Respect Does Matter

Respect matters for us to be a polite, kind and caring person that cares for the needs of others. When we respect each other we feel safe to express ourselves in a group and so much more can be achieved. Respect should be a given as you should not have to be told to respect people in authority. If you are not respectful to others they will most likely not show respect to you either. Disrespect for others will follow you around as people are constantly watching how you interact and treat others.

If you rent a house or stay at a hotel you should leave it in the same or better condition then when you first entered it. If you see a problem that needs to be fixed tell someone as they will be more then happy to fix it for you. Do not let their plumbing drip and cause damage to there establishment. Do not steal towels or anything at a place where you stay. Do not turn off the heat in the winter months. Any damages that you cause make for higher rates down the road for you and the next guy.

Show respect to people in authority such as police officers, first responders,  teachers and the elderly. Remember you may need a police officer to save your life someday. Do not try to speed around an ambulance and remember you may be in an ambulance yourself someday. Respect your teachers as they are trying to teach you to be a knowledgeable and successful person. If you did not earn an A on a test do not expect them to just give you an A. You have to work for or actually earn the A by doing everything that is required of you to get an A grade. Treat the elderly with the upmost respect by being kind, caring and polite. They have contributed much to society and have made the world a better place for you. Never be mean or disrespectful to a person that depends upon you for their care and daily needs. Reality check you will be old yourself someday and is that how you would want to be treated ? Ponder that for awhile.

Being respectful to others helps release stress from their daily lives and it creates a fair work environment. Accept someone else even if you do not exactly  agree with their point of view about the matter a hand. Lend a hand or ear to others when needed.

Be quiet in a Cathedral and reflect upon God while you are seated. Shake hands and talk to your church family before and after the service. Model polite behavior. Regardless of how we perceive other people to be we are all Gods creations and it is Gods will or us to show respect to one another today and always. Feel or show esteem or honor for someone or something.

Scriptures :

Matthew 7:12   Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them: for this is the law and the prophets.

Romans 12:10   Be kindly affectioned one to another with brotherly love; in honour preferring one another.

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Caring For Gods Creation

It is our job as Gods stewards to look after and maintain what God has created on earth for us to enjoy. We must replenish what we use up. When we go camping we should leave the camp ground like it was before we came. We must not leave our carbon footprint there.

Every time we cut down a tree we should replace it with a nice young tree to take its place. If we see a plastic container laying around we should place it in a trash can where it belongs. If you make a mess clean it up ASAP and do not expect others to clean up after you.

If you see one of Gods creatures in trouble call someone to help. I noticed a cow that had gotten out of a farmers yard so I called the Sheriffs office and told them where the cow was located and they got her back in her barn again. If you see an animal on the road slow down for it so it can get across safely. I noticed a man run over a little boys cat on purpose on day. The cat wiggled out of the little boys arms and was on the side of the road but the man severed over and killed the little boys cat right in front of him. The little boy picked up his dead cat and buried her in a gravel pile. I have no use for anyone that harms a poor defenseless creature. The little boys calico cat is in heaven now and she is wrapped in Gods healing hands.

When hunting do not kill anything that you do not intend to eat. Never torture or harm any of Gods creatures. God gave us dominion over the creatures of the World and it was his intention that we would treat them compassionately. We have a vast universe that is filled with fantastic scenery as long as we do not destroy it. We must as Gods children love and worship our vast universe and all it has to offer as God loves and worships each one of us. Be a good steward and do not leave your carbon foot print behind.Do everything possible to save Gods creatures and leave our Universe clean, majestic and beautiful for future generations to enjoy. Gods universe and creation is a great blessing.

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Self Absorbed

If someone is self absorbed they obsess about themselves and their own feelings. They do not think about how the other person is feeling and what their needs and wants might be. If you are self absorbed and never think of other  peoples feelings you are not living the life that God intended you to live. You must think to yourself how would I feel if I were in that particular situation.

Self absorption robs you of life that helps and uplifts others. Being self absorbed will rob you of many friendships in your life as your friends will learn rather quickly that you always put your needs first and foremost. In an emergency or life and death situation it would be natural to take care of yourself and your particular needs at that time.

When you give someone a gift give them give the kind of gift you would like to receive yourself. If you cannot stand the item that you are intending to give as a gift than please do not give it to the person for they will not appreciate it either.

Listen to people and try to help them out with their problems if you possibly can. Sharing a room with another person can be quite a challenge if they want everything to go their way. A party I know has a roommate that is self absorbed. Her roommate got up at 12:45 PM and turned the light on and sorted through her closet for forty five minutes looking for clothes she wanted to wear the next morning.  She had no consideration for her roommate at all. Her roommate did not get any sleep that night after she was awakened.

Some people will only bring food that they like to a party and have no consideration for what the others may want. One man went into a restaurant and came out with food for himself only. The other people in the car were hungry also. He never once asked them what would you like to eat in fact he had the nerve to drive off proudly eating his sandwich.

