Muck And Mire

Do You Find Yourself  Stuck In The Mire?

Mire is like sinking sand in your life. If you keep on trudging along in the mire you will be trapped in quick sand up to your neck. You may even succumb to the quick sand and be buried alive. Some people never seem to learn and they keep trudging in the mire their entire lives. You need to clean yourself from the mire in your life. Clean up your attitude in life. Do things that that nourish your soul. Become a respectable person in society.

Muck In  your Life

Forget things that happened years ago in your life that bring you down and you will become a much happier person. The past tries to keep the muck stuck to your inner being if you do not let go of the past. The past should be like spilled milk as you clean it up and move on to better and worthwhile pursuits. Some of us seem to always step in the manure in the farm yard instead of watching our step and changing direction in our life. We must always remember to forgive ourselves in life for all of us have been embarrassed and made mistakes in our lives. No one in this World is without sin. Ask God for forgiveness and do not make the same mistake again. Pray to God for guidance in your life often.

People That Bring Muck Into Your Life

If someone puts you down all of the time and never praises you for the good things you have done get rid of them as they are muck in your life. Find people that are your cheerleaders as they will encourage you and lead you onto a better more fulfilled life. If you enable people to bring muck into your life they will. If you have a relationship that is a mucky one get out of it ASAP. If you do not respect yourself other people will not respect you either.Pray to God for help in getting rid of all of the muck in your life.

Mire Holding You Back

Sometimes we keep in the mire by trying to buck the wind and the weather as we have storms in our lives. When you have storms in your life forget about the storm and think what you can learn from the storm. All of us will have illness or sickness in our lives. We have to learn to embrace the illness and not let it empower us. Think of all of the things you can do with your life to help others with the time that you are given on earth. Do not have a pity party. Pray to God for the path that is the right path for you to use with your illness to help others and always remember there is always someone that is in worse shape than you are. Never give up the race in life as even the turtle will cross the finish line eventually. An illness can be a great gift from God that will enrich you life considerably along with the lives of others. Thank you God for my on going journey in life for I still have much to learn and much to offer others.


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Precious Gifts

Family And Friends

Family and friends are a truly a precious  gift. Family is their for you through thick and thin. Family and friends are a cheerleader for one another. We respect and admire our family and friends.Our family and friends know all of our faults and all of our good points and they accept us for who we are. Family and friends try to uplift you in troubling times. Our families are an extension of ourselves. When everything in your life falls apart your family is their for you. Time spent with family and friends is very enriching and they lift up your soul or your inner being. A life without family and friends would be the downfall of any man. We are meant to be around people who love and care for us deeply.


God have us the gift of the Bible and if we abide by the teachings in the Bible we will be kind, caring, loving, peaceful, hopeful, joyful, faithful, graceful and compassionate human beings. We have the gift of the ten commandments which tells up how to act and behave to live in harmony with Gods teachings. God wants us to love our fellow human beings as we love ourselves. We should help the downtrodden, the poor and anyone who is suffering. God gave us the gift of Jesus his son who died on the cross for our sins so that we can have everlasting life in heaven.

The Gift Of Time

God has given us the gift of life and time on earth. We can accomplish much with our time on earth. We don’t know how much time we will have on earth. Our mission on earth is to make the World a better place for us having been here. We can try to keep our planet clean, help protect endangered species of animals and be good Samaritans to all who cross our path in life. Time is a very valuable gift so do not waste it on trivial matters. Time does not stand still for any man so if you want to do something do it today and do not put it off for another day or better day which may not present itself. When someone gives you a gift of their time that is the greatest gift they can give as they will never be able to recapture their time.

The Most Precious Gifts You Can Give Loved Ones

You can give your parents the gift of love and to always care for and respect them. Unconditional love is the greatest gift you can ever give as it makes us feel safe. Unconditional love cannot be shaken by disagreements, stress or dissatisfaction. Unconditional love does not leave when things get tough. You love someone despite flaws, but you also love them because of their flaws. You will never regret time spent with your parents and all of the fond memories  and love you shared growing up in a home that was heaven on Earth. You never will regret time spent with friends and family and the love and concern you have for each other. God has unconditional love for us. We love because he loved us. He gives us the ability to love others as he loves. Sing praises to God everyday.

