Fancy Feast Appetizers With Tuna And A Scallop Topper From Chewy.Com

I was provided Fancy Feast Appetizers with tuna and a scallop topper from Chewy.Com to facilitate my review.  All thoughts are 100 % honest and my own.

I placed a container of Fancy Feast  Appetizers in front of  Maggie and she ate all of the tuna up  ASAP and she polished it off by eating her scallop last.

My cat family next door came running the minute I said Fancy Feast as they are familiar with and love the Fancy Feast cat foods. Russ and the three cat brothers , Cali and Faith did not waste one second in eating all of their Fancy Feast Appetizers with tuna and a scallop topper from Chewy.Com. Later on Nicole came Out of hiding and I gave some to her and she wasted no time in licking her plate completely clean.

Fancy Feast Appetizers are in a light meat tuna with a scallop topper in a delicate broth.Fancy Feast is distributed by the Nestle Purina PetCare Company, St. Louis, MO. in the USA. The average adult cat can have one tray of Fancy Feast Appetizers per day.

This morning Maggie was waiting for her Fancy Feast by the door. I placed her food in front of her and it disappeared like magic. She licked out the food dish and purred away.

Russ, Cali, Hilford, Sherlock, Mr. Gray, Nicole, Faith and Addi enjoyed their Fancy Feast Appetizers. My female cats were swatting at each other with their front paws over who got to eat first. They are declawed on their front feet only so no damage was done luckily. I saw what they were doing through the window so I went back in the house and told them to behave. They decided to behave and share their food equally.

I have never had a cat that did not put its paws up for Fancy Feast cat food from Chewy.Com.

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There Is No Excuse For Bad Language

Bad Language says a lot about you as a person. Bad language shows a lack of knowledge for a better word. If you say a bad word once you are likely to repeat it and you will most likely say the word in a very inappropriate setting. If you keep saying bad language you will tend to lose respect from people and lose customers at your business.

If I was told to use bad language to sell a product I would tell them I am not the person you want for that. If you cannot sell a product on its own merits then it is not worth selling. I would lose all respect for a company that would stoop so low as to use bad language to sell their products.

I grew up in a household that did not use bad language and I very proud of that. Years ago if bad language was used you would get your mouth washed out with soap. I think we need a little more soap today. One day a five year old called me a dirty name that she had to have heard her parents say. If I am reading a book where every other word is bad I close the cover and start reading another book.

It is time to bring back old fashioned values and clean up the words that come out of the mouth of  young children and adults. It is our job as parents to set values and rules for our children to follow. We never heard God swear so we should know it is not acceptable behavior n any shape or form.

Be careful what you say as it will follow you into your work place and your home and into other settings. Use well thought out words to express yourself and impress others. Bad language does not impress anyone and it certainly does not please God. Always think before you speak.

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Solid Gold Triple Layer Chicken & Pumpkin Cat Food From Chewy.Com

I was provided Solid Gold Triple Layer Chicken & Pumpkin cat food from Chewy.Com to facilitate my review. All thoughts are 100 %  honest and my own.

I first gave the Solid Gold Triple layer Pate, Mousse and Shreds cat food with chicken & pumpkin to my cat family next door. Mr. Gray ate away frantically as he could not resist the pumpkin in it. Hilford, Russ, Faith, Sherlock and Cali got in on the delicious meal. Cali ate all of the chicken off first and then she polished off her meal with the pumpkin mousse. Sherlock ate away at each layer off and on. Hilford and Russ ate it up as it was placed in their dish. Faith ate a little amount of the Solid Gold first and then her portion disappeared like a streak of lightening.

My outdoor cat Maggie polished off the whole container of Solid Gold Triple Layer & Pumpkin Cat Food From Chewy.Com. Maggie ate all of the shredded chicken first and then she ate the layers in order.

Solid Gold is grain & gluten free. It is a holistic all stage cat food. The pumpkin mousse layer helps promote healthy digestion and the chicken satisfy s your cats cravings and the pate layer is easy or your cat to eat and very palatable. Taste and  nutrition is delivered in three delicious layers. My cats love to eat the Solid Gold pet products from Chewy.Com.


My cats next door had another meal of Solid Gold Triple Layer today. Peter came out and ate up his meal very fast. All three of Peters sons joined him and they polished up the Solid Gold from Chewy.Com. Cali and Russ and were licking their mouths clean and their plates so they would not leave a single morsel behind.

Maggie polished off another container of Solid Gold this morning and she purred and purred away as she savored her Sunday breakfast.

I like cat foods that have pumpkin in them as they are excellent for your cats digestive issues. My cats absolutely loved the Solid Gold Triple Layer cat food from Chewy.Com.

