Cats And Christmas Trees, Decorations And More

Cats And Your Christmas Tree

If you put up a live tree make sure you do not use a powder that you mix with water to help preserve your tree. Cats have been known to drink the water under your live tree and the water may kill your cat or he will be very sick for a long time. Cats love to climb trees and your tree will fall to the ground breaking decorations and making a big mess. Some cats may try to eat the pine needles and it will lodge in their intestines and cause a blockage. Vacuum up any fallen needles immediately to prevent that form happening to you cat. Pine tree needles can be fatal and cause liver damage to your pet cat. Make sure you cover up the water under your live tree so your cat cannot drink the toxic water. I prefer artificial trees but cats can still knock them over. I like small ceramic trees that are molded with decorations and they have internal lights that cannot cause any damage to your cat.

Cats And Decorations

Never ever put tinsel on your Christmas tree. Your cat may choke or have intestinal distress from eating and chewing on tinsel. If your cat chews on your Christmas tree lights he can be badly burned or electrocuted. Broken glass  and ornaments, and metal hangers can injure your cat. The fewer the decorations on your tree the better off you and your cat will be. I like using plastic, cloth or felt ornaments on a tree as these should be safe if your cat takes them off of your tree. I had a glass ornament fall off of a tree once and it shattered into many small pieces before I had cats. If a cat would eat a tree bulb that you had out to replace one when it burned out your cat could die from the cuts the bulb would cause going down his throat. Be extra cautious with tree decorations and lights if you must use them and you have a Dear beloved pet cat. You don’t want to have a Christmas without your cat because the decorations or lights killed him.

Christmas Packages

Do not put fancy ribbons on your packages under the tree as your cat could swallow the ribbon and it can get stuck in their stomachs and intestines and they will need immediate attention, Do not tie any yarn on any packages as it can get stuck in the back of the throat or inhaled. If your cat gets wrapped up in yarn he could lose his blood supply to that part of the body. Be very careful of anything that is bright and shiny that you may put on your package as cats are attracted to bright shiny objects that may cause them permanent harm or maybe death.

Christmas Toys For Your Cat

When buying toys for your cat make sure they are large enough so your cat cannot swallow them. Do not give your cat any toy with a battery in it as your cat may chew on it and get battery acid in his system that will cause corrosive damage as they are toxic to your cat. Some cat toys come with batteries in them that are pet approved. Give your cat toys that are meant for cats. Some cats like to play with sponges and empty toilet paper rolls which is fine unless your cat starts to eat the sponge. If your cat eats plastic it will have to be removed by you. If you cannot remove the plastic  form your cat he will need surgery to remove it. Hope you and your cat have a safe, healthy and a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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