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Choose Your Path In Life Carefully

The Road To Destruction

If  your follow others down the wrong path your life will be in turmoil. Do not follow others just to be popular or liked by that group. The wrong group of people in your life will lead you down into a dark hole that you will find very hard to escape from. If you go out with people that get into trouble and cause trouble for others you will become like them very quickly. Be who you and stand up for who you are. Think what God would think about the path you are on in your life.

Taking The Right Path

Sometimes the less traveled path will lead your very far in life. If you follow a herd of of wild animals that are running full speed ahead they will not see the edge of the path they are all about to run over to their ruin. People that have blazed trails ahead of you have not always blazed the right trail. Some early pioneers tried to find a quick trail to their final destination without realizing all of the delays and the impending winter storms that will be coming. The short trail was not short after all and all of them starved to death except for two of them When we are traveling and lost it is wise to ask for directions or ask On Star to take you to your destination. There is no need of wasting valuable time and maybe your life on the wrong path.

Plan For The Future Ahead Of Time

All of us are growing older with each passing day. We do not like to think about it but it is wise to have a will and have your funeral prepaid. Think about your home and how it will be to live in once you are old. If all of your bedrooms and toilet are upstairs and you can no longer climb the steps it will be a bad situation for you. You should plan on adding a bedroom and bathroom downstairs onto your house. You should also have a ramp on your home if you have steps for easy access into and out of your home.

Surround Yourself With People That Are Like Minded

Surround yourself with people that make you feel secure and inspire you in your daily life. Seek out people that you have a common interest with. Join a club that stands for what you believe in. Go to church and get to know your members and visit and become friends with them. If you are a writer or a blogger join that club and you can be a cheerleader for each other.

God Has A Path For All Of Us

If you find yourself drifting off of the right path for your life ask God for guidance. God will help you get back on the path that will help you and other the most. Proverbs 3 : 5 – 6 Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thine ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.

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Jumping To The Wrong Conclusions

Make Sure You Have All Of The Facts

Make sure you have all of your facts straight before you make your final conclusion. Jumping to the wrong conclusion can damage your reputation and damage the accused person gravely. Being accused of something you did not do is devastating and demeaning. The guilty party will get off Scot – free when you accuse someone falsely.

The Wrong Place At The Wrong Time

If you happened to be walking by a store when it was just robbed you may be accused of the crime because you were in the wrong place at the wrong time. If kids are doing something naughty in the classroom the kids causing the ruckus will run off  leaving one kid behind to get punished unfairly. My older cats and the Christmas tree. My oldest cat knocked over the Christmas tree thinking I would accuse the youngest cat which I did to begin with. The oldest cat tried it again when I was watching around the corner and this time the jig was up. My youngest cat got extra cat treats that night.

Sentencing The Wrong Person To Prison

People have been sent to prison just because they resembled the perpetrator. If you look at someone in a police line up make sure you are 100 percent sure that is the person who stole your money. No one would want to be in prison most of their life for a crime they did not commit. If you put the wrong person in prison you have robbed him of what he have done with his life on earth.

Teachers Judging Students Unfairly

If a child has had a grave illness in kindergarten the teacher should not laugh and make fun of the student. A horrible illness while trying to learn is very hard on a young child. She jumped to the wrong conclusion in thinking this child that had almost died was stupid. This teacher would laugh at the student every time they did not know an answer to a question and the rest of the class would join in. She made kindergarten a living hell for this student. She told this child to stay after school and clean the clock. The student told her she could not because she rode the school bus. The student told a friend to tell the bus driver to wait for her. The bus driver came into the classroom to get the student. The teacher told the bus driver that the student was so dumb they did not know they rode the bus. This teacher would make this student sit in the corner with a dunce hat on whenever it fit her fancy. This student to this day does not like people her own age and has a hard time relating to other women sometimes. Never pick on a sick student or someone that you think is easy prey as they will have ever lasting scars that they will carry with them forever.

Never Be Unfair To Others

You have no idea of what people have been through or what they going through today to get to the point they are at in their lives now. Sickness, pain suffering, and all kinds of trials and tribulations come to all of us eventually. Do not jump to the wrong conclusions about anyone.

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Life With Purpose

Your Job

Does your job fulfill your purpose in life? I hope your job helps others as well as yourself. If you go to work with a job that does not fulfill you and others try to find another job that will. Some people work at the same job all of their life and there is no place for advancement. Do not work at a dead end job that works you literally to death. Your job should make you feel good about yourself and should also help other people.

