Walking On Your Vacation

Shopping At Stores

My friend and I stayed in the central part of town in a hotel. We would take off from the hotel in the morning and shop at the local stores. It is fun to look at the sights and shop while you are walking around. We would stop at local museums and would would buy tickets to concerts in the evening. I tried on a pair of shoes which I liked and and I carried them back to my hotel room. I once purchased a Christmas wreath that I carried to the local post office that I sent heme. A lot of stores would offer free shipping to your home which was wonderful so I would not have to carry it back to my hotel room. I found an old toy store on a vacation in France that had wonderful toys like the ones I played with years ago. I purchased a wind up toy pig and a robot and a an old car with a man driving it with his duster outfit on. I have found wonderful crosses in the windows of stores that I love to wear.

Looking At Sights And Scenery While You Walk

I have walked into bakeries and I have purchased their wonderful baked goods. They make for a good evening dessert after a day of walking and taking in all of the sights and sounds. When walking you can walk into the local restaurants and see which one you want to eat in later on after you look their menu over. My friend and I went on an old train engine for a ride after we saw their sign that the train ride would start in one hour. It was so much fun riding in that little passenger train car. We have walked up to old light houses and taken a tour of them. I love old light houses and I love what they stand for and I think of how many peoples lives they have saved over the years.

Outdoor Markets

I love going to the outdoor markets in Europe. I have found wonderful gifts to give people for Christmas. I have found unique one of a kind items. I have purchased old books, hand made wooden items for kitchen use, socks, shirts, toys for my pet cats and much more. I purchased a big antique serving plate for my friend for her birthday. I purchased a hand made flute and Turkish delights in Turkey. I also purchased a small Turkish rug. I love looking at the fresh cut flowers and produce items. I have purchased the fresh fruit at outdoor markets to eat in my hotel room at night which is a healthy snack to eat in the evening. I purchased a cuckoo clock in Germany.

Walking On A Vacation Is Good For You

You can talk to some of the locals as you walk along and ask them where you might go for tickets to a concert, opera, a play and more. I ask them where some of their favorite restaurants are located. People tend to be very helpful in directing you on how to find something you may want to look at in town. The exercise you get while you walk will keep you from gaining a lot of weight on your trip. Keep walking and you will be surprised by what you will see and what you will be able to do on your walking adventures on your upcoming vacations.

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I Can Accomplish That


If I am determined to do something I can get it done. If one has their mind set to accomplishing a goal and you keep working on it you can most likely reach your goal. Think of your mission coming to fruition and how wonderful that will be. Never let someone tell you not to try something because they don’t think you can do it.  If they turn out to be right at least you tried to do and that is an achievement in itself. If you never try to enrich your life and move forward with new plans and ideas you will stagnate and not be happy or accomplish what you could have to enrich the world.


You will never regret going onto college as you will be able to accomplish much more with a college degree than without one. Most jobs require at least a master’s degree today that are high paying lasting jobs. You have to have a vast array of computer knowledge to get most top quality jobs today. If you do not know how to use a computer effectively and efficiently Continue reading

Bean & Bistro Located In Northwood, Iowa

Coffee, Chai Tea And More

In love their coffee at Bean and Bistro. I have had their lattes, cappuccinos, regular and decaffeinated coffee. Their coffee has a nice mild flavor and I love the aroma of the coffee. I love their vanilla chai tea and their hot chocolate. I have had vanilla, pumpkin spice , caramel and other flavored coffee drinks. All of their coffee is made to perfection. If you ask for a lot of froth on your coffee that is what you will get.

