Reflect And Pause

Think about your life in general. Think about things you have done and why the outcome turned out as it did. If you do not reflect on life now and then you will not grow as a person. never get stuck in the same old rut because it is familiar or feels safe at the moment. Branch out into other things and never be afraid to try out new ideas as it may be to your benefit for many years to come.

Take Time To Pause

Take time to pause. Stop from doing an action that does not seem right to you. Look before you leap into something you may regret. If something seems to good to be true it most certainly probably is as the old saying goes. Do not invest in something that seems to be a sure thing as you may lose all of your money very quickly. Pause your speech and think to yourself do I really want to say that. Do not speak in anger or send off a nasty letter as after you cool down for awhile you may throw that letter away.

Take time to pause during your week and spend quality time with your family. Life is too short not to spend time with those that you hold dear in your heart. Your children will grow up quickly and move on with their own life much sooner than you think. Time waits for no man.

Reflect On Your Life Often

Reflect on you life often and if you are not happy as a person only you can change the results. It is never to late to start a new job or go on that vacation of a lifetime. When you are tired of one job in your life go out and find a job that will fulfill you and bring joy into your life and the lives of others. Some people reach their full potential in life after they are retired. Great artist, poets and some new business’es have been started by people over 60 years old. It is never to late to find a new you and a more fulfilled you.

Share Your Experiences With Others

The older I get the more I want to express myself by blogging and sharing my experiences with you. I take more time to stop and smell the roses so to speak. I enjoy visiting with people in rest homes and assisted living units. I learn a lot from them as they have a lifetime of achievements and experiences to share with me.

Make Your Dreams Come True

Live within your means and make your dreams come true. If you think you will not succeed in life you probably won’t. If you want something bad enough keep working and reflecting on how you can accomplish reaching your dreams you have for your life. Always reflect on things and do not do things in hast. Pause because the minute words leave your mouth you cannot take them back. Do your very best at any job that you work at and others will know that you take pride in your work, Stop and reflect and pause often.

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Keep Up Your Pace In Life

The pace of life refers to the speed of which changes and events happen in life. If you live in a big city you probably live a fast paced life. Small towns let you live the pace of life that you prefer to live. I like to keep up with a group and I am usually in front with the leader of the pack.

Covid 19 Has Changed Our Pace in Life

All of us have had to live with all the changes that Covid 19 has added to our daily living. Covid 19 is not a change in our daily routine that any of us saw coming. In march our lives changed drastically with the pandemic. All of us have to social distance and wear our mask if we want to get back to our old familiar pace in life.

Keep Up Your Pace While Traveling

I like to travel and keep up my pace with the rest of my tour group. I like to walk by the tour guide so I can hear everything that she is telling me about the area that we are looking at. I love to hear the history of the towns and what crops they raise in the area and why the people settled in that particular area. I especially loved my European travels and seeing where my relatives came from and walking down the same streets that they walked down so many years ago.

Surround Yourself With people That Have The Same Pace As You

I had a Personal Pace Toro lawn mower at one time and I loved that mower because it went as fast as I walked. The mower and I had the same pace. I went on one tour and the ladies roommate would always be the last one on the bus and she was always the first one on the bus in the morning. She kept apologizing for her roommate. One day she did not show up for 20 minutes and we had a full schedule of tours that day and the bus driver took off without her. She had to catch a train to get back with our group again. Our tour guide had told our group that we would have to catch a train if we were very late. She kept on being late but she did not have the ability to take over the pace of our entire group.

Keeping Your Pace In Life Is Very Important

Do not be late for appointments as it slows down everyone’s pace that comes after you on that day. Being on time is very important so the pace of life moves along efficiently and smoothly. Business people do not have time to wait around for you. Always think of other people and not only yourself. We want to all keep up our pace in life to the best of our ability. We all have a number of things that we have to get completed in one day. Do not be the one person that breaks another persons pace in life.

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Let The Past Stay In The Past

Do not relive moments in the past. The past will over take the present in your thoughts and you will not be able to live in the present. You cannot change the outcome of past events so why let them clutter your mind like a bag of garbage left on the curb.

Live in the here and now

To enjoy and get the most out of your life live in the here and now. Many of your past events will have pleasant memories that you may want to recreate but you will be unable to accomplish the task. Towns change and attractions you once enjoyed you cannot find any longer. Create new memories each day of your life so you have many found to look back on in your old age.

