Some music can be restful and relaxing and other music can grate on your every nerve. Music can be the voice of angels. Music is an expression of the arts. Music uplifts and strengthens the soul. Some peoples voices are music to your ears.

Music is a form of expression that radiates from the notes in the song. There is a sad flow to some songs and other songs flow along quickly and seamlessly. The music you like to listen to says a lot about you as a person. If you like soft and easy listening music you most likely have a relaxed and easy going personality. Hard Rock music is full of beat and action and if this is your kind of music you want things to move along quickly and have lots of action in your life.

We sing praises to God which he finds to be quiet pleasant and an excellent way to worship him. There is a natural music in the universe such as thunder and lightening. The songs of the birds communicating with each other. The sound of insects and frogs and other animals. The bark of our dog and the gentle purring of your house cat.

Music is always with us where ever we go. Anything that has a rhythm or sequence to it could be classified as music. The hum of the engine in our car, the train and box cars moving down the track. The flow of the water in a river the sound of the ocean water that crashes against the rocks and the beach.

As children we make all kinds of music. We use pan covers like symbols and bang away on our toy drum, clap our hands together and blow on a piece of grass held between our fingers. All of us have a natural rhythm in us that is waiting to express itself. Music is a gift from God. Sing praises to God with good voice and Joy in your heart.

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Stages of Life

We have different stages in our lives. We are babies, children, young adults, adults and than senior citizens. We all want to be treated nicely in each and every stage of our lives. We all hope that each stage of our life moves along smoothly and easily.

When we are babies we are fussed over and taken care of and adored my many. Our diapers are changed when needed, we get food when we are hungry. We are dependent on others for our every need in life. It is a grave sin to hurt a defenseless baby or infant.


As children we play games, make friends and go to school. Some children go to school with no food to eat or clothing to keep them warm in the winter. All children should expect to be feed and covered suitably for the weather. Children need a loving and decent caregiver that looks out for their needs. How we are treated as children partly determines how we will take care of others later in life. Children learn and observe what their adult role models are doing with their lives.

As young adults we are becoming less dependent on others and doing more things on our own. We still need lots of guidance from our parents. A lot of peer pressure is a constant that is best avoided if possible. Do not do something that may make you more popular at the time that you know is wrong.

As adults we can take care of ourselves. We are starting our careers after college and making a life for ourselves. Hopefully we find a job that enriches us and others. With marriage we have our babies to care for and guide into adulthood. Hopefully we have done an outstanding job and they will be an outstanding citizen.

We are senior citizens now and enjoying our golden years. We are traveling and doing a lot of things that we always wanted to do. As we age our health starts to go down hill and we move into assisted living. We have someone to make our meals and help us with cleaning our clothes, etc. As  our health continues to fail we move into a rest home. Some people in rest homes are abused, not fed because they cannot hold their fork or spoon, and they lay all night long on a wet pad until the morning shift comes in. Senior citizens deserve to be treated with the same care as you would give a new born baby. Seniors are loving and caring people that have feelings and pain just like you and I have. Without our seniors we would not be hear today. Treat seniors like you would want yourself treated with dignity, justice, grace, respect and the love of God caring for one of his children. Seniors are lambs of God. Too not bless a child of God is a grievous sin.

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Their Are Vultures Among Us

I have heard and seen a lot of almost unimaginable things go on in families. I have seen people try to take advantage of sick people. Remember someday the ball will land in your court. Do you want your children to end up to be greedy little vultures after all they learn from your examples you set for them.

I saw someone try to take advantage of a person that had just had surgery two hours ago and was still not out from under the effects of the sedative. They said they had a check for them but they actually tried to get money from them. This person told their lawyer if they ever wrote a check to this party to make the check null and void.

One party told someone they would give their items a good home if they would just give them to them. There is nothing that says you are entitled to receive something when someone dies. The more greedy someone is to another person the more likely it will be that they get nothing from them when they die.

One party asked a family member for a copy of her father’s will before he was even cold in the ground. I saw one party sell a relatives house right in front of her casket in the church on the day of her burial service. A person when given a family heirloom said if you have anymore give them to me.

Children have told a parent that they are selling things in their house when they are in the rest home or that they are selling their house. Do no be disrespectful to your parents they worked hard for what they have and it is theirs to do what they want to do with it.

If you want vultures in your family and you act like a vulture you will raise a family of blood thirsty, uncaring, greedy and manipulating vultures.

God sees and knows your every mood, action and thought and what makes you tick. Strive to do the right and caring thing with everyone that is having health issues or facing death. Money is truly the root of all evil. You too will be facing health issues and death sooner then you think, it does not overlook anyone.

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Easter Sunday

I remember getting all dressed up in my new dress and Easter bonnet for church service on Easter Sunday.  My Mother and Father would be dressed up in fine attire also.

