Picking Out A Gentle Cat For Your Family Pet

Both Of The Cats Parents Should Be Friendly

Cats will generally have the same attitude towards humans that their parents have. If the cats parents like to bite their kittens will be the same way. If the cat comes from feral parents the cat will grow up trying to avoid humans at all cost. The cat will try to bite you for no apparent reason at times because they do not trust people whatsoever. Ask the owner of of the cat that you are thinking about adopting how friendly her parents were. If they said that her parents like to hid than you should consider adopting another cat. If one of the cats parents are friendly the cat will be somewhat friendly but she will remain timid and may not want to be touched or held for long.

A Gentle Cat Is A Must With Small Children In The House

Small children do not know how to carry a cat correctly. You do not want a cat that will bit them and draw blood. Teach your children how to handle the cat correctly when you see them doing it wrong. You absolutely need a very tolerant cat with small children in your home. The cat could scratch them or bit them on the face. You may end up having to take your child to the Dr. for stitches and a rabies shots if you failed to give your cat a rabies shot. Never leave your child alone even with a very gentle cat as the cat may get frightened from something and bite. A wild animal could enter your yard and upset your cat. All of my cats growing up were very gentle and I never got bitten or harmed by them. Their parents were friendly and outgoing cats.

Your New Cat Could Live To Be 21 Possibly And Be A Wonderful Companion For Your Child For Many Years

By taking a new cat into your home you make a lifetime commitment to your new cats well being for her entire life. You take your cat to annual Vet checkups and keep all of her shots up to date. Your cat needs fresh water and food everyday and nice place to sleep that is warm and draft free. Your child will learn how to take care of one of Gods wonderful creatures on earth. Your cat will snuggle up next to your child at night and she will be their constant companion through thick and thin. Your cat will play with cat toys that your child will toss in the air for them to pounce on. Your cat will entertain the whole family with some of their antics now and then. Cats will lay on your lap while you watch TV or they will purr away on your lap while you study for a test or read a book. They will make sure you home is rodent free. Cats have saved their owners from gas leaks, fires and have even called 911 to save their owners life. Cats have let their owners know when they were about to have a seizure. Cats add to the spice of life. I have had a cat in my life for my entire life and I could not imagine a World without a loving cat in it.

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