Breakfast and Cinnamon Rolls And Cookies

I love their Wednesday burrito breakfast special. I order the burrito that has ham in it and it is absolutely delicious. I love all of the food at Bean & Bistro located in Northwood, Iowa. The burrito is filled with hash browns and cheese that I order. You can get your burrito with ham, bacon or sausage and it also comes with sour cream. The special comes with a large cup of coffee and cream if you want it. Their cinnamon rolls are the best cinnamon rolls that I have ever eaten in my life. The frosting is a light brown cinnamon frosting that gives it just the right amount of sweetness. I do not like cake icing cinnamon rolls as they are way to sweet and they do not make those which I am glad for. They also make another outstanding cheesecake cinnamon roll. The cinnamon roll has cheesecake on top of it and I love cheesecake. I generally take home two cinnamon rolls to have later on. I would highly recommend trying their cinnamon rolls as they are mouth watering. I like to take home some of their cookies to snack on. I have tried their chocolate chip cookies and more.


They have various kinds of wraps that come with chips. They have a grilled cheese sandwich which comes with tomato soup. I have tried their soup and I loved the fact that it was not spicy as I do not like spicy foods. Their grilled chicken wrap is delicious. They have smash burgers that come with caramelized onions, bacon and Swiss cheese and homemade chips. They have daily lunch specials that are very generous and filling. I love all of the food at Bean and Bistro  located in Northwood, Iowa.

The Owner And Staff

The owner always ask me how my food was which I appreciate. She works in the kitchen with gloves on while she prepares your food. Her co worker is an excellent barista and they both have pleasant personalities. They take time to visit with you and put a smile on your face. I ordered 6 cinnamon rolls one day for me and other people to pick up when I got there. They were ready to go when I got there.

The Atmosphere

The restaurant is nicely decorated. I love the antiques in the restaurant as there are two old coffee grinders and a neat little antique corner table with a mirror. She has pictures on the walls of people drinking coffee and old coffee signs. There are more interesting antique pieces to look at. You can she the care she takes in preparing your food in the kitchen while you you wait. Take a nice little drive and have some coffee, breakfast, lunch, cinnamon rolls and more at Bean & Bistro located in Northwood, Iowa.

Italian Night

Starting the 2nd Saturday in March from 5 to 8 PM she will be starting Italian night. You can bring your own wine or spirits to enjoy while you are eating your Italian food. There will be an uncorking fee for your wine or spirits. What a wonderful way to spend a Saturday evening with friends or family.

The Bistro Bed and Breakfast

She has a Bed and Breakfast above her Bistro. You can spend a nice quiet evening above her Bistro and get served one her wonderful breakfast items and your choice of hot coffee or other hot drinks that she has.

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The Art of Becoming The Well Seasoned Traveler Part 2

Keep Your Passport And Valuables Attached To Your Person

Keep your passport in a passport holder that goes around your neck with a metal rope that cannot be cut. Keep your money in a money belt or have a zipper container that you can safely pin to your clothing that has a place for your passport also. Make sure you always have them attached to your person. Make sure your plane tickets are were you can find them in a hurry. Keep a copy of your receipt for your hotel room and vouchers that you will have to have to see local attractions. Keep phone numbers for your hotel on you if you get lost while walking about as they can direct you back to your room. Take a cell phone with you that can be used abroad by putting a different sim card in it. Keep emergency numbers with you at all times if someone has to tell someone that you are sick and in need of medical care.

Take Change With You For Using Rest Rooms Abroad

Most rest rooms abroad require you to put the exact amount of change in so a bar will lift up allowing you to us the rest room. If you do not have change they will not let you in. Some rest rooms have matrons sitting by the door asking for more money then they should before they will let you in. Stores do not have rest rooms for the general public. Gas stations also charge to us their toilets. Restaurants want you to buy something before they let you use their rest rooms. I used a toilet in a drug store once and she locked me in the bathroom. My friend told her she had to let me out and luckily she let me out before we missed our bus back to our hotel for the night. In one rest room the matron barley let us in and she started pounding on the door with a billy club. In a train station the matron was yelling at us while we used the rest room. One rest room at a restaurant had men and women using the same rest room. Using the bathroom overseas can be quite an experience you soon won’t forget.

