Time Well Spent


When you travel you learn a lot about the area you have travel to. You taste new foods and learn about the mannerisms and traditions of the people in the area. You see breathtaking scenery, sights, sounds and much more. I love history and I love the history of the places I visit. I enjoy looking at the architecture of the old buildings as they took a lot of pride in their work and details such as the magnificent archways, wood work  and details in the wood and ceilings. I love vaulted ceilings, dish rails, built in bookcases and so much more. Traveling broadens your horizons and you learn that other people around the World want the same things that you do. All of us want to be healthy, have a sense that we have a purpose on Earth, have a wonderful family, have peace, joy ,hope, love in our lives, be happy and feel secure in life.

Time With Family, Friends And God

Spending time with friends uplifts your spirit as you do and see things together. Traveling with a friend makes the trip much more enjoyable. Friends bring out the sunshine on dark and dreary days. Spending time with family is fun as you have shared the same experiences in your life and you can talk over old times together and laugh at funny things that happened years ago. Spending time with God should be your top priority in life. Read the bible and read a daily devotion everyday. Spend time with your church family and checkup on those who have health concerns and  other concerns. People need someone to talk to and reach out to so be that person for them. Pray to God without ceasing as he will answer your prayers.

Read A Book

Reading a book is very relaxing  and you will definitely learn something new everyday. I like to read non-fiction books about the Presidents, books on war, science, devotional books, biographies and travel. If you do not learn from history you are doomed to repeat it. By reading travel books you can plan where you want to travel next year.

Keep Things Well Organized

Put things back where you found them as it will save you much valuable time down the road. Keep your files organized and pay your bills as soon as you get them in the mail and then you will never have to pay late fees. Keep your home and garage organized and you will be able to get things done quickly and efficiently.

Pay Attention To Your Health And Take Time To Relax

If you feel tired and run down during the day take time for at least a 20 minute nap and you will feel revived at the end of the nap. Tell your Doctor about any health concerns you may have as this could save your life. Make sure you take all the necessary test for your particular age group so minor things do not become major things. Take time for yourself and relax and unwind from your hectic day. If you do the things I mentioned it will truly be time well spent.

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In Search Of Beautiful Fall Foliage

In Search Of Beautiful Fall Foliage

I have always loved to go for a drive and look at the beautiful colors of fall foliage. As a child my parents and I would drive to McGregor, Iowa located along the Mississippi , River. The leaves are absolutely spectacular in this area. We would cross the other side of the river and drive to Praire du Chien, Wisconsin and we would visit the Villa Louis which is a National Historic Landmark located on the St. Feriole, Island in Praire du Chien, Wisconsin. We would also drive to Galena, Illinois and look at President Grant’s home which was built in 1859-1860. We would drive to an apple orchard in Nashua, Iowa and also we would stop and look at the Little Brown Church.

Looking At Leaves Along River Roads

I like driving to Keosauqua, Iowa which is along the Des Moines, River. Keosauqua is one of the villages in Van Buren county. I love to stay at the Historic Hotel Manning overnight when traveling in the fall and looking at the villages of Van Buren county. I like to look at Bonaparte and Bentonsport , Iowa as these villages have changed very little over the steamboat days of old. Farmington, Iowa is a city in Van Buren county. They have lots of interesting old stores to see and shop in. I love this beautiful historic area. River roads are a great place to drive along and enjoy the awesome fall foliage.

Governor Larabee Mansion Located In Clermont, Iowa

I love this drive and looking at his beautiful mansion and all its beautiful rooms and furniture which sits up high on a hill looking down at the town. He would purchase five or more items at one time and sell them at a small profit except for one and then the one he wanted would be free. He had a pet ocelot  and when she died he had a taxidermist prepare her body to look lifelike and you can see her when you take a tour of his magnificent mansion. The outdoor area is well manicured and stunning.

