Hope, Joy, Peace And Love


We all all hope for good health for us and our family. We hope for a positive outcome when we get test at the hospital. Hope is essential to our well-being as we need to be optimistic about the future. We need to harness hope in times of trials and tribulations that things will improve for us. How do you give someone hope?  You can help them, stay connected, accept them and help them find something that completes them and makes them feel good about themselves. We put our hope in God as he is our security. God is the anchor for our souls.


Going on a trip with a friend or your family is a great joy. Being healthy and in a good frame of mind is a great joy indeed. Buying a first home brings joy as you have worked very hard in order to have a home of your own. Eating a piece of your favorite dessert alters your mind and body in positive ways. Dark chocolate and milk chocolate bring joy to adults and children. Joy is a feeling of great pleasure and happiness. I like to relax in a hammock and read a book on a nice and sunny day and sway back and forth in the gentle breeze. We feel joy when we are at our favorite sporting event. The joy of the Lord is your strength.


All of us want peace and harmony on our lives. We want to be free of conflicts and the fear of violence from groups and people. God brings peace into our lives each and everyday. We do not want wars as there is no peace when we are at war with other nations. When we are at peace we have harmony, tranquility and we are not anxious about things in our lives. Relax and unwind and slow down to find peace in your life. To have peace with God and others do not seek revenge, obey Gods commandments, and help people grow their faith in God.


Everyone wants to and needs to be loved by someone. We have God, friends and  family that love us. Love is a deep feeling of affection toward someone or something. Sometimes one will say I love pumpkin pie or that they love to go on a vacation as these are some of their favorite things in life that they find pleasure in. Love is a deep romantic attachment to someone that you have grown close to over time. I love my cats as they bring pleasure and joy into my life. Love of God is associated with worship and devotions toward God.  Love bears all things and love never ends. God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believeth in him shall not perish, but have everlasting life. John 3:16   The basic meaning of love is more than liking someone.  Love means you are deeply  committed or connected to someone or something. Love is patient, love is kind, it does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. 1 Corinthians 13 : 4 – 8

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Thanksgiving Day Mishaps Over The Years

The Bird That Would Not Get Done

I put my turkey in the oven at 5 AM  and it did not get done until 2 PM. We sat down at the table and had our Thanksgiving day prayer and we ate everything else except for the turkey. We played some board games and we visited. I kept checking on the progress of the turkey until it was finally ready for us to eat at 2 PM. The turkey had been injected with water to add weight to the bird. I had purchased two of those turkeys but the next one was put in the oven at 3 AM.

The Plight Of The Pumpkin Pie

I had made a pumpkin pie from scratch that I put in the oven on Thanksgiving Day. The pie looked very good as it baked away in the oven. I took the pie out of the oven to check on it and I decided to let it bake an extra 20 minutes. The Pie looked perfect and as I was removing it from the oven carefully all of a sudden it slipped off of the baking sheet and land upside down on the new carpet in the kitchen. I cleaned and cleaned the carpet. We ended up having ice cream.

The Refrigerator Stopped Working At Noon On Thanksgiving Day

Hustle and Bustle was done of moving refrigerator items to my freezer in the basement and my old GE refrigerator from the 1950’s in the basement. Food items were starting to thaw out. I got the food items moved in the nick of time. The refrigerator upstairs was working fine at 9 AM and by 11:30 AM things were starting to move south. I did not have to throw anything away luckily and I was very Thankful for that.

Relatives That Would Invite Themselves

We received a card from them in the mail on Thanksgiving day at 11 AM that they would be at our home for Thanksgiving day lunch. A plane had crashed in our field that morning and luckily no one was hurt except for the plane. It was a very busy Thanksgiving day. We put more food on the stove and everyone had a Thanksgiving day meal.

Grandma And The Gravy For The Outdoor Cats

My grandmother loved to make gravy. After we had all of the gravy that we wanted Grandma went outdoors with the leftover gravy in a skillet. One of our outdoor Toms jumped in the skillet and Grandma was covered in gravy from head to toe as the skillet flew in the air and landed on the cement. Most of my cats were covered in gravy but they had a cleaning party as they licked each other from head to tail.

