that can help you enrich your flow of life. Enrich and help others as this will lift up your stride considerably. Be a person that is connected to God and help Gods flock to keep on movin now.

If we keep on the right path in life there is nothin that can break our stride for very long we just have to keep on movin on and forward.

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Ear Cancer

I had a beautiful Calico cat by the name of Champagne. Champagne was one of my outdoor cats. She was always a very friendly and outgoing cat. She would follow me out to my garden. She would roll in the dirt while I planted my garden.

She and my dog Jitters were good friends and would go out hunting together. My goat Zachary would tag along with them. He would eat left over corn in the field while they hunted for mice.

Champagne had many lovely kittens over the years. I took one of her tuxedo kittens into my house as a house cat. I named him Sylvester. I had Sylvester for about one year. I let him outside briefly on one warm summer day. A wild animal came along and killed him. I missed him very much. I never let any indoor cats out after that happened.

I started to notice a growth in Champagnes ear. I treated it with ear drops to no avail. The growth kept getting larger. She started to shake her head. When she would shake her head blood would fly out of her ear.

I took her to my vet and he diagnosed that she had ear cancer. He said she could possibly live for another six months and not be in pain. She seemed to get along fairly well for at least five months. More and more blood would come out of her ear.

I did not want to see her suffer so I had her put down. It is hard to watch a dear pet go down hill. She is now in heaven with all of my other cats that have passed on. They have all crossed the rainbow pet bridge and made it into pet heaven.

I  hope none of your cats ever get ear cancer.

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Panoramic View Of Life

Do you have a panoramic view of life ?  Can you see the entire picture of your life and do you think your life is headed in the right direction ?

One event in your life can make a big difference in someone else’s life. Talking to people about their problems and their goals in life can led to new discoveries that could make a huge impact in the world. Think how your conversations affect other people before you speak. Will your conversation motive someone or will it suppress them ?

If you fail at one thing in life keep trying for all of us have a God given talent that we can share with the world that will help and enable others to achieve their goals in life. Teach someone your trade before you pass away and a part of you can live on forever then. Hang onto old fashioned values as they have helped our ancestors greatly throughout the years. Without values and ethics a world deteriorates rapidly.

Help people in need. Sometimes people get into situations that are completely out of their control. A sudden illness can wipe out a family financially. There was a couple at a rest home that had to pay $9000,00 a month for the two of them and they ended up with no money at all after working hard everyday of their lives.

The panoramic view of life shows the whole picture in great detail. Do not just focus on one thing in a picture. Look at every single detail in the picture so you do not miss out on any golden moments in life. Have you missed out on certain details in your life ? Move forward in life and do not cry over spilled milk. Travel , learn, explore, visit and enjoy and share what you have learned from your travels with others so they too may want to travel and explore new horizons. Always reach for the stars and help other people reach for the stars also.

Keep your mind open to the entire panoramic view in life and all that it has to offer you and others to achieve great and worthwhile accomplishments that will help you and others into eternity.

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Purina Pro Plan Seafood Favorites Variety Pack Canned Cat Food From Chewy.Com

I was provided Purina Pro Plan Seafood Favorites Variety Pack canned cat food from Chewy.Com to facilitate my review. All thoughts are 100 % honest and my own.

I first gave the Salmon and Rice Entree to my cats next door. Mr. Gray started eating up his portion with a passion and he was soon followed by Peter and Hilford. Peter came out of hiding the moment he smelled the Purina Pro Plan Seafood Favorites Variety Pack Salmon and Rice Entree from Chewy.Com. Sherlock was eating away at the Salmon and Rice Entree when Faith nudged him out of her way. Nicole and Russ got in on the action before the Purina Pro Plan Salmon and Rice Entree was completely gone. Cali ate her portion away from my other cats. Addi never eats until her grown cat family is done eating.

I gave a can of the Tuna Entree to Maggie and her sister. Maggie was enthralled with her Tuna meal. Maggie’s  sister quickly ate up her portion and they both licked their lips clean.

