No one wants to be ridiculed. Taking a joke to far is a form of ridicule. Some things are not a joking matter no matter how you may see it. If the party is not taking the joke how you intended it to be taken then stop immediately. Carrying a joke to far hurts everyone involved in the end. Friends may be lost and business deals could be broken.

Teasing someone endlessly gets old and annoying to the person on the receiving end. Teasing can get out of hand very quickly and is a behavior that a bully might present. Teasing can be a way of putting someone down in their eyes. What you might think is very innocent is not innocent at all to the person at the receiving end.

Laughing at someone is also a form of ridicule. Would you like to be laughed at ? I am sure your answer is no. To laugh with someone is perfectly fine but to laugh at them is a big problem in my eyes and Gods eyes. Laughter is the best medicine when done correctly and with good intentions.

Mocking someones behavior is never good unless your a famous comedian and then it should be done with tact.  Always remember you could always be on the receiving end of ridicule. Mocking someones actions is mean and nasty. If you have to put someone down to feel good about yourself than you have a major problem.

Contempt is a feeling of disrespect. When you feel contempt toward another human being you may think of them as something and not a person or that they are worthless. No person is worthless in this World. God made each and everyone of us and no one is any better or any worse than the next guy. We are each one of Gods lambs in his flock.

Make sure you treat people with the upmost respect and never ridicule them for we are all created a like by the hand of God. Spread Gods good works today and always without ceasing.

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If we anticipate the worst in life that is generally what we will get. If you anticipate that good and positive things will come your way they most likely will. We have to be very patient in life.

If I have been worried about the outcome of a test score it was a waste of my time and energy. If I thought I would get an A on a class paper I generally would not because I got a little to confident in myself. Anticipate the proven which is if you study hard you will get an A on your test.

Life has many road blocks that you have to maneuver around to get to where you want to be in your life. You will eventually have health issues that you have to work around. You will have to find a new job or stop working altogether because of your health. Anticipate that you will still have many remarkable journeys and days ahead of you and never ever give up the fight.

Anticipate many days of sunshine and joyous memories in your life. Life is way too short to worry about trivial matters. Climb many mountains, reach for the stars, spend many hours with loved ones and with God by your side to be truly blessed  in your life.

When you wake up in the morning say to yourself “this the day the Lord hath made let us rejoice and be glad in it”. God has put animals on the earth for us to enjoy, flowers, plants, nature, stunning scenery and friends and family that bless our lives everyday.


Do not waste a single day of life as life is a precious gift from God. Help people, be kind, be genuine, be true to yourself and others. Learn something new everyday and share your many blessings with others freely. Anticipate that God will be by your side into eternity and beyond.

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Fast Forward

When we are young and in school it seems like time stands still. We live in a fast paced world and things change and move along more quickly than we would like it to.

If you try to recreate an event that happened years ago you will not be able to. Buildings get torn down and people die or move away. I traveled to a place years ago as a child and went back thirty years later and what a grave disappointment that turned out to be. Part of the town was completely gone and the stores had boarded up windows.

Change is a constant and we have to adapt to changes in our life quickly to survive in a fast paced world. Computers get outdated quickly and we have to get used to a new computer about every three years. In the information age we have an answer to all of our questions ASAP on our smart phones. In ten years all banking will be done on line. We check in at the airport on our smart phones and at large hospitals.

Brick and mortar stores suffer because we buy everything online at a cheaper price. We should support our hometown stores and the money that they make is put back in your local community. I like to try on clothes as I do not like the hassle of going to the Post Office to return the item if it does not fit from the online store. Local stores help you out when you have a problem with an item you purchased from them. An online store may take weeks to get back to you.

We must support change. Changes discover new medicines and cures for illnesses that effect all of us eventually. Without change we would stagnate and never move forward. The older we get the harder it becomes for us to embrace change but we must remember that change may save our life someday.

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Do you feel you are unsettled in your life ? Are you undecided in where you want to be in your life ?  All of us have ongoing concerns that seem almost impossible to resolve on our own. I ask God for guidance in my life when I feel unsettled about something. Talk over reoccurring events that you cannot seem to find a solution to with your friends as two heads are better than one on solving those tough problems.

If you feel you have lost direction in your life maybe it is time to take your life in a different more positive direction. If your job or someone makes you feel you lack a purpose in life stay away from that person and find a different job ASAP. Do not let another persons negativity rob you of your positive attitude towards life.