Even With Mishaps In Life There is Always Something To Be Thankful For

I am Thankful to have God, Family, Friends and Cats In my life. All of my Thanksgivings over the years have been memorable and wonderful get together’s. Be Thankful and Grateful for all that you have been given in your life. Hoping all of us have many more Thanksgivings.

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Live With A Thankful And Grateful Heart

Be Thankful For All That You Have Been Given In Your Life

I was blessed with excellent, kind and caring parents. I am very blessed to have been born in the country as I love living in the country. I am so grateful to still be able to live on my family farm. I am thankful for all of my cats. I love mowing the yard, gardening, trimming trees, painting and just walking around outside and enjoying nature. I am thankful for the rental homes that I owned over the years as I have meet a lot of wonderful and excellent people over the years. I am grateful for all of the outstanding tenants that I have had and still have.

I Am Grateful For An Illness That Has Changed Me For The Better

I am closer to God now than I ever have been in my life. I was drawn to become a lay minister and become a better shepherd to spread Gods word. I am able to visit with everyone now. I was shy and withdrawn from people before I had  my illness. If you are sick embrace your illness and do not let your illness empower you as you must empower your illness as one of your strengths to help others. God has a reason for all things and you must think to yourself what is the reason. The reason may be to your benefit in the long run. I will start a conversation with others now as I seldom would before my illness.

Be Thankful For All The People That Have Helped You In Your Life

Remember that you would not be where you are today without all of the help that you have gotten from family and friends. People that you have hired for different jobs that you needed to get done deserve a big vote of thanks or your life would be in chaos or you may not have heat in your home or your car may not run, etc. Your Teachers, Doctors, Lawyers and many more have helped you so can contribute more to society. A complete stranger may have entered your life and made a big impact on your life that has lead you onto a better and more fulling job.

Be Grateful That You have Food, Clothes And Shelter

Many people live in cardboard boxes or they live in tents  or they have to brave the elements. Be glad you have clothes on your back for many people do not and they are cold and uncomfortable. Be glad that you had a bountiful harvest for many have nothing to harvest at all. Many people go to bed hungry every night and some only have food one time a day or they may only eat once in three days, Never take what has been given to you for granted and give thanks and be grateful for what god has provided for you.

Be Grateful and Thankful That You Have God By Your Side

God is by your side night and day protecting you from life’s storms. I thank God for my many blessings every night that I say my prayers before I go to sleep at night. Be Thankful and grateful to all that cross your path and enrich your life.

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Thanksgiving Day And What It Means To Me

Prayers On Thanksgiving Day

Today we give thanks for our many blessings. We pray for those in need. We thank God for our family and friends. We pray for those who cannot be with us today. We pray for those that are lonely. We thank God for our good health and we pray for those that are ill. We thank God for all that he has provided us with as we share with those that are less fortunate. May all of you feel peace and love from God on this Thanksgiving day.

Celebrating The Fruits Of Your Harvest

We get together with family and friends and visit while we eat a feast fit for a King. We may watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving day parade on TV. We eat Turkey, mashed potatoes, green beans, corn, bread, stuffing, cranberries, salads and pumpkin pie. Before we eat we Thank the Lord for the food he has provided for us and our family and friends and we pray for those that are ill and hungry. I generally eat more than I should because the food is so beautifully prepared and very scrumptious and delicious. I would always take several more helpings of stuffing and mashed potatoes when I was young. I always love the leftovers from Thanksgiving day.


As a child we would eat at a relatives house on Thanksgiving day or they would come to our home. The turkey was cleaned and stuffed. We washed and peeled potatoes and cooked the cranberries and I could smell the wonderful pumpkin pie and turkey baking in the oven. My Mother would bast the turkey and make homemade gravy. The men would visit in one area and the women in another area in the house. I always found the men’s conversations more interesting. The women would talk about baking, sewing and their children. The young children would always sit at a card table and eat if the main table was filled with guest. I would always put a foldout turkey on the table on Thanksgiving day and I still have it yet today.


