Health Issues and Wearing Masks

As a lay minister for a church I feel that we should do all that we possibly can to protect others from getting the Corona Virus. All of us are Gods children and we should show respect and care about each others health and overall well -being. Putting on a mask to save someones life is a small price to ask. One of your loved ones could die because someone did not like the sound of having to wear a mask. It is not that anyone is trying to control you all they want to do is prevent people from dying a horrible death and a death away from all of their loved ones.

Some people cannot wear a mask due to their health problems because they have breathing problems and other health issues. They are particularly vulnerable for catching the Corona Virus from others. Some people have health problems they may have inherited or developed late in life that would cause certain death if they contracted the Corona virus. Mask must be worn to prevent your death and the lives of those you hold most dear.

The Corona virus is real and is not a hoax as people are dying by large numbers from it everyday. We are losing are health care workers on the front lines and staff and residents at nursing homes. God gave us a brain so lets use it and wear our mask to save lives. Everyone’s life is important as we all have things to get done and family members to take care of. A man or a woman with small children should not have to come home and tell their children that Mom or Dad has died from the Corona virus and we do not know how we will survive now with only one income. Children need both parents as roll models and their lives will never be the same again after the loss of a parent.

All age groups are affected by this clever mutating Corona virus. Young and old can die from the virus. I would feel absolutely horrible if I caused the death of a loved one because I did not want to social distance, wear a mask and lay out on the beach packed in like a can of sardines. Remember to wear your mask so your parents, Grandparents, children, friends and relatives may have the gift of life that God gave them. Do not be selfish and think about your wants and needs only. God always thinks about each one of us equally on an everyday basis so lets not do any less for are fellow man. God died for our sins. Remember to love your neighbor as yourself and remember to love and respect the lives of people you meet along life’s Hi – Way. Wear a mask as God would wear a mask to save us and all of his children on earth. Lets make sure we have a long and healthy life by respecting each others health and well – being.

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Short Road Trips

I like taking short road trips. I like to go to the small towns in my area that I have not been to for some time. It is interesting to see how they have changed so very much over the years. Most of the meat lockers in the small towns are out of business and the family owned grocery stores are few and far between. The old jewelry stores and small furniture stores, clothing and private family shoe stores are no more. I miss the service of the family owned stores from days gone by. I loved to visit with the owners of the stores and ask them what they might be getting in soon that I might be interested in buying shortly. The service of the department stores was top notch and the clerk would bring clothes to you to try on. I miss all of the small town malt shops that have gone out of business. I miss the old TV sales and repair stores. Unfortunately when a TV stops working now you throw it away and buy a new one. It is too bad that we are a throw away society.

I am thrilled when I revisit a small town store that is about the same as it was years ago. Some of the old hardware stores are still in business and they are very glad to help you with all of your needs. I loved to go to the old five and dime stores. Sadly all of them went out of business when I was about 10 years old. There is still an A & W in Forest City, Iowa. Stan’s Drive – in is still going strong in Osage, Iowa.  I still shop at a family owned appliance and furniture store in my area and they both offer excellent service. My hometown still has a family owned shoe store that is wonderful. Kalona, Iowa still has many of the stores that I grew up with and loved going to. Some of the small towns still have the same restaurants that I ate at as a child and there food is just as I always remembered it.

You can discover a lot of new and interesting things and places on a short road trip. I like to discover new parks to walk in and explore and new restaurants to eat at. Short road trips get you out of the house and back home again in just one day. You may discover a candy shop that sells the kind of candy you ate as a child or a toy you had years ago that will bring back fond memories to melt your heart. Get out and take a short road trip and see what you will find and discover today. You will be amazed by things that have stood still in time in the fast paced world that we live in today. With change comes progress and when some things remain the same we feel at peace and secure and young at heart again.


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Time With God

Time flies while you are having fun. If you are waiting for something it is like time is standing still. The older we get it seems as if the days are getting shorter. When one is in school it seems the hands of the clock do not move. Time waits for no man. Do things today that should not be put off for another day.

God Makes Time For All Of Us Everyday

God makes time for all of us everyday. We should make time for God everyday. Praise God for how he has blessed your day today. If you are stuck in traffic at a stop sign reflect on God and nature. If something disrupts your plans for the day do not get angry as God may be directing you to a more necessary cause.

Spend Time With Those You Love

Spend time with those you love for one day they will be gone until you reunite with them in heaven. God want us to spend time with people and be their cheerleader in life. Bring hope, joy, peace, love, compassion and more into the lives of others each and everyday. Be a go to person for people and put a smile on someones face today. Uplift and praise people and thank them for everything that they have done to help you and their community.