Don’t be self absorbed and think of  peoples needs and wants ahead of your own. Jesus died on the cross to save us from our sins. If Jesus would have been self absorbed we would all perish with death and never have everlasting life. Go and be a good steward to all that you meet on lives Hi – way.

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Deception is making someone believe a falsehood is the truth. The falsehood will injure the deceived party into making a wrong decision that will harm him in the end. I have had people misrepresent the truth to me. I have purchased a few items over the years that have been gravely misrepresented.

Before I purchase a used car I ask to speak to the former owner of the car. You can learn the true scoop on the car by speaking to the former owner. A car dealer once told me the car I was looking at had never been in an accident. I called up the owner and he told me the car had been accordionend. Needless to say I called up the car dealer and told him the jig was up.

If you try to deceive someone it will come back to haunt you. A business will lose customers fast as word of mouth travels very fast as to how they treat their customers. If you have to deceive someone to sell something you are a train wreck that will derail. Represent your product for what it actually can do  and no more. People learn who they can and cannot trust very quickly. If you want return customers who will make your business shine treat them like royalty every time they come into your business and never spread falsehoods about what you have to sell.

Never misrepresent anything. Stay away from double – dealing. Stay away from fraudulent activity. Tell the truth and then you will be able to sleep at night with a clear conscience. Remember the truth will always set you free.

God knows when you are trying to deceive him. Our friends see us for who we are in their eyes but God sees our heart , and we cannot deceive him. Adam and Eve tried it. Gen. 3 : 7 – 24   Cain tried it. Gen, 4 : 1 – 15  and  David tried. Never pretend you are more than what you truly are. God knows you as you truly are inside your heart and soul.

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Growing With God

How do we grow our relationship with God ? Read the bible for daily inspiration and live a life that is worthy of Gods undying love for you. Visit with people often and try to uplift them. Give to the needy and help people that are in need.

Visit people that are lonely and always try to put a smile on their face. If someone is isolated check and call on them often to make sure they are OK. Everyone can be a shepherd of God if you try. Go to church regularly and listen to your ministers sermon and reflect on the sermon throughout your week. See how you can use the sermon to help others in your life.

If someone is sick and alone they need a true shepherd of God to help them get through this troublesome time in their life. Having someone by your side when you are sick can give you the will to carry on and get better. Sick people also need an advocate to go to bat for them when they cannot fend for themselves any longer.

God wants you to learn from your mistakes and try to never repeat those same mistakes again. Life has plenty of ups and downs. Remember God is always by your side in good and bad times. Let the light in your soul shine through so that others may see it always. Guide people on the right paths in life. There are many distractions in life that can leed someone down the wrong road without a good guide by their side.


Grow your faith with God everyday. Say your prayers everyday and thank God for how he has blessed you today. Let God be your compass in life every single day. Read the bible, devotions and more and practice what you read in your daily living. Sing praises to God and remember to thank God everyday. Live the life that God intends for you to live that will help many people and God will be proud that you are one of his good stewards.

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Lamps and Light

When a new day starts we start out our day by pulling up are shades and letting the light of a brand new day enter our home. The light of day wakes us up and we feel renewed after a good nights rest. Gods light shines through in each and everyone of us.

Lights make the darkness disappear in the evening and we can read our favorite book. The old lighthouses helped the ships lost at sea in a storm or in foggy weather find their way back to shore safely. We can drive at night because of the headlights on our vehicles.

God said let there be light and then there was light in the world. We can spread our light in the world by following the gospel and living the life that God intended for us to live. God is light. Light shines through the darkness. In our darkest hour God is always by our side.

Always have your lamps lit as we do not know the hour when Christ shall return. Live a life that uplifts and helps many. Speak up when you see someone being treated unfairly and remember the next time it might be you. Be an advocate for those that need help and cannot help themselves. Be kind, caring, compassionate, loving, faithful, hopeful, joyful and generous to a fault. Remember to pray everyday.



In a storm when the electricity is off the first thing I do is look for a flashlight to help illuminate the darkness. Light helps you find your way in the storms of life. Without light in our life we would feel depressed. On a dark and dreary day one does not get much accomplished as we do on a day that is sunny and bright. God knows we need light in our lives as it motivates us to get more done and it illuminates our soul. Remember to always have your lamps lit and your flashlight by your side. God Bless you and yours.

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What The Cross Represents To Me

The cross represents Christ and my  faith in Christ. When I wear a cross necklace  it represents my faith in Christ and that he died on the cross for my sins. Christ is always by your side.

The shape of the cross represents to me that Christ loves me from my head down to my toes. The four corners of the cross show me that Christ will protect me wherever I may roam. God created nature which is unpredictable and accidents do happen to all of us eventually. All of us will get sick and die eventually as it is part of nature.

God protects us the best that he possibly can while we are in our earthly body. I believe that God has answered many of my prayers over the years which is a great comfort to me. I want to help spread Gods  good works as often as I possibly can. I have been very blessed in my lifetime. I was truly blessed with kind, wonderful, loving, caring and amazing parents.