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Count Your Many Blessings

Count your blessings everyday. Be glad that you woke up this morning and a new day full of no mistakes awaits you. You are blessed by God everyday. You can accomplish something great today and a make positive differences in the lives of others. You are a child in Gods flock and he loves you greatly.

I am blessed to have had the kind and loving parents that I did. I am blessed to have many wonderful and remarkable friends. Your family is always their for you through thick and thin. We have many blessings in our lives and we can create new blessings everyday that we are here on Earth.


Even when we are sick and broken we are still blessed by God, Friends and Family. God will help you get through the toughest and most turmoil of storms that life can through your way. Good friends will lend an ear and help strengthen you in your hour of need. Family will care for you and comfort you. God is always by your side even when you do not realize that he is by your side he is watching and protecting you.

I am blessed that I have traveled to all the wonderful and remarkable places that I have. I am blessed to have my pets by my side as they are a great comfort to me always. I love writing as this is a great way for me to express my thoughts and experiences to all that want to learn from my actual experiences in life. Express yourself and define yourself everyday. I love reading history books and learning from others that went on before me. Knowledge and foresight is a blessing that no one can ever take away from you.

God is your anchor through all of lives storms as he pours his blessings upon you when we need him the most.

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Cat Eating Behavior

I have had many cats over the years. Some of my cats like to savor every single morsel of their food while others gobble up their food as quickly as possible.

Outdoor farm cats always seem to eat quickly for the fear of another cat getting their food away from them. My outdoor cats have held onto a piece of meat with their claw while they were eating. Cats will also growl while they are eating as if to say leave me alone while I am eating my food. I have had some cats run away with a big piece of food so my other cats would not try to take their food away from them. I had a Tom cat take a rabbit into the far corner of a shed so he could have the whole rabbit to himself.

When I just had one Siamese house cat she took her time eating. She liked tuna canned in water and dry cat food and also cat treats.

I now have three house cats. Conrad is a very lean and fit cat. Conrad is a slow eater and he savors his food. Garfunkel is a medium weight cat. Garfunkel eats his food very fast. Kohl is a little bit overweight but he is a slow eater. When I put snacks out for my house cats Garfunkel always shows up first followed by Kohl and then Conrad.

My cats next door have a definite pattern  in their eating habits. Lorenzo eats a  lot and he is a very fast eater. Russ, Sherlock, Addi and Cali are slow eaters. Mr. Gray and his brother Hilford are fast eaters. Hilford likes to growl while he eats.

Most of the time my cats that eat slowly are not overweight. I do have several cats that are a little overweight that do eat slowly.

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Be Happy For Others

If someone wins a prize feel happy for them and congratulate them. If someone wins a contest  be happy for them and not jealous. If you see a new car in your friends driveway do not be jealous over it. You have no idea of all the work they had to do in order to buy the new car in their driveway or what sacrifices they made in order to buy their car. Be grateful for another persons accomplishments.

Be glad that your friends and neighbors are able to afford the things that they have and be truly happy for them. Do not think that things come easy for people you have no idea of what they have had to go through in their life to get to where they are now. Do not covet as this is one of the Ten Commandments.

God is happy for each and everyone of us. We are all stewards to spread Gods good works. God is not jealous or boastful and we as good stewards should live by his example. Be appreciative for what you have in life and do not go after others that you think are less deserving. Do not judge anyone for God is the only judge of man.

I have heard people talk about someones health. They will say they never seem to get sick and they seem to be very jealous of them. If you really cared about someone or really loved them you would never want them to get sick. We will all be sick eventually and die. I am glad for all the healthy people in my life and I hope they are filled with Gods many blessings everyday. I pray for those that need the gentle healing touch of God to strengthen them.

Do not be boastful, jealous, covet my neighbors possessions or judge others. Be happy for for your neighbors, friends and others in your life. God is always happy for you.

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For The Love Of Cats

I have loved cats since I met my first cat Flossie in my stroller. My farm cats have always followed me all over our farm. They would wait with me in the morning while I waited for my school bus. My cats would sit next to me while I read a book outside. For a school assignment I had to have someone leed me around blindfolded and I was able to identify each one of my cats by their particular meow. I got an A on that assignment.

I have adopted many cats over the years and they have been wonderful and kind and loving cats. Many of the cats I have adopted have become one of my  house cats. I have adopted Siamese cats, domestic short hair, Persian and a Russian Blue cat. I have adopted cats from restaurants, their former owner, businesses , a kennel and my veterinarian. Each cat that I have adopted has its own unique qualities and character.

I have doctored many cats back to health and most of them were very appreciative. Some of my cat patients have taken off again after their recovery. They did not realize that the medicine that I had them take had saved their lives. They thought I was a mean person that fed them a terrible tasting liquid mixture or gave them a shot or had them swallow a nasty pill. My intentions were well but they did not realize that.