Allow Time For Unexpected Adventures On Your Trip

We had a plane ride over the islands in Hawaii that I truly enjoyed. Our guide told us the history of each island and we toured an orchid green house. He sold one orchid bulb overseas for $10000.00. We went in a submarine and we saw fish and big turtles in the clear waters of Hawaii. We saw Stonehenge in England which I had always wanted to see. If you see a day trip make reservations to go it since you will probably regret that you did not see it if your heart was set on seeing it. We booked several ballets, operas and concerts which I enjoyed immensely. Do not be afraid to look at local attractions such as monuments, museums, and much more on the spur of the moment as that moment may never present itself again.

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The Black Sheep Coffee Baa Located In Greene, Iowa

Awesome Baked Goods

I ordered a vanilla chai latte and an Almond poppy seed muffin. My chai tea was excellent and my Almond poppy seed muffin was absolutely delicious. My muffin was very fresh and tasted like almonds and the poppy seeds added to the delicate taste. Patrons started coming into the coffee shop and bakery. The Almond poppy seed muffins were flying off the sleeves as they were a big hit with everyone. I ordered six almond sticks to take home. I ate one for an evening snack and it just melted in my mouth. I love almond letters and the almond sticks taste just like an almond letter. They had scones, cinnamon rolls, huge chocolate chip cookies, baked bread and much more to take home with you.

Lunch Items

I ordered a bowl of their hamburger cheesy soup which I took home with me to heat up for my lunch. The soup was packaged in a microwave container that was vented. I also took home four extra large chocolate chip cookies. I heated up the soup in my microwave at 12 PM. My soup was excellent as it had hamburger, broccoli and cheese in it. I enjoyed my soup while I watched TV. They sell paninis, ruebens, salads and breakfast items.

Friendly Staff

The employees were very friendly and accommodating. My barista knew how to make a perfect froth for my latte. All of the food items were handled with gloves on. The owner of the coffee shop and bakery came out to greet me and see how everything was. I appreciate it when the owner comes out to talk to her customers as it shows she wants everything to be done to the customers satisfaction. She was very pleasant to visit with. The Black Sheep Coffee Baa is located on Traer Street in Greene, Iowa. A very nice coffee shop to go to for a nice  morning drive or for a wonderful lunch and delicious baked goods to take home and enjoy throughout the week.

Nicely Decorated

I love the little black sheep in the coffee shop and the old antique stove and the pictures of sheep on the walls and the old coffee signs. The coffee shop is nicely appointed and has a relaxing atmosphere.

My Morning Breakfast

I ate one of the awesome chocolate chip cookies for my breakfast this morning. I figure why not start off your day with sweets as you can work it off throughout your day. I also heated up my left over chai latte. I enjoyed my breakfast today.

Baked Goods I Will Savor Throughout The Week

I will be munching away on my almond sticks as I love them immensely. I will also be eating more of the chocolate chip cookies. When I run out of my baked goods I will be making a trip back to The Black Sheep Coffee Baa and Bakery located on Traer Street in Greene, Iowa. I look forward to trying more of their coffee, lunch items and baked goods.

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The Art Of Becoming The Well Seasoned Traveler

Plan Out Your Trip

Have a general idea of what you want to see and do on your trip and do not pack to many activities into one day as you do not want be be worn out and tired at the start of your trip. If a museum is closed that you had planned on seeing look at something else that might peak your interest. Museums do remodel and rearrange now and then and they have to be closed to do that. Sometimes Forrest fires will prevent you from seeing something. Drive to a park and look at the beautiful scenery their. I love to look at and visit historic places. Do not get bent out of shape if you have to change your plans for the day as that is just part of life.

Packing Your Suitcase

When you first start traveling you pack everything but the kitchen sink. My first suitcase was huge and hard to maneuver in small areas My suitcase got caught in a train door and almost became a suitcase of two cities of before I ranked it clear from the door of the train. Trying to move it down the train isles was almost impossible. I soon packed a large carry- on suitcase for my main suitcase and I did not miss a thing as I soon found out I could get by without all of those extra items that I use to pack in my huge suitcase.