Going to church helps you grow and mature as a Christian. Visit with your church family and support each other and so much can get accomplished with support from like minded people. Listening to sermons helps your connection with God and in serving others.

When I attend church I feel that God is truly in my house of worship. I have gone to the same church all of my life and the connection to my church is very strong. There is a large Gold cross on the altar in front of my church and I look at it every Sunday, The cross represents Christ and my everlasting faith in Christ and that he is our great redeemer.

Study the cross and think to yourself what the cross represents to you in your life.

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A New Vision For A New Year

We all have visions of what we want to complete or accomplish in a new year. Make your vision one that will uplift you and others in the new year. We envision our life as we want it to look down the road. What is your particular vision or visions for the new year at hand ? Mine is to put forth by best effort into everything that I do.

Sometimes we have a vision of how we want another person to behave. We have to look at our own behavior first. Perfect vision does not come to all of us. Sometimes we need God to show us the path he want us to take with our life. If you do not like how you see yourself in life make positive changes to your life.

I love history and I love to read history books and then I like to travel the places that I read about. I love to visit with people and I try to put a smile on their face. Everyone has a story to tell and you will be surprised by what you can learn from their story.

I want to accomplish as much as I can in the new year. To do that one needs the support of others. Friends and family  can help ramp up your abilities to achieve much more then you could on your own. I want to visit more people in the new year and be a good steward.

Do not be afraid to relax and reconnect with yourself now and then. When you are not stressed and worn out your creative juices can work overtime. I tend to write by blog post in the early morning hours, afternoon or in the evening. See what times of the day you feel the most productive and then put your heart and soul into your work and other people will notice.

In the new year I want to travel more, spend more time with friends and family and my feline friends. I want to visit with people and share stories and life experiences with them. I want God by my side everyday of my life cheering me on to the finish line for all of my visions.

Accomplish all that you can in the new year that God has given to you. Always be a person that other can look up to. Glory be to God in the highest. Thank you God for all that you have given me and continue to give me throughout the years of my life.

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We are a diverse nation and we all bring something different to the table. We have different backgrounds and abilities which blend well together. We have different jobs so we can help one another effectively. We all like different things which ads to the spice of life. Variety is important in your life so you don’t stagnate and keep on learning and discovering new things.

Diverse Skills

By being a diverse nation are skills are very different and we can blend the skills together to discover cures for diseases and keep the electronic age moving full steam ahead. Thank goodness we do not all like the same things. If  all of us thought alike we would all be doing the same thing and driving the same brand and color of car. Life would be very boring indeed and we would not advance or move forward with time.

Vast Variety Is Good

We have a vast variety of items for sale in the World that can benefit many people. We plant a huge variety of vegetables, flowers, trees and much more that supply food and shade and protect animals. The different styles of architecture add beauty to the land. We have bred different colors and sizes of dogs and other animals that add to the of beauty nature. Animals are bred to produce more milk, eggs, leaner meat and more. The different breeds of dogs help with many various task.

A Diverse Nation Can Benefit The Masses

Diversity is what makes a country strong. We have had many different and exciting experiences by learning from people in other nations. All of us want the same basic necessitates out of life. We can bring different methods of learning valuable things if we we collaborate together and work together toward a common goal. We have different jobs, abilities, skills, values, personality traits and attitudes which when blended together accomplishes so much to make the World much better.  Be glad that we are a diverse nation that can benefit the masses.

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If You Think You Won’t Succeed In Life You Probably Won’t

Success begins with your attitude toward life in general. If you don’t like yourself  others will not like you. If you think it is easy to advance in life you are very wrong. It takes a lot of blood sweat and tears to make it to the top of your A game. Life is full of ups and downs and sometimes there seems to be more downs then ups. Remember there will be blue skies ahead.

Listen To Sound Advice

Success comes easier when you have people cheering you on in life. Friends can motivate each other to achieve beyond their wildest dreams. Ask people for advice in life and remember to take their advice. When you are bull headed and won’t listen to any positive advice you will sink and not swim. A great achiever listens to sound advice and runs to the finish line with it.

Move On Quickly

Successful people move on quickly when something does not pan out and they do not cry over spilled milk. When plan A fails move onto plan B and never look back. A successful hobby can turn into a full time business. Put your heart and soul into all that you set out to do in life.


If you have a business that is not doing well ask your friends for advice and help in turning things around in a positive direction. Think of things you might be doing that would turn people away. Keep consistent hours and have an inviting store that is well lite and not overcrowded with merchandise for sell. Keep your store clean and play relaxing music that sets people at ease.

Keep Learning

If you have not finished college you should before you get over burdened with other time consuming things in your life. People with a college education make more money than those without a college education today. The computer age moves on very quickly and without that knowledge you will soon be left behind. Electronics become obsolete in two years now days.

Keep A Positive Attitude And Stay Motivated

Keep a positive attitude, listen to sound advice, keep up on the times, stay motivated and remember you are on the road to success. Never ever give up on yourself and remember if you think you are beaten you are.

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