Easter is about new life and new beginnings. Jesus gave us ever lasting life when he died on the cross for all of our sins and rose again on the third day. We are forgiven for our sins and our souls will live on in life everlasting with our heavenly Father.

Christ died for our sins so that we may live on even after death. I think of the great sacrifice and the suffering that Jesus went through when he died on the cross for all of our sins. Man has no greater love for a friend then to lay down his life for him. We are truly blessed each and everyday of our lives to have such a true friend and forgiving Savior that he was willing to lay down his life for us so that we may live again.

Easter is a day of renewal and redemption and new beginnings. Spring brings new life into the world. Plants are planted and trees   blossom and later bare fruit and animals give birth to the next generation. Spring springs forward with life eternal.

When you take communion in church think about all that communion stands for and what it represents in your life and the lives of others. Remember the great love that Jesus has for all of his followers or flock.

Renew you relationship with God everyday. Be good and kind and forgiving. Bring joy, love, peace, and hope into peoples lives. Reach out to people and take time to truly listen to them and you will learn a lot from them. Try to make a positive difference in peoples lives. Uplift people and show them that you truly love them and care about them. Be genuine and forth coming and honest and  love your fellow man.

Matthew  26 : 17 – 20

Now the first day of  the first of unleavened bread the disciples came to Jesus, saying unto him, Where wilt thou that we prepare for thee to eat the passover ?

And he said,  Go into the city to such a man, and say unto him, The master saith, My time is at hand; I will keep the passover at thy house with my disciples,

And the disciples did as Jesus had appointed them; and they made ready the passover.

Now when the even was come, he sat down with the twelve.

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Spring Has Sprung

I love the spring time. I love planting seeds and watching them grow and looking at the beautiful blossoms on the trees. I have a Magnolia tree that I especially enjoy. My tulips come out of the ground once  again to produce gorgeous flowers.

Baby animals are born to start a new generation of their blood line. The baby animals are full off life and prance around and enjoy their young years frolicking around and exploring all the new things that are here for them to look at and enjoy.

Spring is a time for us to renew our life also. Ask yourself questions about your life such as am I happy on the path I am on in life. If you are not happy on your path in life change it. Choose a fulfilling life that you can be proud of that brings you joy and happiness over the years.

Th older I get in life the less stress I want. Without so much stress in your life you will accomplish much more and live longer. Treat yourself to relaxing days whenever possible and don’t feel guilty about doing so. Travel while your health is good. Spend time with your loved ones however and whenever you can.

I love working up the garden soil and the smell of the soil. Gardening is a wonderful and joyful way of exercising also. I love doing outdoor activities. Spring brings the earthen soil back to work again producing crops and vegetables and much more for us to enjoy. I love walking around in the spring time looking at Gods treasures that he has put on earth for us to enjoy.

Spring springs forward with life eternal year after year. Enjoy spring and all that it has to offer  us. Let God renew you with lots of love in your heart and a spring in your step.

Genesis 1 : 11

And God said, Let the earth bring forth grass, the herb yielding seed, and the fruit tree yielding fruit after his kind, whose seed is in itself, upon the earth: and it was so.

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Count Your Many Blessings

Some of us our blessed with good health , excellent family and friends. We are blessed to able to travel and broaden our horizons. I am blessed to have God in my life. We are blessed if we are raised in a loving and carrying family. Family and friends that support you through thick and thin is a true blessing indeed.

Live life to its fullest potential and never miss a beat. Having a job that you love and that helps others is a wonderful and full filling gift. Provide love, hope, peace and bring joy into someones life whenever and however you can every single day that you are here on Earth.

Going to church on Sunday brings us closer to God. Helping Gods flock along the bumps in life’s HWY is a blessing. Listen to people and try to solve problems together after all two heads are better than one. Help people and new business’es in your community as word of mouth can make a business flourish overnight.

I am thankful that I had wonderful and outstanding parents. I am thankful for awesome friends and family. I  am blessed to have traveled to many different places. I am truly great full to have God by my side day after day.

I love my pets as they give me great joy and comfort and our always their with their pleasant personalities and they always watch me and follow me where ever I go. Pets are a joy to watch and are excellent companions to come home to after a long day. Pets reduce anxiety and are proven to lower your blood pressure. People that own pets live longer then non pet owners do.

Count Your Many Blessing Everyday. I hope you are truly blessed and that you bless others along life’s HWY. God Bless You Today and Always. This is the day the Lord hath made let us rejoice and be glad in it.

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Journeys In Life

Where will you end up in your life’s journey  ? Life is a constant journey it takes us along many different paths in our life. We start out our journey young in life and learn by our different mistakes and by trial and error.

Do not get stuck in a journey that does not move along to strengthen and enrich your life or the lives of others.  Change is a constant on our journey in life. We have to learn to except change quickly and move along with it in a positive manner.