Make Time For God Everyday

Make time for God everyday. Without God in your life their is no hope for you. You are to serve God and to put him above all others. Time spent with God is your most valuable time so do not waste a single minute of your time with God. God is found in nature, church, and people that spread Gods good works. Even when your life is in chaos God still holds and uplifts you. Look for subtle signs of God as his beauty surrounds you each and everyday that you are blessed with God by your side. Spend your time wisely and effectively with God and where it will do the most good. Glory be to God in the highest.

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How My Cats Express Themselves

If my cats want attention ASAP they will start doing something annoying while I am talking on the phone, They seem to know that I will not tell them to behave while I am talking on the phone. If they start clawing my furniture with their back feet they get scolded even if I am on the phone. My cats love to jump on something that is off limits as they know that will get a rise out of me.

Cats Know When They Are Going To The Vet

My cats know if I am trying to catch them and take them to the Vet. It might take me awhile to catch them but I win out in the end. They are mad at me and they put on a meowing frenzy all the way to the Vets office. On the trip home they are quite as church mice. After we get home from the Vet they try to avoid me for most of the day until I am finally forgiven for the grave injustice in their opinion.

Cats Know How To Snare Your Heartstrings

Some cats love to nibble at your fingers or toes. I think sometimes they consider their nips as love nips. One of my cats loves to fix my hair as he will run his paws through it as if was my hairdresser. One of my male cats loves to give me Eskimo kisses. Cats love to give you a sad look if they want a cat snack or some special canned cat food to eat. Their sad and forlorn looks win out every time almost as I cannot resist giving them the treat they want desperately. Cats know how to snare your heartstrings. Your cats expects you to serve it. You do not own your cat they own you.

Cats Know When Treats Are headed Their Way

If I am eating ice cream Garfunkel waits for me to finish eating all of the ice cream out of the small container and then he looks up at me sweetly and I let him lick out the empty container. Garfunkel always licks out the empty cottage cheese container also. All of my cats cannot wait for fresh catnip as they love to eat it and roll around on the leaves. If I ask my cats if they want some cat snacks they start meowing like a chorus of cats. They have also learned what the word tuna is and they come running for a refreshing treat of some canned tuna in water.


Cats Love To Comfort You

My cats love to rest and cuddle up close to me while I sit in my recliner. At night all three of my house cats go to bed when I do. Kohl sleeps close to my head, Garfunkel in the middle and Conrad by my feet. If I do not feel well all of my cat nurses come to check on me often. My cats throughout the years have truly snared my heartstrings into eternity. Cuddle up with your feline friend and give him a special cat treat that he truly loves. God bless you and all of your feline friends that you cross paths with in your lifetime.

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There are no true shortcuts in life. You may think you are taking a shortcut in a job someone hired you to do. If the job is not completed to their satisfaction you will have to work at the same job again until you get it completed to their specifications. People notice if you try to take shortcuts in life.

God Notices If You Take Shortcuts In Life

God notices if you take shortcuts in life. If you only think to ask God for help when you are in dire straights you have lost the concept of prayer. Thank God when you have smooth sailing in your life because without God by your side all sailing would have rough waves. Thank God for the small and large events in your life that have enriched you and strengthened you throughout the years.

Shortcuts Will Eventually Catch Up With You

Be your best and do your best every single day of your life. Remember shortcuts will catch up with you eventually. If you put your soul and your heart into a project it will reflect through your project. People will admire and look up to you for what you have done with your life. Make a positive difference in the World everyday that you are blessed to be in this World.

Don’t Take Shortcuts On The Interstates

Even when we take shortcuts when we are driving we miss out on a lot of magnificent scenery. The interstates make for fast travel but I prefer the scenic Hi-Ways and Bi-Ways. I love to travel on the old back roads and see old homes and barns and animals enjoying being out and about in nature. I once got on an old mining road in Colorado and I discovered an old cemetery with tombstones dating back to 1797. Remnants of the old mine were still there. The water tower was still there along with some of the sifters for separating the Gold from the debris.

God Never Takes Any Shortcuts With You

Worship and thank God for being in your life everyday that you are here on Earth and do not take any shortcuts in life. Remember shortcuts only cause problems for everyone concerned. God never takes any shortcuts with you.

