Saving Your Soul

Sometimes its take a major illness or catastrophe for us to get closer to God. We do not use our own strength we use the strength of God to enrich our soul. Some people our connected to God by reading daily devotions and praising God for the many blessings in their life. A friend reminded me to mention this.

When we are strong and well we tend to live or get by with our own strength. We are on automatic pilot and the true pilot in our life is God. God is the one that can save your soul. Thank God everyday for your health, family, friends and for giving you your first breath of life and each and every breath you take while you are on Earth.

Keep the sabbath day by reading your Bible, attending church, watching a church service on TV or on a social media platform. Thank God for the week you had and how he blessed your life. Observe nature and its beauty that God made for all of us to enjoy. Spend time with friends and family on Sunday and think of how lucky you are to have each other in your life.

When I was sick I got closer to God as he was my strength and my refuse. God gave me strength to endure and took my life in a new direction. I became a lay minister at my church  and I visit with people in the rest home or assisted living. I love visiting with them and we enrich each others life in many wonderful and outstanding ways. I enjoy writing Inspirations with Laura and sharing them with others.

Do not live on automatic pilot as it will only take you so far in life. God is our pilot and our guide to a religious life that will strengthen and save our soul for its final journey to Heaven.

Hebrews 4 : 12

For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing, even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.

Galatians 1 : 3

Grace be to you and peace from God the Father and from our Lord Jesus Christ

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Sitting On The Fence With Opinions

If we did not share are opinions about things nothing would ever change. We are each entitled to our own opinions but we must listen to and accept other peoples opinions. Some people are much more knowledgeable on a certain subject and they have a vast array of good opinions they can share with others. Some opinions may fix a major problem or make a product safer and easier to use in the future.

When you share your opinion with others do it in a nice manner that won’t upset the person. Some people get stuck on their opinion and no else is ever right. Try to convince them there is always room for improvements and changes no matter how slight they may be. New furniture, roofing, carpet, paint, etc. in your home may be expensive but it is necessary to maintain your home so it does not need to have everything fixed at once.

If everyone just sat on the fence and kept as quiet as a church mouse no new inventions or any changes would ever occur.  Opinions make the stock market go up and down and decide who our next president of the USA will be. Opinions make or break businesses and they make or break the sell of merchandise.

Use your voice and speak up when necessary. You will need several Doctors opinions if you have a serious condition or surgery coming up. Never ever rely on just on persons opinion. Get all of the facts about the manner at hand before yo go through with something you may regret in the long run. Being totally informed is what any person should want before proceeding with any important situation.


If you sit on the fence and you do not like the outcome you only have yourself to blame. Always remember to speak up because no one else will do it for you. You determine your own destiny and your own outcome in life by taking care to exam and understand all the facts that are presented to you and taking opinions from many educated and informed people that are specialist in their particular field. Never give up until you get the answers you need.

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How I Measure Success

The success of a man is not measured by his money or what his money can do for him. Success is measured by the amount of friends you have. If you are in a comfortable place in your life and you have a roof over your head you are on the right path in life.

Success to some people is to see how much money they can amass over a lifetime. Their money has done nothing to benefit others. Their money is stale and moldy from doing nothing but sitting around. Money truly is the root of all evil. Money controls and takes away valuable hours from a man. The man becomes abscessed with keeping his fortune intact and has lost touch with his family and friends.

If you had to deceive or take advantage of someone to get to were you are in life you are not successful in any measure in life. Success is treating people with the upmost respect. Success is being comfortable with who you are and knowing you did not take advantage of people. Give to charities that help people have a better life. Live the life that God wants you to live as that is the true measure of success.

Success is being the best person that you can possibly be. Take time to talk to people for they will enrich your life for many years to come. Your elders have a much clearer sense on the true meaning of success. If you are kind, gentle, compassionate, loving and caring you are truly successful in life.


My connection to God and serving God in my life is very important to me. Without God by your side in life anything you wish to achieve in life will not get done. God motivates us to our peak levels of success in what he has planned out for our lives.


1 : 3

And he shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water, that bringeth forth the fruit in his season; his leaf shall not wither ; and wahtsoever he doeth shall proper.

2 Thessalonians

1: 11 – 12

Wherefore also we pray always for you, that our God would count you worthy of this calling, and fulfil all the good pleasure of his goodness , and the work of faith with power:

That the name of our Lord Jesus Christ may be glorified in you, and ye in him, according to the grace of our God and the Lord Jesus Christ.

