If you take a test in school and you are positive you are going to Ace that test you will probably not do so. By being so overly confident you probably did not study long enough for the test. I have found out that test I did not feel confident with were the test I have done well on. A person tends to study longer for a test that you are somewhat nervous about taking.

If you are in a debate with someone you better study up on each and every question that may be asked of you. If you stumble around and keep looking for the right words to say you will look foolish and stupid in the debate. Overconfidence in a debate will finish you off quickly. Know your strengths and weaknesses  along with your opponents  strengths and weaknesses. Be well informed and answer your questions quickly and intelligently.

Overconfident people tend to be cocky and full of themselves. By being to confident you are domed to failure. Be prepared for unexpected events. Keep an emergency kit in your car, have regular checkups with your Doctor and stay on top of weather conditions. Overconfidence with driving, your health and the weather could end your life prematurely.

By being overly confident you could cost someone their life. Just because you passed a test saying you are qualified for a particular job you may not be  qualified just yet.  Practice makes perfect and do not be afraid to ask questions.

Confidence comes with age and experience and by actually doing the job at hand and not just reading about it in a book. Never get too cocky in your life or someone may pull out your plumes.  Keep your feet firmly to the ground and keep your head on your shoulders and learn something new everyday that will help you with the kind of confidence you truly want in life. Let God be your compass and your guide in life.

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