Cats and Accidents

I have had many cats get run over by cars throughout the years. Most of the time it has been young kittens. Kittens will sit on the tires of a car shortly after the car has been driven. The tires on the car are still warm and the kitten thinks it has a warm area to take a long nap. I have also had cats sleep on the motor of a car.

We had a tenant run over four of our lovely kittens at one time. There was a kitten on each one of his tires. My Mother gathered up the dead kittens and my Father gave them a burial service.

An older or a sickly cat will also sleep on tires or in the engine compartment of a car. The engine is warm and they are cold from an illness. When someone starts the car the unfortunate cat will suffer the consequences.

We had several outdoor cats get run over shortly after I had them neutered. They got run over about three months after they were neutered. I never had another outdoor Tom neutered again after that experience.

Manx cat

I had a Mother cat by the name of Trisha. Trisha was a very good and smart Mother cat. All of the kittens Trisha had in her life never got run over. Before Trisha would cross to the other side of the road she would look both ways at least three times and then she would cross over to the other side of the road. Trisha taught all of her kittens her road crossing skills.

I watched Elite one of Trisha’s kittens crossing the road. She used all of the skills of road crossing that her Mother had taught her.

I gave several generations later of Trisha’s kittens to a friend that lives on a busy highway. I am glad to say they also have learned Great Grandma Trisha’s road crossing skills.


I hope none of your cats ever get run over by a car.

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Memorable Kittens in My Life

I have had many kittens born on my farm in my lifetime. Certain kittens have stood out more than others have because of their character and how they acted in general.

I had a small black female kitten born on my farm in the early summer. She was smart around cars and avoided them at all cost. She would always walk under your feet and I was always afraid I would step on her and kill her. She remained very small for her age. I placed an ad in my local newspaper under giveaways and a nice young couple came and adopted her. I called them about a year after they had adopted her to see how she was doing. They said they loved her so much they had adopted another cat to keep her company. I also inquired about her size. They told me she was fully grown and she was the size of most female cats now. I was very happy my kitten got a loving and caring home.


Blacknose was a beautiful tortoise shell kitten. She would follow me around the farm and wait with me for the school bus to take me to school. In her adult life she would catch and kill garter snakes.


One of my tortoise shell kittens would sit on my shoulder while I would paint the farm buildings. She was a very loving and affectionate kitten. When she was about a year old she got run over by a pickup truck. I missed her dearly.

Midnight was a black kitten. He liked to follow my Father around the farm when he was feeding our pigs. One day Midnight jumped on my Fathers shoulder at five  in the morning. My Father jumped and to his relief he discovered it was Midnight that had jumped on his shoulder and not some wild animal.


I  had  one Himalayan kitten born on my farm and she was very gentle and had a kind disposition. All of the kittens on my farm are part Siamese, Himalayan, Maine Coon and domestic short hair.


I have had  so many memorable kittens born on my farm throughout the years that there are too many to mention. My kittens have given me great joy in my life. My kittens have given joy to the people that have adopted them over the years. I am very thankful for all of my kittens that have become wonderful and loving adult cats to share my life with.

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Genetics and Your Cat

Your cat may be born with an excellent genetic makeup by the luck of the draw. Some cats are born with an excellent ability to cross the road without getting run over. There will be several generations of kittens that will inherit the ability to cross the road without any problems for generations to come. After maybe five to ten years this wonderful trait will slowly disappear due to a new Tom cat on the seen or too much inbreeding.

Genetic mutations will generally show up as your cat becomes more mature. I have had  cats that inherited lung cancer, anemia, breast cancer, eye cancer, ear cancer, and liver cancer. Sometimes it does not matter that you are very diligent on taking your cat for his yearly checkups. The best taken care of cat in the world can inherit some genetic mutation that has kept quiet in his body for years until something stimulates it to rear its  ugly head.


I had a Maine Coon cat given to me by one of my cousins years ago. She lived to be about ten years old. I had not had a Maine Coon cat born on my farm for about thirty five years and then one of my pregnant female cats gave birth to a male Maine Coon cat. I gave him to one of my cousins for a house cat. She is delighted to have him as one of her pet cats.

Rex cats or hairless cats are a result of a genetic mutation. A farm wife discovered two fur less kittens in her barn one day. She decided to keep  the fur less kittens and now we have a new breed of house cats that do not shed any fur in our homes.

We never know when some horrible genetic mutation might pop up and take the life of our beloved house cat or pet.

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Is Your Cat Extra Shy Or very Outgoing ?

Kohl is a very outgoing cat and loves to be around other people. He loves to play with a fish on the end of a stick with anyone that comes to my house to visit. He loves to eat string cheese out of a cat snack dispenser. Kohl makes sure people are watching him get his string cheese out of the cat snack dispenser.


