A Cat Owners Daily Routine

My cats are my alarm clock. They generally wake me up by at least 6:00 AM every morning. They start out by walking on my stomach or licking my hand.

I feed my cats early in the morning and I give them fresh water to drink. I comb or brush my cats that tend to shed a lot. I generally manage to comb out a small clump of fur from each cat that I comb out.

I put my cats toys away every morning. It is always interesting  to see what they will pick out of their cat toy box to play with for the day. They always pick out at least two catnip filled toys. They picked out a red toy lobster, a white toy rabbit, a small green dragon toy along with the catnip toys today.


In the afternoon they take turns sitting on my lap while I pat them on their head. They like to sleep on top of my Grandfathers clock and on top of my refrigerator.

My cats next door take sunbaths during the day. They like to sleep on a window sill cat bed. Lorenzo and Russ like to sleep on a shelf that has clean towels on it that have been softened with fabric softener.


My cats next door get their litter box cleaned for a second time in the afternoon. Some of my cats next door rush to make a new deposit to their litter box before I am done cleaning them out.

All of my cats get an afternoon or an evening snack. They may get cat treats or canned cat food or tuna canned in water as a treat for the day.


My cat  Conrad likes to sleep on a rocking chair in the afternoon. Kohl likes to take a sunbath in the hallway upstairs in the afternoon. Garfunkel likes to sleep on top of the refrigerator,  Grandfathers clock and the China hutch.

I love my daily routine in caring for my awesome feline family. I hope your feline family has a wonderful daily routine with you.

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