Halloween Pranks And Dangers

Pranks On Halloween

Years ago kids would over turn the outhouses and you were very unfortunate indeed if you happened to be using it then. Kids would exchange the neighbors gates and everyone would wake up with a different gate on there fences in the small towns years ago. Now pranks are not funny anymore as they damage buildings and hurt or kill animals or harm or hurt small children. In had noise makers when I went trick or treating as a child.


Years ago kids would get homemade popcorn balls, cookies, apples and other homemade goodies or change. Now kids get candy bars or an apple on occasion. You have to check apples to make sure no one put a razor blade in the apple that would harm your child today. Make sure the candy bar wrappers are sealed. Only let your kids trick or treat at peoples houses that you know or other events that are deemed safe.

Damage To Animals And Homes Is Not Acceptable

I have seen many homes egged over the years and it takes hours to get that off of your siding and you may have to repaint your home also. Kids have shot pellets  through windows on Halloween night. That happened to someone I knew that was in their nineties and they had to get a loan to pay for a new picture window.  Some people have sacrificed poor defenseless animals on Halloween night.

Keep Your Black Cats In On Halloween

An elderly woman had her black cat out on her porch on Halloween night and she heard a lot of  noise and several teenage boys had egged her poor cat to death. The poor woman was completely heartbroken and was crying uncontrollably as her cat was like a child to her. People will also sacrifice black cats on Halloween. A person is truly sick to harm or kill a defenseless pet.

Do Your Part To Make Halloween Safe And Fun For All

I went in a haunted house once for a Halloween outing in High School. It was fun and a little bit scary. Watch your kids at all times so they do not get hit by a car crossing the street in the dark on Halloween night. If you see someone vandalizing something yell or scream or call the police. Lets make Halloween like it was years ago were pranks or tricks did not damage property, pets, animals or children. Hope you have a safe and happy Halloween full of good memories for years to come.

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Spreading Out Your Branches

Do Not Trim Your Branches Unless They Are Dead

Spread your branches and watch them grow to help other people. Give freely to worthy causes and charities. Your money or time spent helping others will benefit many people. Other people will follow your example and that many more people will be help. Let your branches grow and grow to help those who are less fortunate than you are. If you do get a dead branch on your tree cut it off and a new branch will grow. Sometimes the best of intentions may not work out so move onto another worthy cause.

Worthy Causes

Ask your minister what they are in need of in church or in your community. They may need help at your local food bank or they may need a new furnace or repairs at your church that you could help with. There are many worthy missions that are in need of money. Many children go without enough food to eat so you could help fill their backpacks with enough food to help them get through the weekend until they can eat the school lunch. Meals on wheels is always in need of volunteers to help deliver food to the elderly. You do not have to look very far to find a worthy cause to contribute to in or out of your community.

Help Out People That Need A Hand

Call and visit people often that are elderly or that live alone. Just hearing the voice of another person can be very uplifting. Send them cards that say I am thinking of you or send them seasonal cards. Volunteer to help the elderly with repairs that they cannot afford to pay because high wages for them was $5.00 an hour or less. Never take advantage of anyone that already has a hardship or disadvantage because if you do it will come back to you someday.

Start A Program In Your Community That Helps People With Finding Expert Workers At Reasonable Rates

A group of retired workers could help people with small household repairs. You could get a group of young people that would volunteer to mow peoples lawns or clear their snow for free because they are not able to mow their own yard any longer due to health or financial issues All of us need help now and then and we are very appreciative when we are helped.

Always Think To Yourself How Do I Want To Be Treated Someday

God helps us out every single day that we are on earth.We also should help others every single day that we are on earth. Someday you will be on the receiving end and do want to be treated how you are treating people on the receiving end now. God knows what is in your heart as you cannot hide anything from God. Help support worthy causes however and whenever you can. Let you branches produce much fruit that will help people out for as many years as possible. God bless you for helping out your fellow man.