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Cat Allergies

You may be allergic to cat dander. Bathe your cat to get rid of the dandruff on his fur and you will feel much better. People may have itchy and watery eyes because they are allergic to cats.  If you still want a house cat even though you are allergic to them it helps to not let them sleep in your bed with you at night. Brush your cats hair out often as this will remove some of the cat dander easily and painlessly. Vacuum your carpet often to remove hair and debris from you carpet. Clean your drapes and furniture often also. Keep your cat litter boxes clean as you may be allergic to the smell of cat urine. Clean and wash your clothes often as cat hair can stick to your clothing. People with asthma and hyperactive immune systems seem to be allergic to cats.

Cats can be allergic to mold, pollen, smoke, certain brands of cat food, a dusty or scented cat litter, parasites, plants and grass, rubber products, pesticides and perfume. I was working with my burn pile one day and my cats were sneezing that night. Certain brands of perfume will make my cats sneeze. My cats sneeze when I use a highly scented cat litter. Sometimes my cats will clean each other and then they will start sneezing. Cats are allergic to some cleaning products, flea treatments, fabrics and plastic food bowls.


Clean your pets bedding regularly to help eliminate allergens that your cats can share to each other.  Clean your cats water and food bowls often. Close your windows so allergens cannot get to your pet cats from outdoors. Cats can sneeze and have watery eyes and cough. I purchased some natural sinus spray for my cat Kohl and it seemed to help him. I have given my cats vitamins and supplements that seem to help them with various problems. Your cat my need antibiotics if it seems to be an ongoing occurrence  that never gets better as it may be a bacterial infection instead of allergies. If your cat symptoms become worse take him to your Vet ASAP. Hope you and your cat recover quickly form any allergies you may have.

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Do Not Have Broken Links In Your Life

Broken links in your life can have profound effects on your life for many years to come.  Do not lose your connection to your family. A simple family squabble should be resolved quickly and not escalate into more than what it was. Forgive people and stay connected to them. You can forgive a person easily as God forgives us for our sins. We may never forget what the person has done to us but we can still forgive them. Do not lose your link to family and friends. Good friends are hard to find and family should be a scared bond forever in your heart.


Stay Linked To God

Never lose your link to God. Without God by your side your life is meaningless. God has created you in his image so you can help enrich the lives of others. Be kind and bring joy into the lives of others. God is my compass through thick and thin. God has put me on earth to complete a mission for him which I intend to run to the finish line with. Without my link to God I would have perished by now. God knows knows our strengths and our weaknesses and  he can lead us to the path that will do the most good.

Stay Linked To Friends And Family

Maintain your links to friends and family that you might be separated from. Talk to them on the phone and let them know that you appreciate that they are in your life. Send pictures, text, emails and letters to each other often s that may be the highlight of their day. Send Christmas cards at Christmas time as all of us appreciate receiving a nice card. Send Get Well , Thinking Of You and Thank you notes to people as you can stay connected and thy now that you appreciate them being in your life.

A Chain With A Broken Link Is Of No Value

A dog chain or a log chain with a broken link is of no value to anyone. Your dog may run away and get harmed or injured. A log chain will not be able to help you pull anything with a broken link in the chain. A necklace that breaks away from your neck because of a weak link will cause you to lose it and what you have attached to it. Chains must have all of there links to be able to be helpful or useful to people.

DNA Chain

Our DNA is linked and when a link is broken in our DNA chain we have a huge medical problem of some kind that will affect us for our entire life. Links are made not to be broken for they are made for our benefit. One damaged nerve cell or a missing link affects your whole body or your inner you. Modern medicine keeps working on why links get broken in our body. A broken link can be the result of a genetic mutation and so much more.

Stay Linked To Others And All Will Benefit

Links get broken on the internet and cause trouble for people trying to connect to that link. It takes a lot of time to fix a broken link of any kind. Stay linked to God, friends, family and church as all of these links make you who you are today and who you will be in the future. Stay linked and true to each other and help link people to other people so many will benefit from the links they have established with each other. We all have our own God given talents and if we do not break our links with each other so much good can be accomplished in the World. God bless you and yours.

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Your Wondering Tom Cat And Female Cats

Tom cats will wonder away in the spring to mate with the female cats. Sometimes this does not go well for them. If you live in the country someone may shot your Tom cat. Some of my Tom cats have gotten run over on the road. If someone likes the looks of your Tom cat they may keep him. Tom cats get can in terrible fights with other Tom cats they may wonder into their territory. I used to have three outdoor Toms in the country years ago. A new young Tom wondered into our yard and my three Toms ganged up on him and he ran away immediately before any blood was shed.