Enrich your mind everyday

Make sure you learn something new everyday. A stagnant mind has never helped anyone. Enrich your mind by reading books, attending lectures, going to museums, traveling, life long learning classes, plays, concerts and so much more. Stay busy and alert and you will not think about events that bothered you in the past. When you stay busy and your mind is engaged in accomplishing your work you will have no time to think about water that has gone over the bridge.

Keep busy everyday

I keep busy everyday with  projects that I want to accomplish and I generally get everything done that I have set out to do that day. I wish to live in the present and in the here and now and keep moving forward with my life. I like one lyric in a song from my past : Ain’t nothin gonna break my stride I have to keep on moving now. When your stride in life gets broken you are broken also.

Create new adventures

Create new adventures everyday. Go for a drive, walk in the parks, go camping and get your RV out of storage and take a trip. We have a vast universe to explore so get out and explore a small portion of it today. Take short day trips and discover a new business, restaurant, ice cream shops, a tea room and an old hotel that still serves elegant meals. I love to look at the architecture of old buildings as they are more ornate and more detailed then the new houses today. I like looking at peoples flower gardens and vegetable gardens. I love looking at the farm animals that may be out and enjoying the great outdoors.

Never ever let the past rob you of the present

Never ever let the past rob you of what the present has to offer you in your life. I find and look for something new everyday. Farmers market has wonderful tasting fresh baked bread, sweet rolls, vegetables, honey , homemade soaps, organic meats, brown eggs and much more. I make the most of everyday that God has blessed me with. I let the past stay in a garbage sack by the curb and I choose to live in the present and make new memories. Do not let your mind stay cluttered with things from your past and enjoy each day that you are blessed with.

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Health Issues and Wearing Masks

As a lay minister for a church I feel that we should do all that we possibly can to protect others from getting the Corona Virus. All of us are Gods children and we should show respect and care about each others health and overall well -being. Putting on a mask to save someones life is a small price to ask. One of your loved ones could die because someone did not like the sound of having to wear a mask. It is not that anyone is trying to control you all they want to do is prevent people from dying a horrible death and a death away from all of their loved ones.

Some people cannot wear a mask due to their health problems because they have breathing problems and other health issues. They are particularly vulnerable for catching the Corona Virus from others. Some people have health problems they may have inherited or developed late in life that would cause certain death if they contracted the Corona virus. Mask must be worn to prevent your death and the lives of those you hold most dear.

The Corona virus is real and is not a hoax as people are dying by large numbers from it everyday. We are losing are health care workers on the front lines and staff and residents at nursing homes. God gave us a brain so lets use it and wear our mask to save lives. Everyone’s life is important as we all have things to get done and family members to take care of. A man or a woman with small children should not have to come home and tell their children that Mom or Dad has died from the Corona virus and we do not know how we will survive now with only one income. Children need both parents as roll models and their lives will never be the same again after the loss of a parent.

All age groups are affected by this clever mutating Corona virus. Young and old can die from the virus. I would feel absolutely horrible if I caused the death of a loved one because I did not want to social distance, wear a mask and lay out on the beach packed in like a can of sardines. Remember to wear your mask so your parents, Grandparents, children, friends and relatives may have the gift of life that God gave them. Do not be selfish and think about your wants and needs only. God always thinks about each one of us equally on an everyday basis so lets not do any less for are fellow man. God died for our sins. Remember to love your neighbor as yourself and remember to love and respect the lives of people you meet along life’s Hi – Way. Wear a mask as God would wear a mask to save us and all of his children on earth. Lets make sure we have a long and healthy life by respecting each others health and well – being.

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Time With God

Time flies while you are having fun. If you are waiting for something it is like time is standing still. The older we get it seems as if the days are getting shorter. When one is in school it seems the hands of the clock do not move. Time waits for no man. Do things today that should not be put off for another day.

God Makes Time For All Of Us Everyday

God makes time for all of us everyday. We should make time for God everyday. Praise God for how he has blessed your day today. If you are stuck in traffic at a stop sign reflect on God and nature. If something disrupts your plans for the day do not get angry as God may be directing you to a more necessary cause.

Spend Time With Those You Love

Spend time with those you love for one day they will be gone until you reunite with them in heaven. God want us to spend time with people and be their cheerleader in life. Bring hope, joy, peace, love, compassion and more into the lives of others each and everyday. Be a go to person for people and put a smile on someones face today. Uplift and praise people and thank them for everything that they have done to help you and their community.

