Life Has Many Paths

Choose The Right Path

Choose the right path that will take you down the right path in life. We have many paths that will be available for us to walk along in life. Take a path that does not have too many forks in the road so you won’t get stuck on a path to nowhere. If you find yourself on a wrong path ask God for guidance as he will get you back on the right path quickly and safely. Do no stay on a wrong path as you may get tangled up in the dirt and debris left on that path by others that have gone on it before you.

Our Forefathers Blazed Many Paths For Us

Our forefathers have blazed a great many paths for us to follow over the years. Some of them lingered on the path for too long and others persevered and helped get our nation on solid ground. We have a lot to learn from our founding Fathers as they blazed a trial that many can benefit from forever. If we try to change what are Founding fathers accomplished our country will be in ruin. They were inspired by the Magna Carta and other English documents.

Sometimes We Have To Get On A New Path In Life

Sometimes we have to get off of a path we have been on for years because of our age, health, change of the times or our job may be eliminated due to progress. Maybe  its time to start writing a book that you have always wanted to start writing. You could do volunteer work and get a great feeling of satisfaction by helping others. God has chosen the path he wants us to take ever since we were in our Mothers womb. We may now be on the path that God has always wanted us to take. If you stumble and fall on your path keep going for God will help you with all of your endeavors that will benefit others along your path.

Be Brave And Adventurous On Your Path In Life

Be brave and be adventurous and you will discover great things to look at on the paths that you walk on. The scenes of nature can never be captured the way your eyes can capture the seen at that particular moment in time. Look at the mountains and think to yourself how many years it actually took for that mountain to be formed and look as magnetic as it does now. There will be flowers, trees, animals, people, plants, houses and Gods magnificent creations to enjoy on all of your paths that you walk along in life.

Sometimes It Is Necessary To Blaze A New Trail

Sometimes it is necessary to take a walk down a path that not many people walk on. If you see someone being laughed at or bullied help them. If you see someone that cannot defend themselves against others call as many people as you possibly can for help. All of us will need an advocate for us sometime on our path in life as we will not be able to defend ourselves. Many people try to look the other way and try not to think about the injustice going on. Injustice will come to all of us someday and I think you will care if everyone just walks on by and does nothing at all to help you.

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