Why My Cats Throw Up

If my cats eat to quickly they will throw up. Garfunkel eats very fast and therefore he throws up now and then. If your cat eats a new kind of food that does not agree with him he will be sick.

Garfunkel 2

My outdoor cats love to eat grass when I let them outside for awhile. By eating the grass they will generally get rid of a hairball. If you do not groom your cats often enough they will throw up a hairball now and then. Cats need to be groomed more often in the spring and summer months since they are loosing their winter coats of hair.

Do not feed your cat too much on  one single day. If we eat too much in one day we do not feel to great either. Do not give your cat a can of cat food, cat treats and his regular dry cat food in one day as it will be too much for his stomach to handle in one day.

If your cat is nervous or upset about something he may throw up. When I leave on a vacation my cats throw up for a couple of days because I am gone and they feel uncomfortable having someone else take care of them.


Cats do not like any change in their daily life whatsoever. A new piece of furniture or a new house cat could cause their stomach to be upset. A house guest can make your cat feel nervous and uncomfortable. Moving into a new home will cause your cat to be very nervous and anxious. Your cat will not have any of his familiar scents in his new home and or territory. We are anxious also when we move to a new location. We wonder will we find a new job and make new friends quickly.

If your cat throws up over several days take him to your veterinarian ASAP as he may have a serious medical condition.

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Cats are very fastidious and this can cause a hairball problem. Cats groom themselves by licking their fur. The cats tongue feels like sandpaper because it has many small barbs on it. The barbs catch the hair and it is swallowed. If enough hair collects without passing the cat will vomit in an effort to rid itself of it. The hairball is cigar shaped.

To treat hairballs I feed my cats a hairball treat. I also have put two teaspoons of butter on their food. My vet sells a formula in a tube that also works.

Treatment should be continued daily until the hair has passed in a stool and vomiting has passed. If vomiting continues for more than three days take your cat to your vet ASAP.

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Grooming your cat is very important for the overall health.

I prefer using a long wire comb purchased at a pet store. The wire combs are good at pulling out their matted fur. I used a comb for a person on my short haired cats. An older cat cannot effectively clean the back of their back anymore. It is important to comb all of the old fur from their back to maintain a healthy shiny coat of fur.

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