Garfunkel and Conrad are basically my cats only. They love to be held and petted by me and me alone. Conrad’s Mother was very shy and very cautious of all human beings. I do not know about Conrad’s father as he was a feral cat that came to my farm.

Kohl profile

Maggie is a very friendly and outgoing cat and the complete opposite of her sister. She loves to be held and petted by people she has gotten to know for some period of time.

Conrad upside down


Cali and Russ and very outgoing and can hardly wait for someone to come to the house to hold them and pet them. They both purr and  purr away while they are being held and petted. Peter is shy beyond shy and likes to hide back of a board most of he day. Addi the Mother of Peter’s kittens is semi shy. Addi’s children Hilford, Mr. Gray and Sherlock do not want to be held or petted. Peter and Nicole are Conrad’s brother and sister. Conrad likes to be held and petted by me only.


I think it is  part genetics in the fact that some cats like to be held and made a fuss over where other cats rather be left alone. In most cases the kittens act like their parents do around people. Some cats can come around and become completely tame with their human caregiver. Cat snacks and tuna canned in water can make a change in your cats personality for the better. Good food and extra love can sometimes make the feral cat extra tame over time and with lots of patience.

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Cats and Games

Your kittens first game is playing with their Mothers tail. Young kittens like to pounce and jump on leaves that have fallen to the ground. Kittens like to throw a dead mouse in the air and carry it in their mouth before they throw it up in the air again. Kittens watch their Mother play games and learn by watching their Mother.

Addi and her kittens

Mother cats will play with a cat toy ball and their kittens will also chase after the ball and roll it around on the floor. My young cats love to bat a ball that is in a circle toy. My kittens watch their Mother play with whatever games I bring into the house for them to play with. My young cats perfect their skills on the various games by watching their siblings play with the games. Toy mice are always a favorite toy that cats love to throw up in the air and pounce on. My young cats also like to carry the toy mice through the house as if to say look what we caught for you today Mother.

Cleo as a kitten

I have a couple of toy birds that are stuffed with catnip and they also sing like a live bird when my cats grab on to them. They absolutely love playing with the cat toy singing birds. My cats also love to play with other cat toys that are stuffed with fresh catnip.



Cats like to play with the cat treat dispensers. My cats keep rolling the dispenser around on the floor until a delicious treat comes out for them to eat and enjoy. I have a catit, friskes, and a temptations cat treat dispenser.

My cats also like to play with large toy bugs and green plastic frogs and various other cat toys. A cat that plays games will be happy and content and psychically fit.

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Blackie was a pure black cat that was born and raised on our farm. Her father was a beautiful chocolate point Himalayan cat. A tenant that we had had on our farm left him at our farm when he moved. He trained our Samoyed dog to never chase cats again.  Bandit leaped into the nose of our Samoyed dog as she was chasing him around our house. Polly our dog let out a little scream and that was the end of her ever bothering another cat again on our farm.


Blackie’s Mother was born and raised on our farm. She was an excellent huntress. She would catch and kill many mice. We had pigs on our farm at that time and there were a lot of mice that would hang out under the pig feeders. She kept busy riding our farm of field mice.


Blackie would follow me all over our farm. The minute I left the house in the morning she was there to great me. She was an excellent lap cat. Blackie would sit on my lap in the summer months on our front porch and purr away contentedly as I patted her on her head. Blackie also loved to be held on my Grandmother’s lap as she wore a large apron that she could snuggle up in and be cozy as a bug in a rug. She loved the homemade Gravy that my Grandmother made for my cats when she came to visit us.

Kohl profile

Blackie had many kittens over the years. She had a beautiful black kitten that I named Midnight. I would let Midnight in our house now and then. He loved to sleep in a nice cozy chair that we had in our house. She had many kittens that we adopted out to good and loving homes. Blackie lived to be about eleven years old before she died. She was a very loving and caring cat.

Why I Should Deworm My Cat

You should always deworm  your cat even if he is an indoor cat. Worm your cat preventatavely according to your vets instructions.

The different types of worms your cat can get are tapeworms, roundworms and hookworms.

Heavy infestations of worms can cause intestinal bleeding and anemia. In a kitten a lot of parasites in its body can be fatal. Roundworms are more common in kittens then in adult cats. Adult cats are quite often infested with tapeworms. If a cat is stressed by trauma or disease she is more likely to get worms. Fleas can cause you cat to get worms.

Your cat can get worms by eating infested mice and infested raw meat. Your cat may develop Toxoplama. Toxoplasmosis can be spread from the mother cat to her kitten.

Pregnant women should not clean out litter boxes. It is very easy for them to get toxoplasmosis from the infested bowel movements in the cat litter.

kitten in a litter box

Here are some signs to look for that your cat may have worms. Your cats fur will look dull and unkempt. Your cat may start sliding its bottom across your floor. Your cat will become lethargic. You will notice that he is losing weight. Your cat will want to nap more than usual.