Gods Purpose For Us

God has given all of us are own unique talents and abilities to help us complete are purpose in life. Some of us help save other people’s lives. Some of us teach others the skills they will need in life. Some of us spread Gods good works often. When we help others and are compassionate for their plight in life and bring hope, joy ,peace and love into their life we are one of Gods good and caring shepherds. God has a purpose for each one of us the moment we are born into the world.  We have to be observant and not miss out on are true purpose in life with God. God is your compass and anchor in life.Follow God on your journey through life.


Our families give us a sense of purpose. We love our families and we want the very best for them We want our children to have a better or easier life than we had. We want our children to have every opportunity that may be open for them to fulfill their dreams in life.We want our children to want for nothing in life. Our family is an extension of us. All of us our Gods children and we are greatly loved by our heavenly Father.

Everything Has A Purpose

We have hammers for hammering nails down tight We have saws for sawing down trees or cutting lumber. We have cats for catching and killing mice. We have house cats because they are excellent company and they make excellent pets. Rain helps things grow and it adds to our  water supply. There is nothing on earth that does not have a purpose. Some tools get used more than others but we need them all to get our task completed effectively and efficiently. Some people do more then others do but we need them all to get the entire mission completed. God gives us people with a wide diverse amount of abilities to get our callings from God completed. It takes a village to get the job done right. Thank you God for all of the talented people you bring to the table of life.

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Helpful Hands

Helping Hands

All of us need helping hands in our lives. We may need help mowing our lawns or shoveling our snow. If we did not have helping hands we would have long grass and weeds in our lawns or our steps and sidewalks would be covered in snow. We are Gods helping hands when we help those that can no longer help themselves due to health or other problems. Helping others gives one a wonderful feeling. If we were not Gods stewards there would be many weeds growing on our path in life.

Giving Hands

Give, and it will be given unto you – Luke 6 – 38.  When you treat people right they will generally treat you right. When you give to the less fortunate you are helping a child of God. You may be on the receiving end of someone giving to you someday. When you give something to someone think to yourself is what I am giving them represents God or how I want to be represented. Give others something that you like and not something that is cheap or worn out. Make sure your giving hands always represent the best in you. How you act and what you give others says volumes about your giving hands.

Faithful Hands

I hope everyone has faithful hands. When you lose faith you have lost everything that is good in your life. Ask other people for support when you are struggling with your faith. Pray to God to help you get your faith back. Without faith in your life your task seem worthless. You must always think that the plane that you are on will safely land and not crash as that is faith. Keep your faith as things will get better eventually.

Teaching Hands

Our parents teach us many things that will help and take us far in life. Everyone that teaches and enriches  our lives is someone to be admired. We learn a great deal from books that have been written by someones hand. The hand of God is referred to sitting on the right side of God and is a special kind of honor. God is the greatest teacher. The Lord of Heavens armies is a wonderful teacher, and he gives the farmer great wisdom. Isaiah 28 : 29. Our teachers we have in our lives teach us many things that we will us in our daily living throughout our entire lives. We are never to old to learn as we have better time management skills, we are more disciplined and we have technology on are side.

Joyful, Kind, Loving,Caring and Hopeful Hands

Doctors and nurses help us while we sick by caring for us and helping us feel like our old selves again. Food bank workers prepare food for those that are less fortunate with their hands. Spouses love each other and care deeply for each others well being. God loves all of his children deeply. Kind people help you when you feel down trodden by listening to your concerns and helping you get over hurdles safely in life. Be joyful in life and hopeful and let your light  shine in the storms of someones life so they can see the sunshine after the storm.

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Transitions Are The Continuous Process Of Change

We start out living with our parents and going to school and making friends in life. Our parents may have to relocate and we will have to go to a new home, make new friends and get used to our new surroundings. We continue to grow and learn and become more mature acting human beings. We learn from others everyday that we are alive on Earth and hopefully we will put our talents to good use.

Going To College

Leaving home for the first time is a large transition in any young persons life. You will have to get used to living with a roommate or two if you decide to live in the dorm. You will feel homesick until you start to make some friends in college. You will have to do your own cooking and clean up after yourself and conduct yourself as a young adult. You will have to manage your time wisely and study for test and get your assignments in on time. Hopefully you will have a fulfilling job that will take you far in life and that will help better the lives of others.