Expect A lot Of Delays

You will be waiting a long time at the airport before your plane will depart. Getting through security may take up to two hours alone. Take along a book to read and have a cup of Joe and relax. Pay attention to potential gate changes and different times of departure. It will take a while for you to collect your luggage after you land. It takes time for your taxi to come and take you to your place of destination. Buses may be running behind schedule once in awhile so be patient and wait and be nice and kind to people as they cannot help traffic delays. If the weather is bad you will have to stay overnight and hope the weather is better so you can fly out the next day. One time we had to drive home the next day from the airport because the weather was not going to be improving in the near future.

Take A Lot Of Pictures

I love to look at pictures of my trips in the USA and abroad. You can relive your special moments through your pictures. I take pictures of architecture, beautiful scenery, flowers, historic homes, animals, monuments and my friends that I travel with and more.

Buying Treasures And Gifts

I collect crosses and they do not take up much room and they are easy to carry with you on a trip. If you buy a lot of items for gifts or family members find your nearest post office and send it home so you are not burdened down trying to maneuver with it on your trip. Try to buy small items that do not take up much room. Do not over pack your suitcase as some countries make you pick and choose what you want to keep or throw away until your suitcase gets down to the required weight limit.

Be Aware Of Your Surroundings

Keep and eye on your luggage and purse at all times. One woman in England left her purse under her chair at a buffet and it went missing along with her passport and she could not get home for ten days even though she was on a tour with us. No one wants their beautiful trip to end that way. God bless you and have a safe and memorable trip,

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Time Well Spent


When you travel you learn a lot about the area you have travel to. You taste new foods and learn about the mannerisms and traditions of the people in the area. You see breathtaking scenery, sights, sounds and much more. I love history and I love the history of the places I visit. I enjoy looking at the architecture of the old buildings as they took a lot of pride in their work and details such as the magnificent archways, wood work  and details in the wood and ceilings. I love vaulted ceilings, dish rails, built in bookcases and so much more. Traveling broadens your horizons and you learn that other people around the World want the same things that you do. All of us want to be healthy, have a sense that we have a purpose on Earth, have a wonderful family, have peace, joy ,hope, love in our lives, be happy and feel secure in life.

Time With Family, Friends And God

Spending time with friends uplifts your spirit as you do and see things together. Traveling with a friend makes the trip much more enjoyable. Friends bring out the sunshine on dark and dreary days. Spending time with family is fun as you have shared the same experiences in your life and you can talk over old times together and laugh at funny things that happened years ago. Spending time with God should be your top priority in life. Read the bible and read a daily devotion everyday. Spend time with your church family and checkup on those who have health concerns and  other concerns. People need someone to talk to and reach out to so be that person for them. Pray to God without ceasing as he will answer your prayers.

Read A Book

Reading a book is very relaxing  and you will definitely learn something new everyday. I like to read non-fiction books about the Presidents, books on war, science, devotional books, biographies and travel. If you do not learn from history you are doomed to repeat it. By reading travel books you can plan where you want to travel next year.

Keep Things Well Organized

Put things back where you found them as it will save you much valuable time down the road. Keep your files organized and pay your bills as soon as you get them in the mail and then you will never have to pay late fees. Keep your home and garage organized and you will be able to get things done quickly and efficiently.

Pay Attention To Your Health And Take Time To Relax

If you feel tired and run down during the day take time for at least a 20 minute nap and you will feel revived at the end of the nap. Tell your Doctor about any health concerns you may have as this could save your life. Make sure you take all the necessary test for your particular age group so minor things do not become major things. Take time for yourself and relax and unwind from your hectic day. If you do the things I mentioned it will truly be time well spent.

