Kitten Antics

Kittens Are Love At First Site

I have had many kittens over the years and they never seize to amaze me with their antics. Kittens will play with their Mothers tail as she swings it back and forth. I imagine the kitten thinks of its Mothers tail as  prey to catch. Small kittens will chase after fallen leaves in the fall. Kittens are the cutest of all pets.

Catch Of The Day

I had a Mother cat bring a mouse to her kitten that she had just caught. The kitten would catch and release the mouse and then pounce on it and grab it by the neck for at least one hour. The kittens Mother was getting a little annoyed with her kittens learning curve. Our small dog came a long  later and ate the mouse.

Cat Toys

Kittens love to toss cat toys up in the air and then try to catch the toy or pounce on it. My kittens are very curious creatures and they follow me around the building site as I walk around. We once had a small dog that would let the Mother cat and her little kittens share her dog house with her. Our dog and the cats had a long and outstanding relationship.

Watch Out For Your Kittens Safety

Watch out for kittens sitting on your car tires or getting into the engine compartment of your vehicle as things will not turn out well for your kittens. Do not let your kittens get into cupboards or near any hazardous chemicals. If you think your kitten might have ingested a hazardous poison take him to your vet ASAP.


Kittens love to climb up on things. Do not leave a kitten unattended with a Christmas tree in your house. The kitten could drink the tree water, play with the ornaments, or knock down the whole tree and get seriously injured.

Helpful Kittens

I had one kitten that used to love sit on my shoulder as I walked around my building site. Kittens love to crawl up your pant legs. Start trimming your kittens claws,brushing their teeth, grooming them and training them when they are very young for the perfect grown up cat  in the future. Your older cat will still have many years of antics in him.

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