My That Is One Smart Cat

Maggie one of my oldest cats figured out how to use One Fast Cat in no time at all. When I came to feed her in the morning she was sitting on the wheel and would not move. I said Maggie do want to show me something ?  I spun the wheel around and she stayed on showing me how she could run on the wheel. I told her that she did a good job and to teach my other cats how to use it.

I had a pregnant outdoor cat come up to my house in the spring. She was having trouble having her kittens. I helped her deliver one of her kittens and then she was able to have the other kittens on her own. She knew that I would come to her rescue and knew that I would help her.

I have had several cats watch TV programs over the years and they definitively know what they are watching. Garfunkel loves to watch race cars, meerkats, and cheetahs. Conrad was watching birds on TV and he put his foot on the bird that was being shown at the time. Kohl liked watching the cheetahs.

I had purebred Siamese house cat that would look at a picture that has birds in and she would place her paw on the birds. She also took a fancy to a picture I have that has two large tigers on the prowl. Garfunkel likes to look at videos of cats of various sizes shapes and forms.

One of my house cats was looking up to the sky constantly just before a tornado warning was issued. When there was a hail storm one spring my cat hide under the bed before the large hail stones fell to the earth. Cats can definitely sense a change in weather patterns.

Conrad drowns any mouse he happens to see. My home is rodent free except if a new roof gets put on or a vent pipe comes disconnected or one happens to run in the door. He must figure he stays cleaner by drowning them and he has done his duty to keep me rodent free. My other two house cats do not know what to do with a mouse since they were small kittens when they entered my home. Conrad has them help him coral the rodent in question and about every time the rodent runs right into his mouth.

Many cats have waken up their owners to warn them of a fire in the house or shown them where a gas leak was. One man trained his cat to dial 911 and he never thought his cat could perform the task. He had a heart attack and his cat dialed 911 and saved his life.

Never underestimate the intelligence of your feline friends as they could actually save your life someday. God bless our wonderful feline friends for all the wonderful things they do for us and they ask nothing in return except for our love, comfort, kindness, food, shelter, and support.

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