How To Help Your Cat Shed Those Unwanted Pounds


Some cats eat a lot of cat food and night and therefore they really pack on the pounds. Do not overfeed your feline friends. Do not give more than 3 little cat snack pieces to your cat per day. An indoor cat needs no more than 1/2 cup of dry cat food per day. Your cat should eat one small can of wet food for each 3.5 pounds of their total body weight. Take away your cats food at night if the food dish appears to be empty in the morning.

Health Problems With An Obese Cat

An overweight cat can become diabetic and lethargic. A heavy cat can become arthritic and it will be difficult for him to jump up and down and move around without pain. Overweight cats can have asthmatic attacks and heart problems. Heavy cats will have trouble cleaning themselves after they use the litter box as they cannot bend around good anymore. Fat cats get more dander and their fur is not as bright and shiny anymore.

Steps In Your Home

I have a cat bed in the hallway upstairs that the sun hits. My cats love to take turns sleeping in the warm cat bed. They get exercise by running up and down the steps. My cats litter boxes, food and water are in my basement. My cats have to go up and down the steps multiple times a day to eat, drink and relieve themselves which gives them some exercise. I have a step stool for cats by my bed so that my older cat can get in and out of my bed easily.

Cat Exercise Wheel

One fast cat is a good way for your indoor cats to exercise and get rid of unwanted pounds. Put some catnip on a string or in a cat toy that holds catnip and your kitty will try to catch it and he will be able to master the cat wheel and his heart rate will go up and he will burn off calories.


Buy Cat Toys So You And Your Cats Can Interact Together

Buy stick toys for cats that have a fish on the end of the string. Throw the fish toward your cat and let him eventually grab it and run off with it so he thinks he got the catch of the day. Buy cat treat balls that makes your cat work to get his cat treats. Cats love to play with catnip filled mice, balls, singing birds, plastic lizards, frogs, sponge balls, crunchy balls. balls with rattles and many more cat toys. cats love circle game toys that have a mouse or a ball in them. My cats spend a lot of time playing with their circle ball toys. Sometimes I will spin the ball around and one of my cats will soon take over. Cats love cat trees that have dangling balls and ropes that they can play with. Think of things that will keep your cat on the move so he will be a lean looking cat that will live for many happy and healthy years to come. Hope you and your cat stay in shape and reap the benefits of your exercise routine.

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