A little kindness goes along way in making the world a little brighter for other people. It is easy to be kind to people by complimenting them on a job that showed they took pride in  their work. Be considerate of others peoples feelings. Put yourself in the other persons shoes.

Kind gestures such as a smile, holding a door open, caring someones groceries, visiting with them and much more shows people that you care and appreciate them. Paying it forward is a wonderful and very rewarding act of kindness. Give to charities that you support that help uplift people year around. Some charities provide housing, clothes, heat, toys and food and much more that help people that are in need due to situations that are out of their control. A family that lost their job, a sick child in the family, a work accident and more truly need wonderful acts of kindness and help.

Be kind to a person that is made fun of as the next person that is made fun of might be you. God is always kind, caring and forgiving as we are Gods children here on earth and in heaven. Show kindness to all of Gods creatures. If you see an animal in pain try to help it by calling a vet, police, humane society or the sheriffs office that can help the poor animal to be out of misery.

Kindness shows in your actions and how you relate to other people. When you are sick you need to surround yourself with truly kind and outstanding people. There is no excuse whatsoever to not be kind to people that are suffering, sick, in pain, the very young, elderly and all of Gods creatures great and small. Kindness is what life is all about as it makes life bearable and meaningful and shows people that you love them. God loves each and everyone of us equally as we are all his children.

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