I have had to doctor some of my Toms over the years as they came home with bitten ears and blood on their face. They did not care too much for my doctoring. I never lost any of the Toms I doctored as none of their wounds got infected. I treated them with wound salve and rubbing alcohol depending on where the wound was located on their body.

I have had several female cats take off for extended stays at someone else’s place. One of my female cats was gone for eight years before she returned home. She was a very gentle cat and I think someone had her for a house cat. They must have let her loose knowing that she would die soon. She returned home to my farm and died about one month after she returned home. My other female cat never left for more than one month before returning home. About 97 percent of my female cats never left our farm.

If your female cat has a large litter of kittens and you need to find good homes for them. Call the vet of the party that intends to adopt your kitten and see how they take care of the pets they have now. Ask if you can look at their house and see how their pets look. You can see how clean their house is. Interview them before you trust them with your kitten.

All of my cats are spayed and neutered now. I do not have to worry about finding kittens good homes anymore. All of my cats are house cats now. They are safe and sound and I do not have to worry about the dangers that can happen to outdoor cats. Outdoors cats can be killed or infected from wild animals or killed by coyotes.

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Acts Of Kindness

Be kind to people and thank them for everything that they do for you and others to help them out. Talk to people on the phone and try to uplift them and make them happy. Compliment people often and do not take people for granted. Write or text a note to people and let them know you are thinking about them .

If you see your neighbors out and about say hello to them and ask them how they are today. Invite people out for coffee or go for a walk in your neighborhood. If you do not hear from someone call and checkup on them. Be friendly to people and considerate of their feelings. Be generous and give to your local food bank, church and many worthy charities that help and uplift people.

Little acts of kindness can turn into big acts of kindness. If everyone gives what they can to charities it can do a great deal of good in a short amount of time. If several people give money toward a scholarship it can change the life of the person that receives the scholarship forever. A job with a future enriches and fulfills a person and gives them a sense of self worth.

Go out of your way to spread a little kindness in the lives of others today and everyday. Hold a door open for someone today and compliment them as this will make their day a little brighter. Give people spontaneous gifts now and then as it will be pleasant surprise for them. Give a complete stranger a gift or some money and make their day.

Kindness matters a great deal in the lives of people you impact by being kind to them. Do not say hurtful things to people as it may follow them around forever. Always lift people up and congratulate them on their accomplishments. Never put someone or some persons business down. If you cannot say anything good about them just avoid them and stay away from them.

If you are kind to other people you are helping yourself also. If you are kind to people they will tend to be kind to you. People never forget a mean or hateful person and they will tend to avoid you. Go out of your way to show kindness to people everyday that you are blessed to be on earth. Be one of Gods good stewards as often as possible.

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Transporting Your Cat Safely For Travel And Vet Visits

I want a sturdy animal carrier when I transport my cats. I prefer a solid one with a lid on the top as well as a door on the side of the carrier. With a lid and a door on the carrier it makes it so much easier to put your cat in the carrier and take your cat our safely.

I have noticed people trying to hang on to their cat that is just wrapped up in a towel while waiting outside of the Vets office. An upset and nervous cat that is not in a carrier can end in disaster quickly. My Vet told me that a party had come to his office with their cat in a towel and a Semi drove by and happened to honk his horn and their cat bolted out of their arms and ran onto the busy Hi – Way and was run over by a car. What a tragic and horrific experience and it could have been prevented by having their cat in a cat carrier.

A cage that comes to part easily is good at the Vets office. Some of my cats are nervous beyond nervous at the Vets office. Having a cage that comes to part quickly makes it safe for your Vet to handle your cat without him getting bit or scratched up. My Vet moves the lid down about part way and administers their shots. Trying to pulled a scared cat out of a cage can result in being bitten and scratched.

When taking your cat for a drive it is best to have him or her in an animal carrier. A scared cat could get under your feet while you are trying to drive. A  frightened cat could start leaping all over the inside of your car causing you to lose control of your vehicle and that could result in your death and someone else also.

If you are flying on a plane with your cat use a carrier that is approved for airline travel. Check with the airline to see what time your cat is feed, watered and more. Your cat shots must be current if you are taking him on an airline. Expect your cat to be nervous and upset by the time you reach your destination. Some Vets will give you a mild sedative to relax your cat while he is on the plane. I once noticed a woman that traveled with her cat all of the time by train. She told me Sam had traveled on the train with her for years and he enjoyed it. She has a leach on him and he was sound to sleep in her loving arms.

By the best cage that you can afford and it should last for many years. Remember to always have your pet under your control at all times for his health and safety and the safety of others. I hope you and your cat have safe travels and Vet visits for many years to come.

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