Make Time For God Everyday

Make time for God everyday. Without God in your life their is no hope for you. You are to serve God and to put him above all others. Time spent with God is your most valuable time so do not waste a single minute of your time with God. God is found in nature, church, and people that spread Gods good works. Even when your life is in chaos God still holds and uplifts you. Look for subtle signs of God as his beauty surrounds you each and everyday that you are blessed with God by your side. Spend your time wisely and effectively with God and where it will do the most good. Glory be to God in the highest.

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There are no true shortcuts in life. You may think you are taking a shortcut in a job someone hired you to do. If the job is not completed to their satisfaction you will have to work at the same job again until you get it completed to their specifications. People notice if you try to take shortcuts in life.

God Notices If You Take Shortcuts In Life

God notices if you take shortcuts in life. If you only think to ask God for help when you are in dire straights you have lost the concept of prayer. Thank God when you have smooth sailing in your life because without God by your side all sailing would have rough waves. Thank God for the small and large events in your life that have enriched you and strengthened you throughout the years.

Shortcuts Will Eventually Catch Up With You

Be your best and do your best every single day of your life. Remember shortcuts will catch up with you eventually. If you put your soul and your heart into a project it will reflect through your project. People will admire and look up to you for what you have done with your life. Make a positive difference in the World everyday that you are blessed to be in this World.

Don’t Take Shortcuts On The Interstates

Even when we take shortcuts when we are driving we miss out on a lot of magnificent scenery. The interstates make for fast travel but I prefer the scenic Hi-Ways and Bi-Ways. I love to travel on the old back roads and see old homes and barns and animals enjoying being out and about in nature. I once got on an old mining road in Colorado and I discovered an old cemetery with tombstones dating back to 1797. Remnants of the old mine were still there. The water tower was still there along with some of the sifters for separating the Gold from the debris.

God Never Takes Any Shortcuts With You

Worship and thank God for being in your life everyday that you are here on Earth and do not take any shortcuts in life. Remember shortcuts only cause problems for everyone concerned. God never takes any shortcuts with you.

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Do Not Have Broken Links In Your Life

Broken links in your life can have profound effects on your life for many years to come.  Do not lose your connection to your family. A simple family squabble should be resolved quickly and not escalate into more than what it was. Forgive people and stay connected to them. You can forgive a person easily as God forgives us for our sins. We may never forget what the person has done to us but we can still forgive them. Do not lose your link to family and friends. Good friends are hard to find and family should be a scared bond forever in your heart.


Stay Linked To God

Never lose your link to God. Without God by your side your life is meaningless. God has created you in his image so you can help enrich the lives of others. Be kind and bring joy into the lives of others. God is my compass through thick and thin. God has put me on earth to complete a mission for him which I intend to run to the finish line with. Without my link to God I would have perished by now. God knows knows our strengths and our weaknesses and  he can lead us to the path that will do the most good.

Stay Linked To Friends And Family

Maintain your links to friends and family that you might be separated from. Talk to them on the phone and let them know that you appreciate that they are in your life. Send pictures, text, emails and letters to each other often s that may be the highlight of their day. Send Christmas cards at Christmas time as all of us appreciate receiving a nice card. Send Get Well , Thinking Of You and Thank you notes to people as you can stay connected and thy now that you appreciate them being in your life.

A Chain With A Broken Link Is Of No Value

A dog chain or a log chain with a broken link is of no value to anyone. Your dog may run away and get harmed or injured. A log chain will not be able to help you pull anything with a broken link in the chain. A necklace that breaks away from your neck because of a weak link will cause you to lose it and what you have attached to it. Chains must have all of there links to be able to be helpful or useful to people.

DNA Chain

Our DNA is linked and when a link is broken in our DNA chain we have a huge medical problem of some kind that will affect us for our entire life. Links are made not to be broken for they are made for our benefit. One damaged nerve cell or a missing link affects your whole body or your inner you. Modern medicine keeps working on why links get broken in our body. A broken link can be the result of a genetic mutation and so much more.

Stay Linked To Others And All Will Benefit

Links get broken on the internet and cause trouble for people trying to connect to that link. It takes a lot of time to fix a broken link of any kind. Stay linked to God, friends, family and church as all of these links make you who you are today and who you will be in the future. Stay linked and true to each other and help link people to other people so many will benefit from the links they have established with each other. We all have our own God given talents and if we do not break our links with each other so much good can be accomplished in the World. God bless you and yours.

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Acts Of Kindness

Be kind to people and thank them for everything that they do for you and others to help them out. Talk to people on the phone and try to uplift them and make them happy. Compliment people often and do not take people for granted. Write or text a note to people and let them know you are thinking about them .