Being unsettled on issues is very nerve racking. Do not stay unsettled for too long as it will make you doubt your effort to rise above the storms in life. Being directionless in life makes it easy for someone to guide you in the wrong direction as to almost a point of no return. Never let another person control your life or have too much power over you so they can lead you down a road of no return.

Sometimes if someone is sad or not feeling good about themselves they want everyone else in their life to feel as miserable as they do. If you let them succeed you will be swirling around in a vortex that will take all of the joy and happiness out of your life. Try to help out people that are suffering as much as you can without taking the wind out of your own sails. Life is never easy as there are a lot of pitfalls and events that happen to us that we think are unfair.

Lift people up and never put them down and try to bring joy and happiness into their lives if they will let you in. We try to do our best for people but sometimes it is not enough to make them feel better about themselves. Pray to God to help your family and friends find the joy and happiness that everyone deserves to have in their life.

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Look At The Total Picture In Life

What do you want to do with your life ? Will your life impact others or  help them ? Set goals everyday for yourself that will help other people. Live within your means of what is truly possible to achieve. Don’t waste time on a project that is going nowhere  and that will bring you down with it.

Life is full of  upsets and unexpected events. Roll with the event if at all possible and do not let the event roll over you. In the total picture of life not every event will come into focus or even get off of the drawing board. Events get postponed or are a grave disappointment. Some events are the events of a lifetime and those are the ones that leave people talking and planning for years to come.

How do you picture yourself in life ? Are you happy with the way things are going or do you think you should step it up a notch or two. Change will never happen in your life unless you greet change with open arms. The older we get change happens very quickly. We cannot do all the things that we long to do any longer because of age or sickness. It is time to find a new you before you get stuck in a sinkhole that will take you down.

God knows all of the battles we have fought and he sees the whole picture of our lives. God is the one that can help you help others more effectively and positively. Always share your knowledge with others so it will not get buried eventually along with you.

Smile and put a smile on someone else’s  face today. Socialize with others as often as you can. People that socialize tend to live longer than those that do not. Always look at the whole picture in life and do not get fixated on one small detail or event in life. Remember to ride out lives storms and get back in sink with yourself and others quickly. Life waits for no man.

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Wills and Estates

Wills and Estates can get very intense and bring out the worst in some people. The beneficiaries in the will seem to have a feeling of entitlement over another person. Families can breakdown completely  over the contents stated in the will and never communicate with each other ever again.

Sometimes if people find out you are sick they will say when you are done with that particular item I would sure like to have it. The sick person will not be giving you anything because you are like a vulture looking over its prey. People that are sick or dying want genuine friends that are loving and caring and not greedy and conniving people by their side.

You have a union that was made in heaven with your brothers and sisters. All of you share the same blood and the same parents and all of you are Gods children. Their is sibling rivalry in all households but do not carry that into adulthood and let it break your bond as brothers and sisters over material possessions and how they are distributed when your parents die. Remember your children learn from your examples. Do you want to be treated like you are treating the person that is dying when you are dying ? I think not.

People have a right to write their will however they want to. I have heard of people asking someone to tell another person to tell the sick person for them to include them in their will. I have heard of people at someones deathbed to say to them please include me in your will. You have gone way to far if you ever do that and greed has won over your soul.

I have heard of adult children clearing out a house and taking things that still actually their parents for their own use. If you are doing that you are stealing from your own parents. Your parents have raised you and nurtured you for years  and they are entitled to your upmost respect and love in their golden years.

Money and greed are truly the root of all evil. Money does not love you but it may consume your every waking hour if you let it. Brothers and sisters and friends are the true Gold that you better hang onto in good times and in bad times for they share your joys and your sorrows. Money does not care at all about your joys and sorrows but it can make you into a sorry excuse for a human being.

God likes a generous and loving, caring and compassionate human being that cares for and respects people without wanting something in return. Greed takes you down a dead end road that you stay on forever. Be generous and loving to a fault.

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Are you putting your best effort into every job that you do ? I hope that you are and then we can say you are doing an excellent job. Always complete any job that you do to perfection. God is wonderful and perfect in everything that he does.

When working with people be wonderful to them so you can be worthy of their trust in you. Visit with people in a kind, caring, compassionate and loving manner. When helping someone always do an exceptional job that you can be proud of. If you are not proud after you complete a task, job or chore you have gone about it in the wrong way.