Fall Foliage In Vermont, New Hampshire And Maine

Now is the peak time for looking at the fall foliage in Vermont and enjoying their homemade Maple Syrup. I loved driving to Stowe, Vermont and staying at the Trapp  Family Lodge. The Sound of Music is based on the Trapp family. The leaves in this area I would rank no. 1 on my list. Driving through the White Mountains in New Hampshire will amaze you with all of the beautiful fall leaves colors. Traveling through the New England states is a wonderful. We saw the Cog Railway. The White Mountain Lodge has 5 star accommodations and excellent food. Driving in Coastal Maine to see the fall foliage. We drove along the coast in Camden, Maine. We also stopped and toured several of he lighthouse’s in the area. At night we had a wonderful lobster dinner. We drove to Kennebunk and Kennebunkport, Maine. We drove past President George H. W. Bush’s house in Kennebunkport, Maine. We drove along the Hwy next to the Atlantic ocean and we enjoyed our spectacular scenery and we ate some fried fish and chips at a small road stand that was very popular. In the evening we had a wonderful duck dinner in Kennebunkport, Maine.

Boulder and Estes Park Colorado

When traveling in Colorado go early before some of the roads get closed in the higher elevations due to snow. I love driving in Boulder and Estes Park, I also love driving on Hwy 7  that takes you to Lyons, Colorado where I always have to stop for homemade Bing Cherry Juice. Estes Park has magnificent fall foliage. Drive along the Big Thompson River for spectacular fall colors.

Enjoy The Colors of Fall

Find out the peak time of year for the best fall colors in the state that you will be traveling to. Looking at leaves and taking drives in the fall is fun and relaxing. You can shop in the towns stores and maybe buy some new fall clothing. Enjoy some coffee at a coffee shop and dine out at a new restaurant. I also look for gifts that I can give to friends at Christmas. Enjoy the fruits of your labor this fall by driving in search of the perfect fall foliage.

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Taking The Road Less Traveled

By taking the road less traveled you will find little hidden treasures on your journey through life. The side roads are not as busy  and there is much scenery to enjoy. Roads traveled by the masses lack majestic scenery as it has been destroyed to help move the traffic along quickly and efficiently. The Interstates are the quickest way to get from point A to point B  but you will miss out on a relaxing and scenic journey.

Small Towns

I like to drive through the small towns and shop in their stores. I have found many small town furniture stores, drugstores, hardware stores, appliance stores, book stores, antique stores, clothing and shoe stores and more. They are always very friendly and accommodating to your needs. I love to eat at small town restaurants. I have been served many mouthwatering specialty dishes over the years at small home town restaurants. I have a favorite hardware store that specializes in old tools and more. I have made a lot of purchases at that wonderful old hardware store over the years.

Youthful Years

In my youth I always had my parents stop at a small metal building by the side of the road that was a pop up candy store. I would order their Milk Duds or a Sugar Daddy Milk Caramelized Pop and eat it up on our way home. I also would also buy popcorn from a little metal shed by the side of the road in another small town. In adulthood I would order alfalfa shots and watermelon juice. I would also stop a a roadside store that sold fresh Bing cherry juice that was absolutely delicious.

Blaze Your Own trail In Life

Don’t always follow the masses and do not be afraid to blaze your own trail in life. Following the herd can lead to danger. To find beauty and scenery do not follow the herd. Think for yourself and do not do what the rest of the group is doing just to fit in or be popular. Civil unrest can happen with herd mentality. Sometimes when one person sees someone destroying something the others in the group will follow suit and it keeps escalating out of control into utter chaos.

The Road Less Traveled Leads To Heaven

God Will Lead You On The Road That He Wants You To Travel On

Do not be afraid to carve your own trail in life. Jesus said The road less traveled is the road to heaven. God said you cannot take shortcuts in life to get to the other side of the mountain. Follow God by faith and have peace with God through Jesus. God will lead you on the roads that he wants you travel on in your life. Keep your faith, hope, grace, peace, joy and more by following God whenever and wherever he leads you throughout your entire life. Remember always take the road less traveled and you will be content and find joy surrounds you in your life.