My cats next door were simply delighted with the Tuna Entree. Peter showed up immediately followed by his sister Nicole. Hilford and Sherlock came running the moment they heard the can open. Mr. Gray showed up shortly and the related cat family ate away to their hearts content. Russ ate some and so did Faith and they licked out the cans also.

Maggie and her sister ate The Seafood Stew Entree at warp speed ahead. Maggie loved the little pieces of carrots in the stew. Faith, Sherlock, Hilford, Cali and Mr. Gray my cats next door finished off the Purina Pro Plan Seafood Stew Entree from Chewy.Com with enthusiasm and vigor.

My cats love to eat Purina Pet Foods and I am glad they are manufactured in the USA. My cats love quality pet foods that are tasty and good for them.

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If you take a test in school and you are positive you are going to Ace that test you will probably not do so. By being so overly confident you probably did not study long enough for the test. I have found out that test I did not feel confident with were the test I have done well on. A person tends to study longer for a test that you are somewhat nervous about taking.

If you are in a debate with someone you better study up on each and every question that may be asked of you. If you stumble around and keep looking for the right words to say you will look foolish and stupid in the debate. Overconfidence in a debate will finish you off quickly. Know your strengths and weaknesses  along with your opponents  strengths and weaknesses. Be well informed and answer your questions quickly and intelligently.

Overconfident people tend to be cocky and full of themselves. By being to confident you are domed to failure. Be prepared for unexpected events. Keep an emergency kit in your car, have regular checkups with your Doctor and stay on top of weather conditions. Overconfidence with driving, your health and the weather could end your life prematurely.

By being overly confident you could cost someone their life. Just because you passed a test saying you are qualified for a particular job you may not be  qualified just yet.  Practice makes perfect and do not be afraid to ask questions.

Confidence comes with age and experience and by actually doing the job at hand and not just reading about it in a book. Never get too cocky in your life or someone may pull out your plumes.  Keep your feet firmly to the ground and keep your head on your shoulders and learn something new everyday that will help you with the kind of confidence you truly want in life. Let God be your compass and your guide in life.

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Muir Woods National Monument California With Ancient Redwood Forests

I was very impressed with Muir Woods National Monument. The trails were nicely marked and I loved the peace and serenity in the woods and looking at the impressive ancient Redwood trees.


A redwood tree can live up to 2000 years. The tallest redwood tree is 250 ft. and the widest is over 14 ft. Most of the redwood trees that are mature range from 500 to 800 years old. There are delicate wildflowers in the park, ferns, bay laurels, and big leaf maples.


In 1908 Theodore Roosevelt proclaimed the area a national monument under the Antiquities Act of 1906. The area was named to honor John Muir a conversationalist. The Kent family donated their land of uncut stands of redwoods  to the federal government in 1905 to ensure its protection.


Spotted owls, bats, deer, raccoons and various birds live in the quiet redwood forest. There are snakes, chipmunks, gray squirrels, fish, and salamanders that live in the woods.

I love the layout for the hiking and walking trails in the park. The average daytime temperature in the park is 40 to 70 degrees F. I only needed a lightweight jacket on to keep warm.


Two weddings were taking place in the woods the day I came. The couples had wedding dresses on and tuxedo’s. The park would be a perfect place for a wedding. It is so peaceful and scenic and serene in the Muir Woods National Monument.

I was taken back by the size of the ancient redwood trees. The trees are very impressive indeed. The tallest tree in the woods is about 250 ft. tall. You can tell the age of the trees by counting the rings in the tree after you cut it down. The winter wet season gets most of the average total of 40 inches of rain for the year. When the creek becomes swollen with too much water it enables the threatened steelhead and endangered coho salmon to be able to move up the creek and spawn.


Seeing Muir Woods National Monument in California with the ancient redwood forest was the high point of my vacation. I would highly recommend seeing this national treasure in your lifetime.