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Time Well Spent


When you travel you learn a lot about the area you have travel to. You taste new foods and learn about the mannerisms and traditions of the people in the area. You see breathtaking scenery, sights, sounds and much more. I love history and I love the history of the places I visit. I enjoy looking at the architecture of the old buildings as they took a lot of pride in their work and details such as the magnificent archways, wood work  and details in the wood and ceilings. I love vaulted ceilings, dish rails, built in bookcases and so much more. Traveling broadens your horizons and you learn that other people around the World want the same things that you do. All of us want to be healthy, have a sense that we have a purpose on Earth, have a wonderful family, have peace, joy ,hope, love in our lives, be happy and feel secure in life.

Time With Family, Friends And God

Spending time with friends uplifts your spirit as you do and see things together. Traveling with a friend makes the trip much more enjoyable. Friends bring out the sunshine on dark and dreary days. Spending time with family is fun as you have shared the same experiences in your life and you can talk over old times together and laugh at funny things that happened years ago. Spending time with God should be your top priority in life. Read the bible and read a daily devotion everyday. Spend time with your church family and checkup on those who have health concerns and  other concerns. People need someone to talk to and reach out to so be that person for them. Pray to God without ceasing as he will answer your prayers.

Read A Book

Reading a book is very relaxing  and you will definitely learn something new everyday. I like to read non-fiction books about the Presidents, books on war, science, devotional books, biographies and travel. If you do not learn from history you are doomed to repeat it. By reading travel books you can plan where you want to travel next year.

Keep Things Well Organized

Put things back where you found them as it will save you much valuable time down the road. Keep your files organized and pay your bills as soon as you get them in the mail and then you will never have to pay late fees. Keep your home and garage organized and you will be able to get things done quickly and efficiently.

Pay Attention To Your Health And Take Time To Relax

If you feel tired and run down during the day take time for at least a 20 minute nap and you will feel revived at the end of the nap. Tell your Doctor about any health concerns you may have as this could save your life. Make sure you take all the necessary test for your particular age group so minor things do not become major things. Take time for yourself and relax and unwind from your hectic day. If you do the things I mentioned it will truly be time well spent.

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Talk And Work Things Out With People

Come Up With A Resolution

If you have a problem with someone tell them about it and come up with a resolution that will work for both of you. If you do not talk over a problem with someone they might not even know that they did something to upset you. If you are treated badly by someone you went them to make amends. You are responsible for your actions so act like it when dealing with people. Do not take advantage of anyone. Some people tend to size someone up as easy prey. Someday the person taking advantage of others will be taken advantage of when someone sees them as easy prey.

Tell The Owner About Your Problem

Talk to someone about being treated badly at a business and they will more than likely be glad to fix the problem for you or issue you a refund or your purchase. Never trash a business on the internet as they cannot control what all of their employees do while they may be gone for a short amount of time. Talk over the problem with the owner of the establishment and tell them how the employee treated you. The employee may get fired so do not complain about a trifle little matter. If  someone tries to short change you confront them while they are counting your change back to you.

Ask To Be Made Whole Again

If you feel you are not made whole again after a major problem with a business, person or corporation talk to the person or persons in charge. I always talk to he top brass and I figure why start out low on the totem pole. Things get taken care of very quickly indeed when you talk to the owner or top supervisor. No business, repairmen, small businesses want a bad reputation. If you are treated nicely by a business send them an email telling them how wonderful you were treated. Thank a business on facebook or another social media platform. Praise people for treating you with the upmost respect and standing behind their product or service.

Always Talk And Work Things Out With People

Always talk and work things out with people. Never resort to violence as it only escalates and gets out of control quickly. Do not bad mouth people and give them a chance to make amends and make you whole again. Stay calm, cool and collected when dealing with people and problems. God gives all of us a chance to make amends everyday that we are here on earth.

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My Cats Favorite Foods And Cat Treats And More

Cat Foods

My cats love Purina One  tender selects with real chicken dry cat food. I also feed them Purina One indoor advantage dry cat food. The indoor formula has extra nutrients for what your cat may be lacking by being an indoor cat. My cats have bright shiny coats and eyes and are very healthy eating Purina cat food.

Wet Cat Foods And Treats

My cats love Sheba Perfect Portions Grain free multi-pack poultry cat food trays. They lick the trays completely clean. All of my  cats love Hartz Delectables Squeeze Up Variety pack lickable cat treats. Some of my cats let me squeeze the food in right in their mouth. Temptations cat treats and Friskies cat treats are a big hit with my cats. I put the cat treats in a cat treat ball or container and they get exercise along with getting on of their favorite cat treats for their efforts.