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I Disagree With The Saying That Without Your Health You Don’t Have Anything

Even if you don’t have your health you still have God next to you each and everyday of your life. God brings grace, joy, hope, love, peace and faith to your life. God has a plan for your life. I believe that God will help us complete the plan he has set forward for our lives. God knows all of our trials and tribulations and he always helps us out so that we can be an excellent steward.

You still have your family and friends when you are sick. True friends stick by your side until the very end. Rainy day friends are not truly your friends they are opportunists  and only want you as a friend when it suits to their needs and wants. God will be by your side into eternity and your soul will live on forever in the Gods Kingdom.

Happy is the man with a purpose to his life. Make a plan of what you can do today to help people. Give your time freely and faithfully to benefits and do not charge them a fee for any service you might provide for them. A benefit is to help those that are less fortune than you are. A person that benefits from a benefit has lost the Christian ethic of what a benefit truly is. God bless those that help with benefits, missions, caring for the sick and elderly and so much more.

You do not need your health to be a kind and descent and caring individual. Visit with friends and family and the sick and elderly often. They will teach you a lot of lives lessons that will improve you as a person that people can truly count on. Live your life with a connection to God, family and friends. Leave the world knowing that you made a difference to the lives of others and that what you did will benefit people in years to come.

Galatians 5 : 22-23

But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, Meekness, temperance, against such there is no law.

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Time Is Precious

Do not make people wait for you. There are a lot of good things that they could accomplish while you are waiting for them. They could help other people, be working on a project that could affect the masses and help with mission work, etc.

Time is a valuable gift from God use it wisely and kindly everyday that you are on Earth. Discover and do something new everyday that will enrich your life and the lives of  others. Spread your wisdom and knowledge to others so others may learn and spread their knowledge to future generations to come.

Without learning from our mistakes we our bound to repeat them and harm others in the process. Do not keep your knowledge hidden just for your own benefit as that is a great disrespect to yourself and others.

We learn a lot of valuable knowledge from God, teachers, family and friends and by reading books. I once meet a man that was excellent at a trade and I asked him to teach me his trade and his reply was no. He wanted to be the only one that could make the item of his trade. We will all be dead someday and it is our duty or privilege to pass our trade onto generations to come so the skills of yesteryear will never be forgotten.

Do not waste time on Earth as there is much to be accomplished day after day that will benefit mankind for generations to come. We will find cures for diseases that have no cure at the present time. Research takes many man hours  to get a new discovery up and going.  Do not just let your days go ideally by. Think to yourself everyday what can I accomplish in my life today that will benefit mankind and help spread the word of God.

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Life Is An Open Book

When you read  a book there are many chapters in the book and you learn something new in each and every chapter in the book. The same goes for you in life. As you move along in life their will be many chapters and stories in your book of your life.

Remember do you want that particular part of your life to be a chapter in your book of life. You make decisions in your life everyday that will affect your life plus the lives of many other people in your life. Do not make decisions lightly in your life. You are the master of your destiny on Earth. If you do not like how your life is going change the course of your life.

If you are in a dead end job or feel you are not really needed at your company work on finding a different job were they appreciate your skills and talents. It is never to late to further your education and take your life in a completely new and different direction that you will find less stressful and more rewarding.

As you get older you will find many rewarding things that you can do to help others. Volunteer at places that you have a passion for and that you want to support and maintain. Help keep your community clean, help people and reach out to them, spend more time with your loved ones, spend more time outdoors and enjoy nature and visit and listen to people.

In the chapters in your book of life share your knowledge freely and openly with others that want to learn some of the things that you have learned over the years. Don’t take your knowledge to the grave with you as this is a terrible loss of your life. Teach the young your trade, your standards, your values, a good work ethic, and open the chapters in your book of life to guide them with their book of life. May your book of life have many wonderful stories and awesome experiences in its various chapters.

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Stay Open To Possibilities

There are many opportunities or possibilities that will come your way in life. Sometimes you will not be ready to take that leap of faith into a new job or opportunity. When opportunity knocks on your door embrace the chance to move forward in life and enhance your horizons. If someone tells me it is not possible for me to do a particular thing I am more determined than ever to prove them absolutely wrong. I have been open to new possibilities in life and I have not been disappointed yet. Not to try to broaden your horizons is the biggest disappoint you will ever make in life. You will never know what you could have achieved or accomplished if you would have been open to a new and better improved you.

