Love Is Not Judgmental, Boastful Or Jealous

If you are constantly judging your friends every mood or action you do not really love them unconditionally. If you have to fit into a certain little mold that the other person wants you to fit into your friendship will not last long.

If you are married and your husband  will not let you keep your old female friends he is controlling you and do not allow him to make his own friend list for you. If you are a man and you can never get together with your old buddies your wife is controlling you. If you feel the need to control someone or something that is not love it is a power trip over another person at their expense. If  a person is jealous of your old friends from the past they really don’t love you they just want to control you constantly and life is too short to have conditions put on friendships.

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I think of my friends equally nobody is any better or any worse than another friend is. I will not pick one friend over another to please someone. Good friends are hard to come by treat them with the up most respect and dignity possible.

Do not be boastful or  brag about things. People that love you  know the real you. Do not make yourself seem bigger then what you really are in life. Be honest and open in your relationships with others in your life. Being honest to yourself and others is one thing that will take you very far in life.

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Be kind, gentle, caring and giving with all of your friends. Be an anchor for your friends. Be a lighthouse that will light the way for your friends when  the storms  of life enter their life. Be a beacon that always leads your friends back to the shore which is on solid ground. Remember God is always by you side in the storms and turmoils in life. God bless all of you each and everyday with his constant and undying love for each and everyone of us in this World and Beyond.

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