Thanksgiving Day Over The Years

As we grow older the people sitting around the table gets smaller. We still remember them and we are truly Thankful for all of the time that God let them be in our lives. I still can see them sitting at the table in my fond memories of Thanksgiving day. Time waits for no man so spend as much quality time with family and friends as you possibly can as you will never regret it. As a child I would play board games and other games with my relatives and friends on Thanksgiving day.

Thanksgiving Day History

Berkeley Plantation in Virginia is where the Good Ship Margaret landed with 36 men in 1619. The men had the first official Thanksgiving in America in accordance with instruction given in a charter by the Virginia Co. The first Thanksgiving was is 1621, the Plymouth colonist and the native Americans shared a feast. Sharing the fruits of their labor is a way for people to bond and grow closer to each other. Thank God for you many blessings.

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Relax And Simplify Your Life

Enjoy Nature

Take time to enjoy nature and all of its beauty. Remember you don’t have to get everything done in one day.  Sometimes thinking things over for awhile is a wonderful and inspiring way to get things completed in a better effective manner. If you write a complaint letter do not send it right away. You may write the letter in a kinder and gentler way a few days  as you will have cooled down a little.

Do Not Live In The Past

Life is too short to keep living in the past. If someone said something or did something that you did not like do not let it take over your thoughts and your life. The party that said the hurtful things to you has victory over you if you do not move along in life. God knows all of your thoughts and he is their for you always. Try to remember the good and positive days in your life and dwell on those and the many good days that will come along in your life over the years. Remember wonderful family get together’s. Remember the good and and wonderful times with your friends that have supported you through thick and thin.

Take Trips

Take trips and look at Gods beautiful creations. Look at mountains, animals, flowers, scenery, architecture and much more. Enjoy the rich history of each place that you travel to. God has made a lovely place for us on Earth for us to live. Respect our planet and keep it clean for future generations to come.

Broaden Your Horizons

Do not get bogged down with things that are not important in life. Get involved in things that will broaden your horizons. Spend time strengthening your connection with God, family and friends. Spend your days doing things that will make positive changes in your life and the lives of others . Be dedicated and true  to who you are and what you stand for. Do not let anyone sway you off of the correct path to take in life. Be true to God and others in your life.

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Dings And Dents

When we buy a new car it is nice and shiny with no visible defects. We try our very best to keep our new car that way. Eventually a new car will get a ding or a dent in it. Our new car still takes us to all the places we want to go and provides us all of the amenities that it always has. A few dings or dents on a car will keep happening over time.

Defects Do Not Affect The True Persons Inner Self

Sometimes we buy defective merchandise and we ask for our money back. If we buy an alarm clock and it does not work at all it is of no value to anyone. We may buy a piece of furniture with a scratch on it and they will offer a discount on it. You may buy a freezer with a large dent in it at a huge savings as it will still freeze your food to perfection. A rug may be weaved wrong in one spot but it will still protect your floor and probably no one will even notice the flaw in the weave of the rug. You can buy a watch with a scratch on the crystal for half price and it will still give you the correct time of day. Defects do not affect how an object works most of the time if it is only a dent or a scratch.

Scars And Scraps

We will all have little scars or scraps on our body over the years and we will get old and wrinkled if we live long enough. Some people have to try to cover up every little flaw with makeup. You will never be able to cover up every little defect on your body.  Are human body will have many defects before before we leave this world. All of us have a true inner beauty that will never leave us.

Everyone Has Some Type Of Defect

All of us have some sort of a defect. Some defects we have are very noticeable and there are other defects that cannot be seen by other people but we are very aware of the defect ourselves because we live with that defect day after day. Some people may say you look fine and that there is nothing wrong with you. If we could live in each others body for one day we could see and feel exactly as they do and get a whole other perspective on their illness or disease. We may be born with a genetic flaw, birth defect, or a gene that will change its make up over the years and become an illness that we will go through in midlife or our golden years.

Love People For Who They Are And What They Stand For

God knows that all of us have defects of some kind. Do not look at a persons defects as we all have defects. Look for the good in people as God looks for the good in his creation. Love people for who they are and what they are and what they stand for. Jesus knows we have many defects and  he died on the cross to forgive us for our sins.