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In Search Of Beautiful Fall Foliage

In Search Of Beautiful Fall Foliage

I have always loved to go for a drive and look at the beautiful colors of fall foliage. As a child my parents and I would drive to McGregor, Iowa located along the Mississippi , River. The leaves are absolutely spectacular in this area. We would cross the other side of the river and drive to Praire du Chien, Wisconsin and we would visit the Villa Louis which is a National Historic Landmark located on the St. Feriole, Island in Praire du Chien, Wisconsin. We would also drive to Galena, Illinois and look at President Grant’s home which was built in 1859-1860. We would drive to an apple orchard in Nashua, Iowa and also we would stop and look at the Little Brown Church.

Looking At Leaves Along River Roads

I like driving to Keosauqua, Iowa which is along the Des Moines, River. Keosauqua is one of the villages in Van Buren county. I love to stay at the Historic Hotel Manning overnight when traveling in the fall and looking at the villages of Van Buren county. I like to look at Bonaparte and Bentonsport , Iowa as these villages have changed very little over the steamboat days of old. Farmington, Iowa is a city in Van Buren county. They have lots of interesting old stores to see and shop in. I love this beautiful historic area. River roads are a great place to drive along and enjoy the awesome fall foliage.

Governor Larabee Mansion Located In Clermont, Iowa

I love this drive and looking at his beautiful mansion and all its beautiful rooms and furniture which sits up high on a hill looking down at the town. He would purchase five or more items at one time and sell them at a small profit except for one and then the one he wanted would be free. He had a pet ocelot  and when she died he had a taxidermist prepare her body to look lifelike and you can see her when you take a tour of his magnificent mansion. The outdoor area is well manicured and stunning.

Fall Foliage In Vermont, New Hampshire And Maine

Now is the peak time for looking at the fall foliage in Vermont and enjoying their homemade Maple Syrup. I loved driving to Stowe, Vermont and staying at the Trapp  Family Lodge. The Sound of Music is based on the Trapp family. The leaves in this area I would rank no. 1 on my list. Driving through the White Mountains in New Hampshire will amaze you with all of the beautiful fall leaves colors. Traveling through the New England states is a wonderful. We saw the Cog Railway. The White Mountain Lodge has 5 star accommodations and excellent food. Driving in Coastal Maine to see the fall foliage. We drove along the coast in Camden, Maine. We also stopped and toured several of he lighthouse’s in the area. At night we had a wonderful lobster dinner. We drove to Kennebunk and Kennebunkport, Maine. We drove past President George H. W. Bush’s house in Kennebunkport, Maine. We drove along the Hwy next to the Atlantic ocean and we enjoyed our spectacular scenery and we ate some fried fish and chips at a small road stand that was very popular. In the evening we had a wonderful duck dinner in Kennebunkport, Maine.

Boulder and Estes Park Colorado

When traveling in Colorado go early before some of the roads get closed in the higher elevations due to snow. I love driving in Boulder and Estes Park, I also love driving on Hwy 7  that takes you to Lyons, Colorado where I always have to stop for homemade Bing Cherry Juice. Estes Park has magnificent fall foliage. Drive along the Big Thompson River for spectacular fall colors.

Enjoy The Colors of Fall

Find out the peak time of year for the best fall colors in the state that you will be traveling to. Looking at leaves and taking drives in the fall is fun and relaxing. You can shop in the towns stores and maybe buy some new fall clothing. Enjoy some coffee at a coffee shop and dine out at a new restaurant. I also look for gifts that I can give to friends at Christmas. Enjoy the fruits of your labor this fall by driving in search of the perfect fall foliage.

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Taking The Road Less Traveled

By taking the road less traveled you will find little hidden treasures on your journey through life. The side roads are not as busy  and there is much scenery to enjoy. Roads traveled by the masses lack majestic scenery as it has been destroyed to help move the traffic along quickly and efficiently. The Interstates are the quickest way to get from point A to point B  but you will miss out on a relaxing and scenic journey.