If you see your neighbors out and about say hello to them and ask them how they are today. Invite people out for coffee or go for a walk in your neighborhood. If you do not hear from someone call and checkup on them. Be friendly to people and considerate of their feelings. Be generous and give to your local food bank, church and many worthy charities that help and uplift people.

Little acts of kindness can turn into big acts of kindness. If everyone gives what they can to charities it can do a great deal of good in a short amount of time. If several people give money toward a scholarship it can change the life of the person that receives the scholarship forever. A job with a future enriches and fulfills a person and gives them a sense of self worth.

Go out of your way to spread a little kindness in the lives of others today and everyday. Hold a door open for someone today and compliment them as this will make their day a little brighter. Give people spontaneous gifts now and then as it will be pleasant surprise for them. Give a complete stranger a gift or some money and make their day.

Kindness matters a great deal in the lives of people you impact by being kind to them. Do not say hurtful things to people as it may follow them around forever. Always lift people up and congratulate them on their accomplishments. Never put someone or some persons business down. If you cannot say anything good about them just avoid them and stay away from them.

If you are kind to other people you are helping yourself also. If you are kind to people they will tend to be kind to you. People never forget a mean or hateful person and they will tend to avoid you. Go out of your way to show kindness to people everyday that you are blessed to be on earth. Be one of Gods good stewards as often as possible.

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Never Take Advantage Of A Sick Or Ill Person

Some people think it is OK to charge an ill person for services rendered. The Sick person could be elderly and living on limited funds. If you can afford to buy them items do it out of the goodness of your heart and do not charge them for the things you have done for them. Someday you will be elderly and living on limited funds yourself.

Years ago a high paying job for people paid $20,000.00 a year in wages. Now the cost of an average nursing home is $6800.00 to $9000.00 a month. The money they made in one year is gone in about 2 to 3 months. Their social security check is only about $600.00 a month. Their money goes very quickly in their old age. Be a good steward and help them out as often as you possibly can. Never take advantage of a down and out person for you have sunk as low as you can if you do so. I have no time for opportunist or vultures.

Never ask a person for their possessions while they are alive or steal from them. You are a poor excuse for a human being if you have to rob from the sick and dying. The person has made out a will and if you are not in it live with it. Treat people how you want to be treated when you are sick or dying and remember you are setting an example for your children and how they will be treating you down the road.

Do not be a vulture preying on those who are dying. The person whom you are preying on will see you for your true colors. I have seen people just waiting for someone to die and what they might do with their money. People have told me they have made out new wills after they have overheard relatives talking about how they will be spending their money or who will be getting each one of their possessions. If you want money work for it like everyone else has over the years. Never except things to handed to you on a silver platter.

Respect your elders and love and honor them in sickness and be with them through the good and the bad times. May God bless you and all of of your sick, elderly and Ill friends. Remember we are growing older each and everyday. Make life for those you know as pleasant as possible each day that we are blessed to be on earth.

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Keeping Up Your Faith

If you have faith you believe with a strong conviction that things will get better in your times of troubles and hardships. When we feel helpless about a situation or event in our life we have to put our trust in God. In my times of weakness I pray to God that he will give me renewed strength. God is my source of strength and well-being. With God by my side who can be against me.

Always make time for prayer in your life as it will bring you closer to God and thank him everyday for the blessings that have been bestowed on you. Read your Bible and see how it can help you in your daily living and how you can be a better steward of God. Read a daily devotion and think how you can apply it to your day today. Listen to uplifting and relaxing music and sing praises to God today. Make friends with like minded people and reach out to others.

Belief in God is based on Spiritual belief rather than proof. You don’t absolutely have to see God to believe that he truly exist. Faith is found in religion and being involved in your church. Faith is composed of trust, conviction, credence, religion and your church and persuasion. Without faith we would feel our life had no purpose or meaning. We need faith to survive in the world and to be with God someday in heaven.




Take time to be by yourself  and enjoy the sights and sounds of nature. Looking at Gods majestic beauty in the World should strengthen your faith in God. Gods creation shows us that he has faith in us to be good stewards of the land so that people can enjoy the beauty that God has laid out for us.


Wear your faith proudly and pass it on to others. Faith lets us know that when we get up in the morning God has a faith filled day waiting for us. Faith lets us know that we will live on spiritually forever and our life had a great and glorious purpose in Gods eyes. Keep up your faith everyday and be steadfast.

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