Everyday Household Cleaners And More That Could Kill Your Cat

Bathroom Cleaners

Toilet bowl cleaner can kill your cat or placing the solid cleaners in your tank that dissolve and keep the tank and toilet clean. I never put any solid cleaners in my toilet tank as my cat may decide to take a drink out of the toilet. When I clean my toilet I always close the lid until I have scrubbed out the tank and I have flush the toilet several times. Never leave any toilet bowl cleaner setting in you tank as your cat may drink it and die from ingesting it. When using bathroom cleaners and scrubbing pads make sure your cat does not get any on their paws or lick any of the cleaners as this could kill them.

Floor Cleaners

When using floor cleaners keep an eye on your cleaning bucket and make sure your cat does not take a drink from the bucket. Carpet cleaners can be toxic to cats if they step on wet carpet and they lick their paws. Floor polish could end up on your cats paws if you let them in the room before the polish is fully dry. Do not put perfumed carpet powder on your carpet as your cat may be attracted to the scent and start licking your carpet as this may end up in killing your cat.

Maintenance Sprays or Oil

If you use oil to lubricate your treadmill or spray some oil on your locks on your doors so they work better make sure you clean up any spilled oil so your cat cannot ingest any of it. If you put an oil on your furniture to help preserve the wood wipe of any excess oil with a cloth. Oil can be very toxic to cats.

Laundry Products And Oven Cleaner

Laundry soap and fabric softener can be fatal if your cat licks or swallows any. Laundry pods can be very dangerous as your cat may think they are a toy. If your cat would bit into a laundry pod it could be fatal. Oven cleaner fumes can be toxic to humans as well as to pets.

Paints And Varnishes

Your cat could lick the paint thinking it was something good such as yogurt. Cats can get their tails and their feet in the paint or varnish. Try to keep your cat out of your work area if at all possible. Keep a close eye on your cat at all times. The moment you may turn your back while you are working is the moment your cat may be poisoned.

Mouse Poison, Fertilizer, Weed Killer And Insect Killer

Place mouse poison in a sealed container that nothing else can get into. Take pets out of your home if you have your home fumigated. Do not put granules around the outside of your home to kill insects if you let your cat outdoors as your cat might think the granules are a cat snack. Keep all of your lawn fertilizers, weed killers and garden sprays in a safe area that your cat cannot get access to.

Keep Your Cat Safe From Household Cleaners And Chemicals And More

Store all cleaners, chemicals, oil, fertilizer, weed killer, poisons, paints and more in an area that your cat cannot get into. Keep an eye on your cat at all times if you are working with any of these. Keep your cat out of your work area. If you suspect that your cat has been poisoned call your vet ASAP. Go to the closet vet in your area as time is of the essence as a few extra minutes could be the difference between life and death for your beloved cat. I hope you and your cat have many beautiful and memorable years together.

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