Be An Advocate For Family Or Friends To Help Keep Them Safe

When you are sick and alone you need an advocate that you can count on to help keep you safe and sound. When you are in the hospital your advocate  will make sure you are getting the right care for your particular situation. Your advocate will make sure you are clean and the Doctor’s are doing what they should be doing to get you back to your old self once again.

You need someone to check on you and see that you have dry bedding throughout the night and that you are getting better and not getting worse day by day. Check on your loved one often and at different times throughout the day. Make sure they are getting enough food and water to drink throughout the day. I have noticed that peoples water has been sitting way across the room where they cannot even reach it.

Any behavior that harms or hurts a person is inhuman and not acceptable. A person has a right to a dry bed all throughout the night and to have a glass of water that they can get to easily 24/7. Advocates must make sure their are not bruises, bedsores,feces, or other signs of neglect on their loved ones.

Remember you will be sick or old someday yourself. Ask yourself do I want to be treated this way when I am sick or elderly. If you cannot handle being a care giver than don’t take that kind of a job that will make you miserable and make the people that you sup-possibly taking care of miserable beyond belief.

Always keep the Golden Rule close to your heart and live by it day after day: ” Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You ” God wants his children to act as he would towards people that cannot help themselves. Advocates keep Gods flock safe and sound throughout life’s storms. Honor those that are sick and elderly with the upmost respect.

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4 thoughts on “Be An Advocate For Family Or Friends To Help Keep Them Safe

  1. Lynn says:

    Being the kids and grandkids close to the home farm this is a great reminder to be an advocate for our parents and grandparents as they need care. Thanks!

  2. I couldn’t agree more. My mother-in-law has Parkinson’s and spent 5 weeks in the hospital recently. Our whole family was there for her and we all were advocates for her then and still are today. We are so happy to have her back at home and that we can be her caregivers.

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