Memorable and Honor Roll Cats

I have had many cats in my life. All of my cats have made an important impression in my life.

Flossie was my very first cat. I have a picture of my Father showing her to me in my baby stroller. It was love at first sight for cats the rest of my life. Flossie would sit with me while I swung  in my swing set. She would wait with me while I waited for the school bus. She was a constant and comforting friend.

Blacknose was Flossie’s kitten. She was beautiful Calico cat. I have a picture of both of us on my tricycle. She has her paws hanging over the handle bars and she is looking straight ahead. She was a loving cat like her Mother.

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Blackie and her son Midnight were wonderful cats. Blackie had many kittens in her ten years of life. She was an excellent huntress. When I would sit on the steps of my house she would always sit in my lap and purr away. Midnight was a shiny and gorgeous black cat. He was a good hunter.

Hoover was a beautiful yellow and white stripped female cat. I named her after are vacuum cleaner. I was only five years old then. Hoover put up with me holding her like a five year old would.

Schnitzel was a yellow and white cat that tolerated me dressing him up in doll clothes. He was very kind and gentle. He lived to be ten years old.

Leonardo was a long haired yellow cat that would sit with me under a tree while I did my math homework. Whenever I would do my homework outdoors he would keep me company. He was an excellent lap cat.

Sebastian started growling one evening as he was looking out of the picture window. He peaked my curiosity so I looked out of the window and saw a man walking down the gravel road at 9:00 PM. I pulled my shade down after that. When I first brought Sebastian in my house as a kitten he gathered up all of the toy mice and placed them in a nice row. He wanted me to see that he was an excellent hunter. He lived to be thirteen years old.

Red was a red tabby cat that one of my vets gave me. I bought a round circle toy with a ball in the middle from Kmart. Red learned how to spin the ball around with his left paw or his right paw. He was very proud of his accomplishment. Whenever company would come Red would show off his skills at batting the ball around with his paws. He would look at everyone in the room to make sure they were watching him.

My outdoor cat Maggie kept me company while I wrote this post. She purred away and rubbed against the area were I was working.

I have had too many outstanding cats to mention them all. I am sure you have had memorable and outstanding cats also.

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