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Keeping Up Your Spirit With The Covid 19 Virus

Talk With Friends Often

When you are are feeling down talking with friends helps a great deal. Friends lift up your spirits, they support you, improve your self-confidence and relieve stress in your life. Friends make the dark days bright and sunny days. Lift people up and compliment them on their achievements. Talk to people in the rest home and help them lift up their spirits. Try to find humor in things and make people laugh as laughter is the best medicine. Go for a drive with a close friend, stop at a park and have some coffee together, go to a store and buy something that you have been wanting for a long time and enjoy each others company.

Read Books

Read books that have a happy ending.  If you love to read about history read history books. I like to read travel books and plan where I might like to go to next year. You can escape for awhile while you are reading a good book. Read inspirational books, devotionals and the bible as they will inspire you to see the bright side of things. Some people like to read fiction books or romance novels. Read the books of your choice and escape for a little while.

Remember Their Is Always Someone Who Is Worse Off  Then You

No Matter what your problems may be remember someone else is battling much bigger problems in their life. Feel blessed to have a roof over your head, food to eat and a family and good friends. If you have health problems they are minor compared to someone else who is fighting for their life day by day. God bless you and yours with good health.

Cooking And Baking

I like to bake things in my oven and create new dishes. I love to make casseroles. I baked some apples and sprinkled the top of them with cinnamon. I cook a lot of vegetables form my garden such as green beans, Swiss chard, salad turnips and I bake butternut squash and potatoes. Baking and cooking can be very relaxing and you have something wonderful to eat when you are finished. You will most likely get compliments from your family if you prepared some of their favorite dishes.

Relax , Unwind, Walk And Send Cards To People

Take an afternoon nap and re-energize yourself. Write a letter to friend and let them know you are thinking about them and I guarantee that will lift up their spirits and make you feel better also. If you are stressed out from work  take time for yourself and do not feel bad about it. Go out for a walk even if it is a short walk as exercise is proven to help relieve stress, elevates your mood, and relieves tension . Go for a walk with a friend and notice birds, leaves, cars, houses and much more.

Focus On God

God wants what is best for his children on earth. Pray to God without ceasing and God will take care of things in his time frame. God helps us with problems and he knows us inside and outside and he knows all of our thoughts and what we need before we even ask for his blessings.

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Spreading Out Your Branches

Do Not Trim Your Branches Unless They Are Dead

Spread your branches and watch them grow to help other people. Give freely to worthy causes and charities. Your money or time spent helping others will benefit many people. Other people will follow your example and that many more people will be help. Let your branches grow and grow to help those who are less fortunate than you are. If you do get a dead branch on your tree cut it off and a new branch will grow. Sometimes the best of intentions may not work out so move onto another worthy cause.

Worthy Causes

Ask your minister what they are in need of in church or in your community. They may need help at your local food bank or they may need a new furnace or repairs at your church that you could help with. There are many worthy missions that are in need of money. Many children go without enough food to eat so you could help fill their backpacks with enough food to help them get through the weekend until they can eat the school lunch. Meals on wheels is always in need of volunteers to help deliver food to the elderly. You do not have to look very far to find a worthy cause to contribute to in or out of your community.

Help Out People That Need A Hand

Call and visit people often that are elderly or that live alone. Just hearing the voice of another person can be very uplifting. Send them cards that say I am thinking of you or send them seasonal cards. Volunteer to help the elderly with repairs that they cannot afford to pay because high wages for them was $5.00 an hour or less. Never take advantage of anyone that already has a hardship or disadvantage because if you do it will come back to you someday.

Start A Program In Your Community That Helps People With Finding Expert Workers At Reasonable Rates

A group of retired workers could help people with small household repairs. You could get a group of young people that would volunteer to mow peoples lawns or clear their snow for free because they are not able to mow their own yard any longer due to health or financial issues All of us need help now and then and we are very appreciative when we are helped.