Scripture    Matthew 7: 13-14

Enter ye in the straight gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in therat: Because straight is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.

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A History Lover’s Guide To Lincoln By Gretchen M. Garrison

I was provided a copy of her book : A History Lover’s Guide To Lincoln by Gretchen M.Garrison to facilitate my review. All thoughts are 100 % honest and my own.

Lincoln, Nebraska is Gretchen’s hometown. She has done an outstanding job of telling the history of Lincoln. I am very impressed with her book as it tells the vast history of Lincoln. I could not lay the book down once I started to read it. I love reading history books and knowing what buildings used to be years ago. I love the pictures that she included in her book as you can see the great pride people took in constructing their buildings years ago.

Lincoln, Nebraska was originally known as Lancaster. The salt flats in Lancaster elevated the village to capital status. In 1867 the first lot sold for 25 cents in Lincoln and the next day the lots were selling for $40.00 to $150.00 a lot. Lincoln population grew rapidly over the years. The population started out with 30 settlers to a city of 300,000.

The History of The Buildings In Lincoln

I love the fact that a lot of the buildings in Lincoln have been re-purposed. Different business’s have gone into the buildings over the years. The second floors of a lot of the buildings are now apartments.I do not like it when they tear down historic buildings. Some of the buildings in Lincoln have been a family business for many years and they are still operating as they were years ago.  Leon’s is still in business selling items as they have for many years. The first thing I do when I go into an old store that I find that I am impressed with is to ask them about the history of their building over the years.  Pershing Auditorium opened in 1958. Johnny Carsen and Stecher-Horowitz were dou pianist. General Pershing’s hometown was in Lincoln. Charles Lindbergh went to the Nebraska Standard Flying School. Because  he went to Flying School in Lincoln he was able to move  on to more aviation experiences. Lincoln National Bank was robbed  and the robbers took off with a sizable amount of cash and bonds even by today’s standards. Learn more about the robbery in the book. Gene Bedient started the Bedient Pipe Organ Company in 1969.  The masterpiece Bedient organs are in many Lincoln churches. I loved reading about the history of the churches and schools in Lincoln. Churches and schools help build and hold a community together.

I would highly recommend reading A History Lover’s Guide To Lincoln by Gretchen M. Garrison. You can purchase A History Lover’s Guide To Lincoln on Amazon .com. Click on my link above.

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Shopping and Discovering New Things in the Small Towns in Iowa

I like to drive around in the small towns in Iowa and shop at there stores. I have discovered a lot of great treasures in the small towns in Iowa over the years. I like to shop at the hardware stores and buy tools, pyrex dishes, garden equipment, lawn mowers, dehumidifiers, appliances and much more. I like the fact that their stores are not crowded and that you get service after the sell.

I have purchased a lot of furniture at family owned furniture stores for my rental properties over the years and for my home. I have found wonderful recliners, bedroom sets, couches, lamps and much more. I have stopped at carpet stores also and purchased their end rolls of carpet and beautiful wood flooring.

Northwood, Iowa

I drove around on the rural roads in Northwood, Iowa the other day and I discovered a lot of Amish  and Mennonite homes. I discovered a wonderful Greenhouse owned by a Mennonite family. They had wonderful mums, trees, garden supplies and more. I purchased some Deer stay away powder and I will be back later on for some of their mum plants. I also discovered a Mennonite family that had tomatoes and farm fresh brown eggs for sale. I purchased two dozen of her wonderful looking brown eggs. I drove down the road further and I saw an Amish man headed to the field with his two young sons.

St.Ansgar, Iowa

I like to shop at Home Sweet Home in St. Ansgar, Iowa. I have purchased wonderful blankets, cards, dish clothes, baking dishes, Christmas cards, home decor and more. They have a lovely and clean store and they are very friendly and accommodating to all of your needs and wants. I like the local hardware store in town. I have eaten at The Blue Belle Inn over the years and I have also stayed at their Inn. The rooms are nicely appointed and their food is excellent. I like to look at the white albino deer that is displayed in a glass building in town.

