Take The Road Less Traveled

Change can be a very scary thing in our lives. We get used to and feel very comfortable with our routines day after day. Sometimes God is calling us to make a very significant change in our lives and we are too busy to hear God calling us. Stop and examine your life now  and think to yourself can I be a better and more outstanding person in society.

Do not make fun of people just because other people are doing so. Take the road less traveled and remember you could be the one they are making fun of. Do not walk with the bullies in life walk the opposite direction. Do not let other people turn you into a pack of wolves that is waiting to devour someone. Defend the person the bullies are picking on as this is a true example of one of Gods good stewards.

Listen when God is calling upon you to do something that will better yourself and will help others immensely. God never ask more from you then what you can deliver. Be ready and willing to create a new and better you whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Be a more caring and compassionate individual. Help those who are in need. Listen to people that are lonely, afraid, downtrodden, sick, have lost a loved one, and that just need a caring person to talk to. Be a go to person for people.

Take some chances in life. Remember the old saying : Nothing ventured nothing gained. Look to the Bible for examples of what you can achieve in life even when all the odds are against you. Love God, family, friends, neighbors, and strangers. Some strangers are actually angels among us that are trying to teach us or led us in the right direction in life.

Remember God is always next to you even when you think you are all alone. Be one of Gods excellent shepherds today and always and never leave the flock alone to care for themselves.

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