Always Think To Yourself How Do I Want To Be Treated Someday

God helps us out every single day that we are on earth.We also should help others every single day that we are on earth. Someday you will be on the receiving end and do want to be treated how you are treating people on the receiving end now. God knows what is in your heart as you cannot hide anything from God. Help support worthy causes however and whenever you can. Let you branches produce much fruit that will help people out for as many years as possible. God bless you for helping out your fellow man.

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Time Well Spent


When you travel you learn a lot about the area you have travel to. You taste new foods and learn about the mannerisms and traditions of the people in the area. You see breathtaking scenery, sights, sounds and much more. I love history and I love the history of the places I visit. I enjoy looking at the architecture of the old buildings as they took a lot of pride in their work and details such as the magnificent archways, wood work  and details in the wood and ceilings. I love vaulted ceilings, dish rails, built in bookcases and so much more. Traveling broadens your horizons and you learn that other people around the World want the same things that you do. All of us want to be healthy, have a sense that we have a purpose on Earth, have a wonderful family, have peace, joy ,hope, love in our lives, be happy and feel secure in life.

Time With Family, Friends And God

Spending time with friends uplifts your spirit as you do and see things together. Traveling with a friend makes the trip much more enjoyable. Friends bring out the sunshine on dark and dreary days. Spending time with family is fun as you have shared the same experiences in your life and you can talk over old times together and laugh at funny things that happened years ago. Spending time with God should be your top priority in life. Read the bible and read a daily devotion everyday. Spend time with your church family and checkup on those who have health concerns and  other concerns. People need someone to talk to and reach out to so be that person for them. Pray to God without ceasing as he will answer your prayers.

Read A Book

Reading a book is very relaxing  and you will definitely learn something new everyday. I like to read non-fiction books about the Presidents, books on war, science, devotional books, biographies and travel. If you do not learn from history you are doomed to repeat it. By reading travel books you can plan where you want to travel next year.

Keep Things Well Organized

Put things back where you found them as it will save you much valuable time down the road. Keep your files organized and pay your bills as soon as you get them in the mail and then you will never have to pay late fees. Keep your home and garage organized and you will be able to get things done quickly and efficiently.

Pay Attention To Your Health And Take Time To Relax

If you feel tired and run down during the day take time for at least a 20 minute nap and you will feel revived at the end of the nap. Tell your Doctor about any health concerns you may have as this could save your life. Make sure you take all the necessary test for your particular age group so minor things do not become major things. Take time for yourself and relax and unwind from your hectic day. If you do the things I mentioned it will truly be time well spent.

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Talk And Work Things Out With People

Come Up With A Resolution

If you have a problem with someone tell them about it and come up with a resolution that will work for both of you. If you do not talk over a problem with someone they might not even know that they did something to upset you. If you are treated badly by someone you went them to make amends. You are responsible for your actions so act like it when dealing with people. Do not take advantage of anyone. Some people tend to size someone up as easy prey. Someday the person taking advantage of others will be taken advantage of when someone sees them as easy prey.

Tell The Owner About Your Problem

Talk to someone about being treated badly at a business and they will more than likely be glad to fix the problem for you or issue you a refund or your purchase. Never trash a business on the internet as they cannot control what all of their employees do while they may be gone for a short amount of time. Talk over the problem with the owner of the establishment and tell them how the employee treated you. The employee may get fired so do not complain about a trifle little matter. If  someone tries to short change you confront them while they are counting your change back to you.

Ask To Be Made Whole Again

If you feel you are not made whole again after a major problem with a business, person or corporation talk to the person or persons in charge. I always talk to he top brass and I figure why start out low on the totem pole. Things get taken care of very quickly indeed when you talk to the owner or top supervisor. No business, repairmen, small businesses want a bad reputation. If you are treated nicely by a business send them an email telling them how wonderful you were treated. Thank a business on facebook or another social media platform. Praise people for treating you with the upmost respect and standing behind their product or service.

Always Talk And Work Things Out With People

Always talk and work things out with people. Never resort to violence as it only escalates and gets out of control quickly. Do not bad mouth people and give them a chance to make amends and make you whole again. Stay calm, cool and collected when dealing with people and problems. God gives all of us a chance to make amends everyday that we are here on earth.

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