Be outstanding in your community and offer a lending hand when necessary. Get involved with things that will benefit your community. Read your local paper and see what is needed in your community that you could possibly help with. Sometimes it just takes one person to make remarkable changes that will benefit many people for years to come. Check on up coming projects in your community that you may be willing to support monetarily or volunteer your time to.


Be an admirable person with outstanding values that you can pass on down to future generations. Be a respected person in your community and always act in a respectable manner where ever you go and  in what ever you do. Always watch your mannerisms and your language. It is OK not to agree with someone but it is not OK to call people names and make fun of them. We all like different things which is a good thing because think of how boring it would be if we all liked the same things in life. We would all be driving the same color and kind of car, etc.

Be excellent, admirable, worthy and a truly wonderful person in this World that helps others always in positive ways day after day.

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Finding Common Ground On Uncommon Ground

Sometimes it is hard to find common ground in a particular situation. You have to put yourself in the other persons position. We all feel and view things in different ways. In dealing with someone you must think to yourself would I accept what they are proposing and if not why should they accept it.

Life is full of trying to find common ground with people in different situations that present themselves in life. Contracts get ironed out so both parties can feel comfortable with a purchase of some kind. If you stand your ground without considering the other parties dilemma you will never get anywhere near common ground with them.

If a person has been hurt or injured they want someone to listen to them and help them out so they can feel whole again. If your car gets hit you want the party responsible to make your car look like it did before the accident occurred. I have had people damage something of mine thinking I would not notice. People notice when their items have been damaged and you did not make them whole again. If you borrow something return it in the same or better condition than when you received it from them initially.

Common ground and common sense go together. It takes common sense to find common ground with people. You have to see the big picture and how the outcome will affect many lives not just a few lives. Every action and event has a trickle down affect for many years to come.



Common ground must be found in business transactions, marriages, travel, government and all forms of dealing and interacting with people. You must compromise with people as you do not want to antagonize them. Without common ground we do not make progress and we do not move forward in a positive manner.

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Getting Prepared For Heaven

We should be prepared at all hours of the day to arrive at the gates Heaven. We all have a time to be born and a time to die as it is written in the Bible. We don’t know the day or the time that we will die so we should spread Gods good works everyday. How do we prepare to meet God in Heaven ? We should praise God daily and follow the Ten Commandments.

Be the best person that you can possibly be everyday. Love others and lift them up to new heights. Help the oppressed, needy and the poor as much as you can. Live a life that you can be proud of and that will make God proud to have you as one of his children.

Study the Bible and reflect on its contents in your life today. Talk with others about the Bible as you can learn much from each other. Live a life with purpose and meaning and be sure to teach others what you have learned. Be kind, loving, faithful, gracious, compassionate, hopeful, peaceful, helpful and giving to your fellow man.

Be a person that other people love to be around. Make people laugh and have joy in their lives. Become a go to person for people. If anyone needs help give them help freely and willingly and do not expect anything in return. Help  with fund raisers, church needs and functions and care for those that cannot care for themselves. Be an advocate for those that cannot protect themselves anymore. If you see someone being wronged try to help them make it right.

Ask God for forgiveness when you have sinned and try to never repeat the sin again. Live the life that you know will benefit as many people as possible. Strive to make God happy to have you in his flock as a lamb of God.

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Staying Fit With God

Staying fit with God takes time. Gods followers stay fit by be good stewards, learning more about the bible, spreading the good word and so much more. Go to bible study groups in your local church or take on line courses. Always embrace learning and share what you have learned with as many people as you possibly can.

Read a daily devotional as you start out your morning and reflect on what you just read. Put yourself in the devotion that you just read and think  how it will affect your day or the people you know in your day. Can you see this devotional read in yourself ? Can I use it to improve my relationship with God and others ?

Surround yourself with people that feel the same way about the bible as you do. Help people who have lost faith due to the death of loved one, divorce or an illness. Let them know that God is always by their side even when it seems the situation couldn’t become worse. God knows all of your needs and wants. We get impatient with God at times and want things right now. God will give you what you need in his own time and when he thinks you can handle it. God is a constant in your life and he will never abandon you. Sometimes we feel alone in our darkest hour as no one is near. God is always right next to you with his arms embracing you forever.

Children of God stay fit. Resist temptations that want to pull you away from God. The devil tries to tempt all of us at one time or another. Do not turn to false prophets for help from the storms of life or you will truly die with them by your side. Only God can save you from sinking sand. God is a constant and loving friend that holds you up and is your cheerleader in life forever.

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