Being Content In Life

Being content in life is accepting your life as it is. Sometimes it takes a near death experience for you to be content in life. Being close to God, friends and family is wonderful as they can all help you along lives bumps in the road.

I had been in the same business for years. I liked what I did at that time in my life. I now enjoy being a lay minister at my church and reaching out to people and listening to them tell me their lives stories. I write #inspirationswithlaura on my website. I feel that I am finally doing what God has called upon me to do and their is no better contentment then that in your life.

Always be on the lookout for what God wants you to do with your life. You will find subtle signs in what God is calling on you to accomplish with your life. Sometimes if you are lack you will miss the first signs so always keep on the alert for God is calling upon all of us to accomplish certain and helpful missions with our life that will benefit and enrich the lives of many.

Visit with your elders often as you will learn many of lives valuable lessons from them. We all learn a lot of useful and valuable lessons throughout the years. Treat your elders with the upmost respect and remember you will be old much quicker than you think. Do not hurt, harm or injure the old or the young or anyone. We all have feelings and we all suffer from pain. Never add to someones suffering or pain and try to help to relieve them from suffering or pain. Make sure they get their necessary medicine on time and re position them gently in bed if they can no longer turn over on their own anymore. The young and the old should not lay around in wet diapers or clothing. Remember the Golden Rule and keep it close to your heart and you will treat people with the upmost respect.

I am happy and content in my life and I hope and pray that you are too.

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