Getting My Cats Winter Essentials

Heated Cat Beds

I buy my heated cat beds from I like the K& H brand heated cat beds as they last a long time and are completely dependable. Some of the cat beds zip apart and you can take out the element and wash the rest of the bed on a gentle cycle in your washing machine and then let the bed line dry in a warm basement or area of your home. I like the window sill, round and dog house style heated cat beds. Make sure the cords are in good shape on all of your cats beds and that they are in good working order before use to prevent any fires.

Stock Up On Cat Food And Litter

I stock up on cat food and litter as I do not want to be moving the heavy containers around when there is a solid sheet of ice on the ground. I love the fact that delivers your cat supplies right to your door. I order cat food, treats, kitty litter, toys and so much more from

Checkups At Your Vet

I make sure all of my cats have had their checkups before winter sets in. I make sure my cats shots are all up to date and their teeth are in good order. A happy cat is a healthy, loved and well cared for feline. By taking your cat to the vet regularly you may prevent a big health problem down the road. All of us want our feline friends to live their full nine lives.

Cat Toys And Exercise Wheels

Your cat will be more fit and trim with an exercise wheel in your home for cats. It will take your cats a little while to get used to using the exercise wheel. Cats running and pouncing on cat toys helps shed some of those unwanted pounds. I have some brain teaser cat toys to keep my cats minds more alert. My cats love cat treat balls. When my cats move the treat ball just right a nice cat treat rewards them for their efforts.

Canned Food And Cat Treats

As the temps. keep dropping my cats love to have more canned cat food added to their diet. My cats love canned food with squash or pumpkin in it along with chicken or fish. More food helps keep up their body temp. and their energy level. My cats always look forward to cat treats. My cats prefer chicken or tuna flavored cat treats.

Clean Up Your Cat Dishes And Litter Boxes and Bedding

I have fluffy towels for my cats next door to cuddle up in and I wash them before cold weather arrives. I take my litter boxes outdoors and clean them with soapy water and a scrub brush and I put rubber gloves on. All of my cat dishes get cleaned or replaced.

Keep Your Cat Free From Drafts

Make sure your door seals are in good shape and your windows are closed securely. Put your cat bed, litter box and dishes in a warm area for your cat. Never keep a cat outdoors that does not have shelter and a nice warm spot to curl up in and a heated water bowl and plenty of food. I hope you and your cats stay nice and cozy this winter.

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