Getting Married

You have dated the love of your life for one year and you have decided to set the wedding date. Getting married is a big responsibility in life as you will have to learn to give and take to make your marriage work. You will get in arguments once in awhile and you will have to agree on compromises.

Buying Your First Home

Do not spend more than what you can afford on a home. A big mortgage will drown you in debt for the rest of your life. You can find an older home that is reasonably priced and well maintained as a good starter home. Older homes are constructed of much better materials and most of them have beautiful woodwork  compared to newer home  and they have more character and charm about them.

Having A Baby

Before you have a baby make sure you are financially sound as it takes a lot of money to a raise a child into adulthood. You should definitely send your children to college if you want them to be successful and be able to support themselves in life. Each parent should help raise a child and contribute equally to the child’s life.

Changing Jobs

The average person has 11.7 jobs in their lifetime. New jobs should offer a step up for advancement or you might as well keep you old job. Relocating because of a new job can be very costly. You must think will my spouse be able to get a job also if we move. If you have children you might not want to move until the end of their school year.

Going To Assisted Living

If you need help with things and you do not think you can manage to do what you want to in your home you may want to consider assisted living. You may have health problems or maybe you are not steady on your feet anymore. None of us ever want to leave our home but that time will come for all of us eventually.

God And Transitions

Life is full of transitions some of them are joyful and others are painful. We let go of the familiar things in are life and we venture into the unknown. If you are going through a transition ask God for help and praise and thank him for God will amaze you by his presence in your life. We will have many changes in our lives and God will help keep us on the right path that will help everyone the most.


Deuteronomy 31 : 6

Be strong and of good courage, fear not, nor be afraid of them, for the Lord thy God, he it is that doth go with thee, he will not fail thee, not forsake thee.

Philippians 4 : 6 – 7

Be careful for nothing; but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your request be known unto God. And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.

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Hope, Joy, Peace And Love


We all all hope for good health for us and our family. We hope for a positive outcome when we get test at the hospital. Hope is essential to our well-being as we need to be optimistic about the future. We need to harness hope in times of trials and tribulations that things will improve for us. How do you give someone hope?  You can help them, stay connected, accept them and help them find something that completes them and makes them feel good about themselves. We put our hope in God as he is our security. God is the anchor for our souls.


Going on a trip with a friend or your family is a great joy. Being healthy and in a good frame of mind is a great joy indeed. Buying a first home brings joy as you have worked very hard in order to have a home of your own. Eating a piece of your favorite dessert alters your mind and body in positive ways. Dark chocolate and milk chocolate bring joy to adults and children. Joy is a feeling of great pleasure and happiness. I like to relax in a hammock and read a book on a nice and sunny day and sway back and forth in the gentle breeze. We feel joy when we are at our favorite sporting event. The joy of the Lord is your strength.


All of us want peace and harmony on our lives. We want to be free of conflicts and the fear of violence from groups and people. God brings peace into our lives each and everyday. We do not want wars as there is no peace when we are at war with other nations. When we are at peace we have harmony, tranquility and we are not anxious about things in our lives. Relax and unwind and slow down to find peace in your life. To have peace with God and others do not seek revenge, obey Gods commandments, and help people grow their faith in God.


Everyone wants to and needs to be loved by someone. We have God, friends and  family that love us. Love is a deep feeling of affection toward someone or something. Sometimes one will say I love pumpkin pie or that they love to go on a vacation as these are some of their favorite things in life that they find pleasure in. Love is a deep romantic attachment to someone that you have grown close to over time. I love my cats as they bring pleasure and joy into my life. Love of God is associated with worship and devotions toward God.  Love bears all things and love never ends. God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believeth in him shall not perish, but have everlasting life. John 3:16   The basic meaning of love is more than liking someone.  Love means you are deeply  committed or connected to someone or something. Love is patient, love is kind, it does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. 1 Corinthians 13 : 4 – 8

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Thanksgiving Day Mishaps Over The Years

The Bird That Would Not Get Done

I put my turkey in the oven at 5 AM  and it did not get done until 2 PM. We sat down at the table and had our Thanksgiving day prayer and we ate everything else except for the turkey. We played some board games and we visited. I kept checking on the progress of the turkey until it was finally ready for us to eat at 2 PM. The turkey had been injected with water to add weight to the bird. I had purchased two of those turkeys but the next one was put in the oven at 3 AM.

