Hardships and Life

Do not be judgmental of people. You have no idea whatsoever of the battle scars and hardships they have gone through in their life. It might seem like a small thing to you but for them it has changed their outlook on life completely. We all have some battle scars that we carry with us everyday.

The baggage that we carry with us affects our relationships with other people directly and indirectly. We may put up a suit of armor when we meet someone for the first time. We may think the other person has one up on us and we must be on guard at all times for self preservation.

Being made fun of or picked on stays with you. You wonder will it happen to me again soon. If you cannot treat a person as you want to be treated stay away from that person and let them live their life in peace and harmony. Teasing is sometimes a form of bullying if it goes on too long.

If you do not like how someone dresses they may not like how you dress either. We have the right to choose our own attire as we see fit. We tend to wear clothes that we feel comfortable in and warm in. Some of us want the latest and trendiest fashions while the rest of us don’t really care about fashion trends. Fashions come and go.

You have no idea what a persons home life is like or what their job is like. Some of us get the ideal job in life while others get a job that they can barely make ends meet. If your mate has a horrible job they will not feel like cooking, doing chores and other household repairs. Let them rest and relax for awhile and talk over your day with each other. treat yourselves to a night out on the town once in awhile.

Always remember you have no clue whatsoever as to what a person has had to endure or go through in their lifetime. Some people can bounce back from adversity and other will carry the load on their back forever. Be kind, caring and considerate of other peoples feelings and remember only God can judge someone.

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