Clear Lake, Iowa

I love shopping at Larson’s, Wilcox Furniture, Ralhpene’s, The Red Geranium and eating at the wonderful restaurants in Clear lake, Iowa. All of the stores have very friendly and  accommodating employees. It is very easy maneuvering around downtown Clear lake, Iowa. I love to sit next to the Lake and watch the boats on the water. It is fun just to go for a walk while you are spending your day at Clear lake, Iowa. There are many parks to see and drive through.

Kalona, Iowa

I am very familiar with Kalona, Iowa. I love eating at the Tuscan Moon Restaurant  that features Italian food in Kalona as their food is always cooked to perfection. Kalona is an Amish and Mennonite community. I love to see the horse and buggies pull up to the stores. The Amish and Mennonites are excellent cooks and bakers. I was invited to a Mennonite home that served food to a group of eight or more and I must say that that was the best meal I have ever eaten in my entire life.

Keosauqua, Iowa

Keosauqua is located on the big bend of the Des Moines River in southeastern, Iowa. The towns in the area are called the villages of Van Buren County. The Hotel Manning is a very historical hotel. I have stay at the Hotel Manning and I was impressed with the historical architecture of the building. I loved the room and their food was excellent. The oldest court house in Iowa is located here and was built in 1843 it is a must see for everyone. The Lacey Keosauqua State Park is a wonderful and beautiful park to drive through. I would recommend going to all of the villages of Van Buren County for the historical significance.

Various Small Towns In Iowa

I have found wonderful treasures in Pella, Vinton, New Hampton, Farmington, Bonaparte, Bentonsport, Hampton, Traer and other various small towns in Iowa. Always remember there are still some stores left in the small towns across Iowa where you will find a wonderful treasure of your own.

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Keep Up Your Pace In Life

The pace of life refers to the speed of which changes and events happen in life. If you live in a big city you probably live a fast paced life. Small towns let you live the pace of life that you prefer to live. I like to keep up with a group and I am usually in front with the leader of the pack.

Covid 19 Has Changed Our Pace in Life

All of us have had to live with all the changes that Covid 19 has added to our daily living. Covid 19 is not a change in our daily routine that any of us saw coming. In march our lives changed drastically with the pandemic. All of us have to social distance and wear our mask if we want to get back to our old familiar pace in life.

Keep Up Your Pace While Traveling

I like to travel and keep up my pace with the rest of my tour group. I like to walk by the tour guide so I can hear everything that she is telling me about the area that we are looking at. I love to hear the history of the towns and what crops they raise in the area and why the people settled in that particular area. I especially loved my European travels and seeing where my relatives came from and walking down the same streets that they walked down so many years ago.

Surround Yourself With people That Have The Same Pace As You

I had a Personal Pace Toro lawn mower at one time and I loved that mower because it went as fast as I walked. The mower and I had the same pace. I went on one tour and the ladies roommate would always be the last one on the bus and she was always the first one on the bus in the morning. She kept apologizing for her roommate. One day she did not show up for 20 minutes and we had a full schedule of tours that day and the bus driver took off without her. She had to catch a train to get back with our group again. Our tour guide had told our group that we would have to catch a train if we were very late. She kept on being late but she did not have the ability to take over the pace of our entire group.

Keeping Your Pace In Life Is Very Important

Do not be late for appointments as it slows down everyone’s pace that comes after you on that day. Being on time is very important so the pace of life moves along efficiently and smoothly. Business people do not have time to wait around for you. Always think of other people and not only yourself. We want to all keep up our pace in life to the best of our ability. We all have a number of things that we have to get completed in one day. Do not be the one person that breaks another persons pace in life.