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Show Respect To People

Show respect to your elders, parents, friends, relatives, workers, people in authority and to yourself. To respect someone is to care about their overall well being. Do not make fun of people you may have the same problem yourself someday. Remember the Golden Rule : Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Be a kind and compassionate caregiver. You will have a caregiver take care of you sooner than you think. Do not hit or abuse people that cannot fend for themselves. Never hit or abuse anyone it is inexcusable. Make sure they are dry overnight and have water and are feed. Do not let someone lay in bed wet all night long just because they cannot fend for themselves anymore. If you think you are in control in that situation you are truly a sad excuse for a human being and sick and a sadistic person.

Do not let someone lay or sit around in pain and do nothing. Try to make someone as comfortable as is humanly possible. If they can not life up an arm to feed themselves feed them. Help them take a shower and remove their clothes carefully. Never get rough with a sickly person who depends on you for care and their well being.

If you break something that belongs to someone admit that you broke it and replace it ASAP. Treat babies and children and adults with respect and teach them to respect others.

How you treat others speaks volumes about your character and the kind of person that you truly are. If you enjoy watching someone suffer you have many serious issues. Show compassion, love, respect, care, and the upmost respect when you care for someone that cannot care for themselves any longer because of an unforeseen illness.

Be one of Gods good stewards and help protect and care for those who cannot care for themselves anymore.

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Lung Cancer and Your Cat

My cat Sebastian died from lung cancer.

He was always a playful kitten. He was born on my farm. Sebastian was an outdoor kitten to begin with. He would get under ones feet as a kitten. He was very smart about staying away from cars. The weather was getting colder and he would meow by my back door. I gave in and let him in my house and decided to have three house cats.

His first night in the house he gathered up all of the toy mice and placed them in a neat orderly row. I gave him a bath and he actually enjoyed having a bath.

He was quite healthy and would play with my other cats. He would walk along and balance on the most narrow part of the window. Sebastian was quite the athlete.

Sebastian started to get asthma or at least that’s what I thought it was. He was about eleven years old a the time. My vet gave him some shots which seemed to help. I noticed he seemed to be losing weight. I took him back to my vet. My vet took X – Rays and noticed a large mass on one of his lungs.

Sebastian ate OK  and was not in pain. As time went on his fur was more wiry and he would lay around more. One day he was resting on my steps and seemed to be in pain.

I called my vet and made an appointment to have Sebastian put to sleep. I had a burial box with me. I put some cat toys in the box and a towel to cover him .  Sebastian lived yo be thirteen years old.

I took him home and buried him. it was a very sad day for me. I was heart broken for sometime.

One must always remember to do what is best for your pet. I do not want to see any beloved pet suffer in pain. You will miss your pet terribly but remember he is no longer in pain. Remember all of the fun times you had together.

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Some music can be restful and relaxing and other music can grate on your every nerve. Music can be the voice of angels. Music is an expression of the arts. Music uplifts and strengthens the soul. Some peoples voices are music to your ears.

Music is a form of expression that radiates from the notes in the song. There is a sad flow to some songs and other songs flow along quickly and seamlessly. The music you like to listen to says a lot about you as a person. If you like soft and easy listening music you most likely have a relaxed and easy going personality. Hard Rock music is full of beat and action and if this is your kind of music you want things to move along quickly and have lots of action in your life.

We sing praises to God which he finds to be quiet pleasant and an excellent way to worship him. There is a natural music in the universe such as thunder and lightening. The songs of the birds communicating with each other. The sound of insects and frogs and other animals. The bark of our dog and the gentle purring of your house cat.

Music is always with us where ever we go. Anything that has a rhythm or sequence to it could be classified as music. The hum of the engine in our car, the train and box cars moving down the track. The flow of the water in a river the sound of the ocean water that crashes against the rocks and the beach.

As children we make all kinds of music. We use pan covers like symbols and bang away on our toy drum, clap our hands together and blow on a piece of grass held between our fingers. All of us have a natural rhythm in us that is waiting to express itself. Music is a gift from God. Sing praises to God with good voice and Joy in your heart.

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