Asthma In Cats

Asthma can be deadly if it is left untreated in your cat. Your cats airway can constrict so much that he may stop breathing. Your pet cat can breathe through his mouth if his nostrils get plugged because of  respiratory  issues. Take your cat to your local veterinarian for a complete exam to find out your cats diagnosis ASAP.

Cats can have a terrible cough that sounds like they are coming down with pneumonia. Your cat may start vomiting everyday. Your cat may make a horrible distressing sound like he is in horrific pain right before he start coughing loudly. When your seemingly  healthy cat presents odd symptoms take him to your vet for  blood work, etc. until you get to the root of the problem.

Cats can get so stressed that they develop Asthma. Some cats get an asthmatic attack from dust, scented or dusty cat litter, perfume, smoke, mold, stress, and a dry house in the winter months. If you started using a new cat litter that is scented you should stop using it. Some cat litters have so much dust in them they can cause an asthmatic attack.  Strange people in your house such as a repairman could cause an asthmatic attack in your feline friend. Never smoke around a cat with asthma.

Have a place were your cat can rest and relax that is peaceful and quiet. Your vet will most likely give your cat a steroid shot that helps open up your cats airway making it comfortable for him to breathe. Steroid shots last from 4 to 6 weeks before your cat needs to get another shot. Asthmatic inhalers for people help cats also. You will have to buy a mask for your cat that the inhaler fits into. Keep your home at a nice warm temperature. Cold air can make it harder for your cat to breathe.

A new cat food could cause an asthmatic attack. If our house is dirty or moldy due to flooding have your house professionally cleaned for your cats overall health along with your health and well being. You probably should have the vent work on your furnace cleaned out. Always be attentive to any new issues your cat may have with his breathing. Your cat depends on you and your vet for his overall health. Good health to you and your feline friend.

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