The Plight Of The Pumpkin Pie

I had made a pumpkin pie from scratch that I put in the oven on Thanksgiving Day. The pie looked very good as it baked away in the oven. I took the pie out of the oven to check on it and I decided to let it bake an extra 20 minutes. The Pie looked perfect and as I was removing it from the oven carefully all of a sudden it slipped off of the baking sheet and land upside down on the new carpet in the kitchen. I cleaned and cleaned the carpet. We ended up having ice cream.

The Refrigerator Stopped Working At Noon On Thanksgiving Day

Hustle and Bustle was done of moving refrigerator items to my freezer in the basement and my old GE refrigerator from the 1950’s in the basement. Food items were starting to thaw out. I got the food items moved in the nick of time. The refrigerator upstairs was working fine at 9 AM and by 11:30 AM things were starting to move south. I did not have to throw anything away luckily and I was very Thankful for that.

Relatives That Would Invite Themselves

We received a card from them in the mail on Thanksgiving day at 11 AM that they would be at our home for Thanksgiving day lunch. A plane had crashed in our field that morning and luckily no one was hurt except for the plane. It was a very busy Thanksgiving day. We put more food on the stove and everyone had a Thanksgiving day meal.

Grandma And The Gravy For The Outdoor Cats

My grandmother loved to make gravy. After we had all of the gravy that we wanted Grandma went outdoors with the leftover gravy in a skillet. One of our outdoor Toms jumped in the skillet and Grandma was covered in gravy from head to toe as the skillet flew in the air and landed on the cement. Most of my cats were covered in gravy but they had a cleaning party as they licked each other from head to tail.

Even With Mishaps In Life There is Always Something To Be Thankful For

I am Thankful to have God, Family, Friends and Cats In my life. All of my Thanksgivings over the years have been memorable and wonderful get together’s. Be Thankful and Grateful for all that you have been given in your life. Hoping all of us have many more Thanksgivings.

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Live With A Thankful And Grateful Heart

Be Thankful For All That You Have Been Given In Your Life

I was blessed with excellent, kind and caring parents. I am very blessed to have been born in the country as I love living in the country. I am so grateful to still be able to live on my family farm. I am thankful for all of my cats. I love mowing the yard, gardening, trimming trees, painting and just walking around outside and enjoying nature. I am thankful for the rental homes that I owned over the years as I have meet a lot of wonderful and excellent people over the years. I am grateful for all of the outstanding tenants that I have had and still have.

I Am Grateful For An Illness That Has Changed Me For The Better

I am closer to God now than I ever have been in my life. I was drawn to become a lay minister and become a better shepherd to spread Gods word. I am able to visit with everyone now. I was shy and withdrawn from people before I had  my illness. If you are sick embrace your illness and do not let your illness empower you as you must empower your illness as one of your strengths to help others. God has a reason for all things and you must think to yourself what is the reason. The reason may be to your benefit in the long run. I will start a conversation with others now as I seldom would before my illness.

Be Thankful For All The People That Have Helped You In Your Life

Remember that you would not be where you are today without all of the help that you have gotten from family and friends. People that you have hired for different jobs that you needed to get done deserve a big vote of thanks or your life would be in chaos or you may not have heat in your home or your car may not run, etc. Your Teachers, Doctors, Lawyers and many more have helped you so can contribute more to society. A complete stranger may have entered your life and made a big impact on your life that has lead you onto a better and more fulling job.

Be Grateful That You have Food, Clothes And Shelter

Many people live in cardboard boxes or they live in tents  or they have to brave the elements. Be glad you have clothes on your back for many people do not and they are cold and uncomfortable. Be glad that you had a bountiful harvest for many have nothing to harvest at all. Many people go to bed hungry every night and some only have food one time a day or they may only eat once in three days, Never take what has been given to you for granted and give thanks and be grateful for what god has provided for you.

Be Grateful and Thankful That You Have God By Your Side

God is by your side night and day protecting you from life’s storms. I thank God for my many blessings every night that I say my prayers before I go to sleep at night. Be Thankful and grateful to all that cross your path and enrich your life.

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