Small Towns

I like to drive through the small towns and shop in their stores. I have found many small town furniture stores, drugstores, hardware stores, appliance stores, book stores, antique stores, clothing and shoe stores and more. They are always very friendly and accommodating to your needs. I love to eat at small town restaurants. I have been served many mouthwatering specialty dishes over the years at small home town restaurants. I have a favorite hardware store that specializes in old tools and more. I have made a lot of purchases at that wonderful old hardware store over the years.

Youthful Years

In my youth I always had my parents stop at a small metal building by the side of the road that was a pop up candy store. I would order their Milk Duds or a Sugar Daddy Milk Caramelized Pop and eat it up on our way home. I also would also buy popcorn from a little metal shed by the side of the road in another small town. In adulthood I would order alfalfa shots and watermelon juice. I would also stop a a roadside store that sold fresh Bing cherry juice that was absolutely delicious.

Blaze Your Own trail In Life

Don’t always follow the masses and do not be afraid to blaze your own trail in life. Following the herd can lead to danger. To find beauty and scenery do not follow the herd. Think for yourself and do not do what the rest of the group is doing just to fit in or be popular. Civil unrest can happen with herd mentality. Sometimes when one person sees someone destroying something the others in the group will follow suit and it keeps escalating out of control into utter chaos.

The Road Less Traveled Leads To Heaven

God Will Lead You On The Road That He Wants You To Travel On

Do not be afraid to carve your own trail in life. Jesus said The road less traveled is the road to heaven. God said you cannot take shortcuts in life to get to the other side of the mountain. Follow God by faith and have peace with God through Jesus. God will lead you on the roads that he wants you travel on in your life. Keep your faith, hope, grace, peace, joy and more by following God whenever and wherever he leads you throughout your entire life. Remember always take the road less traveled and you will be content and find joy surrounds you in your life.




Scripture    Matthew 7: 13-14

Enter ye in the straight gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in therat: Because straight is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.

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A History Lover’s Guide To Lincoln By Gretchen M. Garrison

I was provided a copy of her book : A History Lover’s Guide To Lincoln by Gretchen M.Garrison to facilitate my review. All thoughts are 100 % honest and my own.

Lincoln, Nebraska is Gretchen’s hometown. She has done an outstanding job of telling the history of Lincoln. I am very impressed with her book as it tells the vast history of Lincoln. I could not lay the book down once I started to read it. I love reading history books and knowing what buildings used to be years ago. I love the pictures that she included in her book as you can see the great pride people took in constructing their buildings years ago.

Lincoln, Nebraska was originally known as Lancaster. The salt flats in Lancaster elevated the village to capital status. In 1867 the first lot sold for 25 cents in Lincoln and the next day the lots were selling for $40.00 to $150.00 a lot. Lincoln population grew rapidly over the years. The population started out with 30 settlers to a city of 300,000.

The History of The Buildings In Lincoln

I love the fact that a lot of the buildings in Lincoln have been re-purposed. Different business’s have gone into the buildings over the years. The second floors of a lot of the buildings are now apartments.I do not like it when they tear down historic buildings. Some of the buildings in Lincoln have been a family business for many years and they are still operating as they were years ago.  Leon’s is still in business selling items as they have for many years. The first thing I do when I go into an old store that I find that I am impressed with is to ask them about the history of their building over the years.  Pershing Auditorium opened in 1958. Johnny Carsen and Stecher-Horowitz were dou pianist. General Pershing’s hometown was in Lincoln. Charles Lindbergh went to the Nebraska Standard Flying School. Because  he went to Flying School in Lincoln he was able to move  on to more aviation experiences. Lincoln National Bank was robbed  and the robbers took off with a sizable amount of cash and bonds even by today’s standards. Learn more about the robbery in the book. Gene Bedient started the Bedient Pipe Organ Company in 1969.  The masterpiece Bedient organs are in many Lincoln churches. I loved reading about the history of the churches and schools in Lincoln. Churches and schools help build and hold a community together.

I would highly recommend reading A History Lover’s Guide To Lincoln by Gretchen M. Garrison. You can purchase A History Lover’s Guide To Lincoln on Amazon .com. Click on my link above.

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