Try to worm your cats twice a year or more if you suspect they may have worms. You can buy a liquid dewormer that you can pour over your cat food if you have a farm cat that is hard to catch. You can also mix some dewormer in tuna with water for a cat that is hard to give any medications to.

Russ in an Outdoor Playpen

Your cat will be much healthier if you always remember to have him dewormed. He will also have a shiny and healthy looking coat of fur. Hope your cat is feeling well.

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Funny Things My Cats Have Done

One of my cats by the name of Blacknose would catch garter snakes and bring them up to the house dead. She managed to do this on a regular schedule. She must of known that I do not care much for snakes.


A cat that I had and later gave her to my Grandmother hid in her shoe box for almost a full day. My Grandmother was frantic that she could not find her cat. She had searched every nook and cranny in her house for her cat. She called her neighbor up to help her look for her missing cat. Her neighbor saw her cat getting out of a shoe box that she had managed to get the lid back on perfectly when she first entered the shoe box.

My Siamese cat Sugar once got into a small jacket of mine that I had laying on a chair. When I got home from getting groceries I noticed her sleeping in my jacket with her head sticking out of the same area where my head would stick out if I were wearing the jacket.

When my cat Red was a kitten he went to our Christmas tree and took a gold colored bird out of the tree and de – winged it. My older Chocolate Point Siamese cat looked at him like what is your problem don’t you know that that is an artificial bird. I think Red was a bit embarrassed later on.

I had an older cat by the name of Trisha that tried to catch a rabbit when she was 16 yeas old. She was very successful at it in her youth. Trisha ran for about an eighth of a mile at full speed and then she was completely out of breath. That was the only time a rabbit ever out did her. I was amazed that she would even try to catch a rabbit at age 16. She was an awesome cat and lived to be 18 years old.

Do Kitten’s Remember Their Mother’s When They Are Grown Cats ?

My cat Addi gave birth to five kittens one year ago. I found an excellent home for two of her five kittens. The party that adopted two of Addi’s kittens named the kittens Leo and Cleo. I still have three of Addi’s kittens named : Sherlock, Mr. Gray, and Hilford. I observed Hilford licking his Mother on the face one day. Mr. Gray came up next to his Mother and rubbed up against her face.


Addi lets her grown up kittens eat all of her cat treats yet. She is a loving Mother to all of her grown up kittens. She always thinks of her kittens before she thinks of her own well being. Addi never touches any cat food until her kittens have eaten all they want of that particular cat food.

Addi and Trixie and catnip toy

My outdoor cat Trisha had one kitten in the month of December when she was fifteen years old. She stayed with him constantly to keep him warm. I had a little electric heater plugged in the building they were in. I named her kitten Tinker. Tinker was a beautiful creme colored kitten. Tinker and his Mother always got along well.

I had a calico cat that had a long haired kitten. When her kitten was fully grown she did not seem to remember her Mother. The two of them got into a big cat fight. My calico cat was always very protective of all of her kitten’s throughout the years.

I had a female Himalayan cat at one time. She gave birth to one female kitten. She and her kitten always got along fine. They would lick each others hair clean and rub up against each other.

Mother cats never forget their grown up kittens and most of my grown up kittens always remembered their Mother and thought of her kindness she would always give to them.


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Sebastian’s Story

Sebastian was born and raised on my farm. He would always walk under your feet when you would walk outdoors. Luckily no one ever stepped on him. One day he kept meowing right outside of my back door. I felt sorry for him and he became my third house cat.


Sebastian was very intelligent.The first night that Sebastian was in my house I heard quite a racket coming from my living room.  Sebastian had been busy gathering up all of the toy missing mice and placed them in a neat little row. Sebastian also let me give him a bath. He seemed to enjoy his bath and he made no fuss whatsoever.

Sebastian did not respect my older house cats to begin with. He liked to wrestle with them and they did not appreciate that very much. As Sebastian reached maturity he acted much better with my other house cats.

Sebastian loved to balance on the window valances and he would walk across them to the other side . Sebastian was quite the acrobat. As Sebastian matured he could no longer perform this feat any longer.

Sebastian loved to sleep on my bed at night. In the winter months it was a three cat night instead of a three dog night. I always would end up with three cats sleeping peacefully in my bed with me.

Sebastian’s favorite toys were always toy mice. He had quite an assortment of them to play with. He also liked to bat away at a mouse in a circle toy.

Sebastian was about twelve years old when I discovered he had lung cancer from an X-Ray that my vet had taken of his chest. I thought he just had asthma. My vet put him on a steroid treatment. The steroid’s worked for about one years time. Sebastian kept losing weight and was having more difficulty walking up and down my steps in my house. He was thirteen years old when I had my vet put him to sleep.  I never want to see one of my beloved pets suffer.

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