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Short Road Trips

I like taking short road trips. I like to go to the small towns in my area that I have not been to for some time. It is interesting to see how they have changed so very much over the years. Most of the meat lockers in the small towns are out of business and the family owned grocery stores are few and far between. The old jewelry stores and small furniture stores, clothing and private family shoe stores are no more. I miss the service of the family owned stores from days gone by. I loved to visit with the owners of the stores and ask them what they might be getting in soon that I might be interested in buying shortly. The service of the department stores was top notch and the clerk would bring clothes to you to try on. I miss all of the small town malt shops that have gone out of business. I miss the old TV sales and repair stores. Unfortunately when a TV stops working now you throw it away and buy a new one. It is too bad that we are a throw away society.

I am thrilled when I revisit a small town store that is about the same as it was years ago. Some of the old hardware stores are still in business and they are very glad to help you with all of your needs. I loved to go to the old five and dime stores. Sadly all of them went out of business when I was about 10 years old. There is still an A & W in Forest City, Iowa. Stan’s Drive – in is still going strong in Osage, Iowa.  I still shop at a family owned appliance and furniture store in my area and they both offer excellent service. My hometown still has a family owned shoe store that is wonderful. Kalona, Iowa still has many of the stores that I grew up with and loved going to. Some of the small towns still have the same restaurants that I ate at as a child and there food is just as I always remembered it.

You can discover a lot of new and interesting things and places on a short road trip. I like to discover new parks to walk in and explore and new restaurants to eat at. Short road trips get you out of the house and back home again in just one day. You may discover a candy shop that sells the kind of candy you ate as a child or a toy you had years ago that will bring back fond memories to melt your heart. Get out and take a short road trip and see what you will find and discover today. You will be amazed by things that have stood still in time in the fast paced world that we live in today. With change comes progress and when some things remain the same we feel at peace and secure and young at heart again.


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Transporting Your Cat Safely For Travel And Vet Visits

I want a sturdy animal carrier when I transport my cats. I prefer a solid one with a lid on the top as well as a door on the side of the carrier. With a lid and a door on the carrier it makes it so much easier to put your cat in the carrier and take your cat our safely.

I have noticed people trying to hang on to their cat that is just wrapped up in a towel while waiting outside of the Vets office. An upset and nervous cat that is not in a carrier can end in disaster quickly. My Vet told me that a party had come to his office with their cat in a towel and a Semi drove by and happened to honk his horn and their cat bolted out of their arms and ran onto the busy Hi – Way and was run over by a car. What a tragic and horrific experience and it could have been prevented by having their cat in a cat carrier.

A cage that comes to part easily is good at the Vets office. Some of my cats are nervous beyond nervous at the Vets office. Having a cage that comes to part quickly makes it safe for your Vet to handle your cat without him getting bit or scratched up. My Vet moves the lid down about part way and administers their shots. Trying to pulled a scared cat out of a cage can result in being bitten and scratched.

When taking your cat for a drive it is best to have him or her in an animal carrier. A scared cat could get under your feet while you are trying to drive. A  frightened cat could start leaping all over the inside of your car causing you to lose control of your vehicle and that could result in your death and someone else also.

If you are flying on a plane with your cat use a carrier that is approved for airline travel. Check with the airline to see what time your cat is feed, watered and more. Your cat shots must be current if you are taking him on an airline. Expect your cat to be nervous and upset by the time you reach your destination. Some Vets will give you a mild sedative to relax your cat while he is on the plane. I once noticed a woman that traveled with her cat all of the time by train. She told me Sam had traveled on the train with her for years and he enjoyed it. She has a leach on him and he was sound to sleep in her loving arms.

By the best cage that you can afford and it should last for many years. Remember to always have your pet under your control at all times for his health and safety and the safety of others. I hope you and your cat have safe travels and Vet visits for many years to come.

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Berkeley Plantation And Its History Located in Virginia

The Berkeley Plantation is a very historic plantation located between Williamsburg and Richmond, Virginia. The plantation is one of the first plantations in America. The Berkeley Plantation sits on approximately 1000 acres. The Berkeley Plantation was first called Berkeley Hundred as it was named after the Berkeley Company of England.