Journeys can be scary but we can learn much from each new journey we take in our lifetime. Travel is a journey where you learn from different cultures and realize they are not that different than you are. I love history and seeing historic buildings and learning what people did that made remarkable marks in history and how we live today. Without our founding Fathers we would not be the country that we are today. Scientist have discovered drugs and treatments that have saved many peoples lives over the years. Thank goodness we take different journeys in what jobs we choose. With diverse jobs we can help many people and accomplish much that will benefit mankind for many years to come.

I have had many journeys in my life such as travel, health, caregiver and job changes. We have to refresh our journey now and then and move forward to another journey that works out better for us in this particular juncture in time.

I have found my different journeys in life have benefited me in ways I had never imagined possible. I have grown closer to God and to people. I find it much easier and relaxing to visit with people. The power of prayer is truly remarkable and helps all of Gods flock.

Be steadfast on the many journeys you will take in your life time and do not falter. God will help you through your many journeys.

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The Purpose Of Life

Many of us wonder what our purpose is in life. Our purpose could be to raise a family. We are all put on earth for many different purposes. A Farmer raises crops that will feed other people or animals. We have a wide variety or professions that all serve to benefit others in many different and necessary ways.

We are all put on earth to do as much good in our lifetimes as is humanly possible. We help others with missions and sharing our understanding and support for those that are less fortunate than we are.

We are all children of God and we should help God each and everyday. We can do that by being kind, compassionate, loving and caring individuals that help God take care of his flock. Bring Joy, Peace, Hope and Love into peoples lives everyday. Hold a door open for someone, carry something that is heavy, send a card, call them, spend quality time with another person and always make yourself available to people that just need a little something to make their day a little extra special.

Life can be a stepping stone into the next spiritual life. Try to learn something new everyday that will benefit and help others. Reach out to people as you both will end up in a better spot for doing so. Think of one thing you can do everyday to make the world a better place for you and I to live in.

We should use as few pesticides as possible. Pesticides get into our water supply and poison us and also kill animals and our honey bees that are necessary for pollination of  fruit trees, garden goods, crops, flowers and more. If you make a mess on planet earth clean it up and help save our planet for generations to come.

Just some of my own personal thoughts on the purpose of life.

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Fame and Putting On Aires

Do you need fame in your life to be happy  ?  All of us want to be mentioned for our accomplishments now and then. I would not want to be in the limelight all of the time.  I think it is better to get things accomplished without fanfare and a lot of exposure. People will notice what you have done anyway without making a spectacle  of yourself.

I have noticed people walk in late to a meeting and then have the nerve to walk way to the front as if to say notice me now. If you come late to a meeting sit in the back and you will still be noticed by someone. Help people and do not expect something in return. Gods good stewards should help all people gracefully and quietly.

If you live for fame only it will not satisfy you for long. Fame is short lived and forgotten with time. Help the oppressed, give gleefully, live cheerfully, bring joy, peace, love and hope to every ones path that you cross in a day.

Do not be boastful, jealous or callous, be genuine to yourself and others in all things that you do. It is better to be seat yourself at the back of the table and have them call you to the front of the table. If you would sit in front and then be told to sit in the back you would feel embarrassed. Let good things come to you and  always look for good things in people and good people. Look for good and be good in all that you do to help others. Evil will come to you on it own so be cautious as to not let evil enter your life as it will want to embrace you and encompass you. Do good and be good in all that you do and wish to accomplish in your life. The grace of God will lead you to new heights.

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Be An Advocate For Family Or Friends To Help Keep Them Safe

When you are sick and alone you need an advocate that you can count on to help keep you safe and sound. When you are in the hospital your advocate  will make sure you are getting the right care for your particular situation. Your advocate will make sure you are clean and the Doctor’s are doing what they should be doing to get you back to your old self once again.

You need someone to check on you and see that you have dry bedding throughout the night and that you are getting better and not getting worse day by day. Check on your loved one often and at different times throughout the day. Make sure they are getting enough food and water to drink throughout the day. I have noticed that peoples water has been sitting way across the room where they cannot even reach it.

Any behavior that harms or hurts a person is inhuman and not acceptable. A person has a right to a dry bed all throughout the night and to have a glass of water that they can get to easily 24/7. Advocates must make sure their are not bruises, bedsores,feces, or other signs of neglect on their loved ones.

Remember you will be sick or old someday yourself. Ask yourself do I want to be treated this way when I am sick or elderly. If you cannot handle being a care giver than don’t take that kind of a job that will make you miserable and make the people that you sup-possibly taking care of miserable beyond belief.

Always keep the Golden Rule close to your heart and live by it day after day: ” Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You ” God wants his children to act as he would towards people that cannot help themselves. Advocates keep Gods flock safe and sound throughout life’s storms. Honor those that are sick and elderly with the upmost respect.

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