Job changes or moves can be scary. To have a job that does not excite you or get your creative juices following stagnant s you. I want a job that will test me and take me to the next level. We wear many hats in life. We do volunteer work which helps those who need help the most. Parents raise their children with the values and work ethics which they have learned. Pastors remind us of our Christian values and how to act as Gods flock and much more. We can learn a lot from Bible Scriptures and Bible study groups and by studying the Bible on our own. Treat people as you would have them treat you.

Job changes are must in life when your health will not allow you to do a particular job anymore. There are many paths you can walk down in life. I choose to live a rewarding life visiting and helping other people that are part of Gods flock. Embrace an illness and empower the illness and move forward in life. Their are rewarding jobs for us in all stages of our life if we just stay stay open to possibilities.

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Don’t Let Anything Break Your Stride In Life

When my Mother was sick there was a new song on the radio called ” Ain’t Nothin gonna break my stride I have to keep on movin now ” My mother said always remember that song. I think of that song often and how important those words in that song actually are. When we loose a loved one or suffer from a horrible illness we have to remember to keep on movin now.

A lot of things will come along in your life that will try to break your stride but we cannot let that happen to us. We have to rise above adversity by reaching out to other people and setting a positive example for them through us. Stride is something that cannot be broken if we keep our minds on the positives in our life and not the negatives.

Don’t let things slow you down for too long for they will consume you and eat you up with negativity. Keep a positive heart and a positive soul and you can achieve much that others will see your positive stride shining through you your darkest of moments. Think of your illness as a temporary moment in your life and take time to refine yourself if necessary.

Do not let past events break your stride. Learn from past events in your life and move forward toward more uplifting events. Surround yourself with people that know the flow of your life and that can help you enrich your flow of life. Enrich and help others as this will lift up your stride considerably. Be a person that is connected to God and help Gods flock to keep on movin now.

If we keep on the right path in life there is nothin that can break our stride for very long we just have to keep on movin on and forward.

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Panoramic View Of Life

Do you have a panoramic view of life ?  Can you see the entire picture of your life and do you think your life is headed in the right direction ?

One event in your life can make a big difference in someone else’s life. Talking to people about their problems and their goals in life can led to new discoveries that could make a huge impact in the world. Think how your conversations affect other people before you speak. Will your conversation motive someone or will it suppress them ?

If you fail at one thing in life keep trying for all of us have a God given talent that we can share with the world that will help and enable others to achieve their goals in life. Teach someone your trade before you pass away and a part of you can live on forever then. Hang onto old fashioned values as they have helped our ancestors greatly throughout the years. Without values and ethics a world deteriorates rapidly.

Help people in need. Sometimes people get into situations that are completely out of their control. A sudden illness can wipe out a family financially. There was a couple at a rest home that had to pay $9000,00 a month for the two of them and they ended up with no money at all after working hard everyday of their lives.

The panoramic view of life shows the whole picture in great detail. Do not just focus on one thing in a picture. Look at every single detail in the picture so you do not miss out on any golden moments in life. Have you missed out on certain details in your life ? Move forward in life and do not cry over spilled milk. Travel , learn, explore, visit and enjoy and share what you have learned from your travels with others so they too may want to travel and explore new horizons. Always reach for the stars and help other people reach for the stars also.

Keep your mind open to the entire panoramic view in life and all that it has to offer you and others to achieve great and worthwhile accomplishments that will help you and others into eternity.

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If you take a test in school and you are positive you are going to Ace that test you will probably not do so. By being so overly confident you probably did not study long enough for the test. I have found out that test I did not feel confident with were the test I have done well on. A person tends to study longer for a test that you are somewhat nervous about taking.

If you are in a debate with someone you better study up on each and every question that may be asked of you. If you stumble around and keep looking for the right words to say you will look foolish and stupid in the debate. Overconfidence in a debate will finish you off quickly. Know your strengths and weaknesses  along with your opponents  strengths and weaknesses. Be well informed and answer your questions quickly and intelligently.

Overconfident people tend to be cocky and full of themselves. By being to confident you are domed to failure. Be prepared for unexpected events. Keep an emergency kit in your car, have regular checkups with your Doctor and stay on top of weather conditions. Overconfidence with driving, your health and the weather could end your life prematurely.

By being overly confident you could cost someone their life. Just because you passed a test saying you are qualified for a particular job you may not be  qualified just yet.  Practice makes perfect and do not be afraid to ask questions.

Confidence comes with age and experience and by actually doing the job at hand and not just reading about it in a book. Never get too cocky in your life or someone may pull out your plumes.  Keep your feet firmly to the ground and keep your head on your shoulders and learn something new everyday that will help you with the kind of confidence you truly want in life. Let God be your compass and your guide in life.

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