In 1619 the Good Ship Margaret landed at Berkeley with 36 men. The men had the first official Thanksgiving in America in accordance with instruction given in a charter by the Virginia Co.

In 1691 the Harrison’s purchased Berkeley. In 1726 they built their mansion. Benjamin Harrison V signed the Declaration of Independence and William Henry Harrison was are ninth US President.

Mrs. Harrison did not like her husband and friends smoking in their home. She told him to smoke in the guest house with his friends and colleagues. The family loved their pets and they have a pet cemetery on the site. There was also a house used as a kitchen. They also had small cabins for their slaves.

Benjamin Harrison IV and his two youngest daughters were killed when lightening stuck their home while they were trying to close their window and shutters upstairs on July 12, 1745. His wife took to her sick bed after she lost her husband and two daughters. She never recovered and died 30 days later. William Henry Harrison was only 18 and he took care of his four younger surviving siblings while also attending college. He later became our ninth President of the United States of America. William Harrison’s Grandson Benjamin Harrison became the 23 rd President of the USA.

During the Civil War General George  McClellan’s troops were in the buildings and had tents in front of the plantation. The upstairs of the house was used as a hospital as well as the guest house. General Butterfield with help from O. W. Norton a bugler created Taps while camped at Harrison’s Landing on the plantation.

The Berkeley Mansion is made with bricks that are made out of materials found on the site. Some of the bricks have a rich purple color and shine like diamonds when you look at them. The colors of the brick vary by the amount of time they are in the kiln. The house is built up high and the bricks shine brightly  to let people know that a wealthy family resides here. It was popular with all wealthy families to have a house that was built up high as it was a status symbol.

I loved my tour of the Berkeley Plantation. We had a wonderful and knowledgeable guide that was dressed in appropriate attire for that time frame. Our guide new all of the history of the plantation and other items of interest. He told us years ago yarn was dyed with tobacco juice as the smell of the tobacco dye killed off bed bugs for many years. Families have donated furniture and other household items that fit the timeline of the mansion.

I would highly recommend taking a tour of this wonderful old plantation with all of the rich and vast history that it holds. Travel often and enrich your mind.

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Mason City Honda located in Mason City, Iowa

I purchased a new 2016 Pioneer 1000 from Mason City Honda. The salesman was very knowledgeable and friendly. In about one week after my purchase I received one dozen artisan gourmet chocolate chip cookies to my surprise along with a Thank You note.

My pioneer 1000 has a dump lever for the box in back of it. I filled up the box with tree branches and pulled up the dump lever and out went all of the branches right into my burn pile. The pioneer 1000 makes picking up tree branches a breeze. I have also hauled water in the box for watering trees. I have hauled bags of dirt to fill up holes in my yard. I use it to check on the fields and one can put small rocks in the back that you find in your fields.

I also use my pioneer 1000 in the winter to pick up my mail when it was very icy. I added a windshield and a back window to my pioneer 1000 which made it a lot warmer to move around in especially in the winter. Later on I added two full size doors which really help keep the wind out.

This year I added a snow blade to my Pioneer 1000. The blade will make it easy to get out of my garage this winter. I will not have to shovel as much snow by hand anymore. I control all of the levers on the blade inside of the cab. The operation of the blade is controlled by push buttons which makes it very easy to maneuver the blade. I also had side  view mirrors and a windshield wiper added on. When the snow hits the windshield all I have to do is push a button and the wipers come on and push another button for the wiper fluid.

All of the employees at Mason City Honda are very friendly and accommodating. When I need an oil change or accessories added on they pick up my Pioneer and bring it back to me as soon as they are done.

My Pioneer 1000 is a fun and very useful item to get a lot of task accomplished quickly and safely. The Pioneer 1000 is easy to operate and I absolutely love it.

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