Organic Treats

My cats love organic cat treats that can be purchased at specialty shops along with dry and wet cat foods. My cat love to eat fresh catnip or catnip that I have freeze dried for them. I give my cats vitamins now and then.

Cat Litters

My cats like Tidy Cats lightweight cat litter and a clumping walnut cat litter and Arm & Hammer clumping corn cat litter. I was very impressed with a new Naturals walnut cat litter that I started using as it has no lingering litter box odors. I like the multi cat Tidy Cats  cat litter as it is the most effective formula for litter box odors. There was hardly any waste with the Arm & Hammer formula cat litter. My three house cats like their scoop free crystal litter.

Cat Beds

K & H heated cat beds outlast and out perform all of the other heated cat beds by far. I like a cat bed that I can wash easily. If a cat bed is not machine washable it is not worth buying as your cat could have an accident on the bed. When buying a cat tree make sure it is well constructed so it will stand up and not fall apart right away. Garfunkel likes this wicker cat bed.

Cat Toys

When buying a cat toy look the toy over and make sure their is nothing on it your cat could pull off and choke on. Most cats like toy balls, mice, singing birds,fish and toys that are on the end of a string. Do not let you cat play with yarn as he could easily choke to death on the swallowed yarn.

Cat Bowls

Buy food and water bowls that can be easily washed and cleaned with soap and water. I avoid plastic bowls and dishes as they are harder to clean and sanitize as they scratch easily. I buy stainless steel heated water bowls as they stand up for many years.

I hope you have a happy, healthy and contended cat for many years to come. God bless you and your feline friends.

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What Do You Stand For ?

Do You Help The Underdog ?

Do you help people that are bullied or made fun of or do you just look the other way? We should stand up for those that are made fun of or bullied. No one deserves to be picked on and made fun of everyday as they go to school or to their place of work. All of us do our best to fit in and work with other people as much as we possibly can. Do not make fun of someone that cannot  run fast in a competition as they may have a health condition that is holding them back. Always put yourself in the other persons shoes before you utter a single word from your mouth. The spoken word is like a spent arrow lost in the night.

Do You Stand For The Right Things

Do want to better yourself everyday or just settle for the same old you ? We should try to learn something new everyday. If you see your friend or friends doing the wrong thing are you going to do it too just to win favors with your friends ? I hope you would tell your friend that is not acceptable behavior and that we should both go home and talk it over. Go to bed every night with a clear conscience that you did the best you could to make the world a better place today.

Do You Stand Beside God

God wants us to be good stewards and care for each other, the creatures on earth and the land. Tend to the needs of others and put their needs on your top priority list. Be a good steward to the land and all of the creatures that roam around on earth. If we do not care for the of all of the creatures on earth and the land all of us will surely perish. Do pray to God without ceasing ? I hope you pray without ceasing as God does hear all of your prayers. Without God by your side you will surely perish.

Sometimes You Will Question What You Stand For

It is hard to please everyone and you will not be able to. Remember to thank God everyday  for all of your many blessings. Your top priority should be to please God. God is our creator and great redeemer. All of us have sinned and we should not ever repeat our sins. Do not Judge others as your judgement may be much worse than theirs. God is the only Judge of man.

What Values Are Important To You ?

Respect, integrity, dignity, honesty, reliability, loyalty, dependability, a belief in  God, Family, and being a good steward are very important values to me. I hope that these are some of your top values in life. Respect people and be honest with them. Be loyal, reliable and dependable and have integrity. Praise God and have good family values and value your friendships with people that make your days a little brighter. Stand up for the right values.

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How My Three House Cats Spend Their Day

Cats get to know your schedule very quickly. When I wake up in the morning my cats are ready for me to attend to their needs such as fresh water, cat food and fresh kitty litter. Before I go to bed in the evening two of my cats will already be camped in my bed for along nights rest.

Lap Cats

My cats love to sit in my lap when I read a book or watch TV. They all take turns sitting in my lap which works out well for all concerned. I fill three treat balls for them and they have mastered all of the cat treat dispensers. Garfunkel loves to watch birds from the head rest on my recliner. Conrad has a recliner of his own that he takes long cat naps in. Kohl has heated bed that he loves to rest in or he is in a round fluffy cat bed.