I have loved and adored cats since my baby years. I would be totally lost without the companionship of a Dear sweet cat in my life. They sleep in my bed with me a night and awaken with me in the morning. They start out their day with a clean litter box, water and a dish full of dry cat food. They get cat treats, play with cat toys and held on my lap and I pat them on their head. They love to watch birds from my picture window. Life is purrfect with your loving, compassionate and caring cat in your life.

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Think Outside Of Your Comfort Zone

If you always stay in your comfort zone you will never know what you truly could have accomplished. Push yourself to discover and learn and experience something new each and everyday that you are here on earth. Dare to be different than the rest of the herd. If you do not excel from the rest of the herd you will get trampled by the herd. Sometimes it takes lots of elbow grease, blood, sweat and tears to get to the top of your game.

Life is not always easy and is somewhat like a roller coaster. We all have our ups and downs in life and we do not know when they are going to happen to us. Don’t let one failure in your life be a perpetual failure for your whole life. God has a plan for each and everyone of us and our job is to listen when God speaks to us in subtle ways.

Be bold and be daring once in awhile for you may be pleasantly surprised by what you just accomplished. Be bound and determined to prove people wrong that have said you can’t possibly succeed at that. Determination is hard to overcome. Determination will take you to the top of your game. The old saying goes “slow and steady wins the race ” which is very true as far as you keep advancing forward with your life and your dreams.

Try something new. Start a hobby which may turn into a full time job. Travel abroad and learn about your heritage and where your family roots started. Time is very precious so do not waste a single moment of it living in the past. You cannot change the past but we can all help make the future brighter and better for everyone.

Take baby steps to begin with and than take large and bold and daring steps to be the ultimate you. Set high goals for yourself that will enrich the lives of others for many generations to come. Always make positive changes in the world. Just one thing you do today could help many people reach their dreams also.

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Kelly Gau Opened A New Studio Located In Lake Mills, Iowa

I was provided Art Supplies from Kelly Gau Studio located In Lake Mills, Iowa to facilitate my review. All thoughts are 100% honest and my own.

I love the lighting in her new studio and the abundance of supplies she had to make your art project with. My friends Sara Broers, Mary Levad Lovstad, and Donna Hup started working on our creations. Kelly helped us with anything we needed help with and she was very kind and helpful through the entire art creation.

I found working on my art creation with friends to be very relaxing and a fun and wonderful way to spend our evening. I love cats, traveling and Inspirations with Laura which I incorporated into my art project. I have a gray cat on my canvas, the cats background is a map of the World and butterflies flying freely along with a bright sun and a bright blue cloud. i wanted to incorporate every aspect of what I write about and love on my canvas. You can learn a persons likes very quickly by looking at their art work as their art work reflects a part of them in each and every project that they create on their own.


Kelly Gau Studio takes ages 3 and up that can make their own unique creations. She offers birthday party, after school art, wall hangings and create seasonal art projects. Kelly Gau also has another studio located in Albert Lea, Minnesota.  You can contact Kelly at 1-641-590-3235 for more information.

Children would absolutely love a birthday party canvas art project with all of their friends. Her studio is easy to enter and is right on Main Street in Lake Mills, Iowa.  Making art projects is an expression of your inner self. Get your creative juices flowing and book a creative canvas event at Kelly Gau Studio with your friends as you will be amazed at what you can create and say about yourself in one art project.

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Leviticus  6 : 1 – 2

And the Lord Spake unto Moses , Saying ,

If a Soul sin, and commit a trespass against the Lord, and lie unto his neighbor in that which was delivered him to keep, or in fellowship , or in a thing taken away by violence , or hath deceived his neighbor

I  have purchased items over the years that have been misrepresented to me my by their seller. They have said that the item has never been used and when you open he package you can truly see that the item has been used. I generally have to write a letter to the seller in order to get my money back. It is a sin if someone misrepresents something to you for financial gain or otherwise. I will never go back to a business that has misrepresented there product to me.

I purchased a SUV and when I got home and looked it over I discovered it was not AWD it was FWD and it had a smaller motor in it. I finally got the vehicle I had wanted with the help of friends and a signed statement from one of the main sales people. I ended up with a SUV that was one year newer and that had AWD. It took one whole year to get the SUV that I had purchased. They did not only hurt me by misrepresenting the SUV but they committed a trespass  against the Lord.

Let the buyer beware. There will always be deceptive people in the world unfortunately that will always try to fatten their bank acct. at your expense.  Do your homework and know everything possible about the item you are intending to purchase. Make sure every single little detail of your purchase is in writing and  signed by the seller and then you will have proof to back you up if necessary.

Remember no one ever deceives the Lord he knows what you are doing every waking hour of the day.

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