Cat Toy Box

They like to look through their toy box and take out what catches their fancy for the day. Kohl always tends to have a least one green plastic frog to play with. Conrad likes a bat that lights up and cat toy mice and signing birds for cats. Garfunkel seems to like metallic balls and toy mice. Conrad will meow loudly as he carries a toy mouse through the house like it is his catch of the day. My cats take many catnaps during the day. Garfunkel is on my bed watching me type this post.

Cats Do Not Like Changes To Their Daily Routines

If my cats see me packing a suitcase they instantly know that I will be gone for awhile and they voice their complaints loudly. They figure they can spend their day however they want to while I am not home. When Kohl was young he would knock over things while I was gone. I guess he figured he would get even for me leaving him. Friends would always take care of my cats while I was gone. When I got home from a vacation they would not greet me immediately because they were mad that I left them alone. Kohl tends to forgive me first followed by Garfunkel and than Conrad.

I hope you and your cats have many relaxing and enjoyable days together. Cats adapt quickly to our schedules and we care for them deeply and love them unconditionally. Cats bring joy into to our hearts and to our souls.

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Give Your Anxieties To God

Do Not Be Overly Anxious About Anything In Your Life

Anxiety will eat you alive in your daily life. Do not be anxious in your daily living as God knows what you need and he is always by your side. Pray to God for guidance in your life and remember to Thank God daily for all of your accomplishments in life. People with anxiety disorders have persistent and intense worry about everyday situations. Ask God for help when you feel anxious about anything and you will eventually see your anxiety fade away. Give your anxiety to God as his answer will be much better than any solution you could come up with on your own accord.

Normal Anxiety

It is normal to feel anxious before a test such as have I studied enough, have I read the right materials and am I really ready to take this exam. Before you give a speech in front of a large audience it is normal to be a little bit anxious. You may think will I say the wrong thing or will I be so nervous I won’t be able to speak at all. I love what one of my teachers told be years ago. He told me to imagine everyone that I am talking to is only dressed in their underwear and that does put all of your anxiety to bed.

Sickness And Anxiety

We are anxious when we are waiting for medical test reports. We may wonder what we will have to endure in life before we get better or die someday. I do not think about such things as I let God guide me down the road he has chosen for me to be on in my life. Take Gods hand in life and never let go of it and you will not feel the anxieties in the World.

God Can Save Us From Our Own Negativity

If you look at things with fear and hopelessness you cannot accomplish anything good with you life. The Devil wants you to be depressed and feel overly anxious and then he has control over your life. Never let the Devil in your life and always pray to God for daily guidance to help free yourself from the bondage of depression and anxiety.

Be A Mentor To Help Others In Their Daily Living

Listen to and talk over problems that you may be facing in your life with caring people. Everyone has different experiences in their life and a solution is most likely just around the corner. Never loss hope as all of us have much to offer the World if we do not let negativity take over our lives. Crying and worrying has never solved problems for anyone. Worrying about an outcome that will most likely not happen at all takes the joy that could have happened in your life today away.

Give All of Your Anxieties To God

Pray to God for daily guidance without ceasing and Thank God everyday for all of the blessings that he has given to you throughout the years. Do not be anxious because God will show you the way to a happy life if you let him in your life. I thank God everyday for my many blessings.

upper range light

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Fall Cleaning 101

Starting Fall Cleaning

Start cleaning the hardest areas first or the jobs you like the least. By getting the jobs you do not like to do done first will give you more energy to continue with your cleaning later on. I look forward to finishing up the little jobs and living in a nice clean home from top to bottom.

I Clean My Upstairs Bedrooms First

I take things out of my bookcases and dust them off and get rid of some things. I put new paper in my dresser draws and dust out the towels on top of my dressers. I reorganize my closets and get rid of clothing that I no longer wear. I wash the curtains and clean the bedding. I dust everything and then I vacuum the rugs and wash and wax the floors.

Living And Dining Room Cleaning

I vacuum off my drapes and my furniture. I vacuum under all of my furniture. I clean out cabinets thoroughly. I dust all of the items inside and out of cabinets. I dust off each what not and clean all of the dishes in the corner cupboard. I put lemon oil on the wood furniture so it will shine and not dry out.  I clean out the bookcase and weed out some of my books. I then shampoo my carpets. I clean all of the windows throughout my house.

Kitchen Cleaning

Take everything out of your cupboards and wash them off and then put fresh paper in your cupboards. Clean up your stove and refrigerator and then polish them. Shine up your pots and pans with cleaners. Clean your microwave and shake all of the bread crumbs out of your toaster. Clean your washer and dryer. I put a cleaner in my washer that cleans up the wash tub. I take a lint brush to my my dryer vent to prevent a lint fire. I clean up my stainless steel sink with a special cleaner for stainless steel and then my sink looks like new again. I finish up by cleaning under  my appliances.

Bathroom Cleaning

Clean out your medicine cabinet and get rid of anything that is expired or medicines that you no longer use. I clean off the glass shelves with window cleaner. I clean out my storage cupboard and get rid of items I no longer need. Clean your bathtub and toilet thoroughly. I put a new battery in my bathroom scale in the fall.

Basement Cleaning

I clean out all of my cupboards and put fresh paper in them. I check the dates on all of my canned food. I defrost my freezer and reorganize everything that is in it so I end up eating the oldest meat first. I clean off my basement shelves and the items that are stored on them. I sweep my basement floor and then I wash it thoroughly. My cat litter boxes, food bowls and water bowls get an extra special cleaning.

Garage Cleaning And Tools

Clean the floors in your garage and set out mouse traps. Put an oil solvent or absorbent on any areas of your cement floor that may have gotten some oil on them. I wax all of my cars  and my garage doors and my air conditioner. Take everything out of your garage and get rid of those unused items. Clean up any dirty tools in your garage. Make sure your cars are serviced before winter. Have battery chargers in place in your garage along with a good trouble light. Put jumper cables in your cars along with reflector safety signs. Pack an emergency kit for every car you own. Make sure your snowblowers are ready for winter. Put fresh oil and sparks plugs in all of your snowblowers and make sure the chains are tight and the augers are in good working order. If you have a generator make sure it will start when you may need it this winter.

Miscellaneous Necessities

I replace all of my smoke alarm batteries, put a new filter in my furnace, replace light bulbs and stock up on heavy items before winter. Clean up and sweep out all of your outdoor buildings. Make sure the anti-freeze in your vehicles is ready for winter and have your furnace checked before winter. Replace all of the batteries in your flashlights. Have an emergency kit in your home.

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Lost In The Shuffle In Life

Do you feel like you are lost in the shuffle in life ? We get stuck in patterns in our life that may not be good for us. We are creatures of habit and bad habits are hard to break or overcome. We may go to the same stores to shop all of the time and never try out the new store that just opened up down the street. Try something new everyday and break away from your old habits that are holding you back in life.

Learn Something New Everyday

I like to try out new things and learn something new everyday, Doing new things and exploring new things puts you in a better frame of mind. Your mind is yearning to learn new things that will help enrich your life. Traveling is an excellent way to broaden your horizons and discover the vast beauty of Gods creations. Learning the history of the various places that I travel to is very enlightening. I have learned a lot about my ancestors by traveling to the countries that they came from.

Put God,Family And Friends First In Your Life

Remember to always have family and God and good friends come first in you life. Money  does not buy happiness. Never get lost in the shuffle in life over money. Money will not help you feel better about yourself or talk to you when you need someone to share your thoughts with. Material possessions only go so far. Retail therapy is a temporary fix to a much bigger problem. Retail therapy does not help with loneliness or the loss of a loved one. Surround yourself with family and friends and sing praises to God everyday and then you will be truly fulfilled in life.

Never Forget God In The Shuffle Of Life

Make sure you never forget God in the shuffle of life. Without God you would not be here on earth. Go to church as often as you can and praise God for what he has given you here on earth and what he will be giving you when you die which is eternal life. God is our creator and our great redeemer. Read a daily devotion and think to yourself how can I use that to help someone out today. Go to religious events that are being offered in your local community such as plays, musicals, etc. Pray to God to not let you get lost in the shuffle in life. Pray without ceasing. Tell God that you love him and that you want him to be your compass in life.

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