Leviticus  6 : 1 – 2

And the Lord Spake unto Moses , Saying ,

If a Soul sin, and commit a trespass against the Lord, and lie unto his neighbor in that which was delivered him to keep, or in fellowship , or in a thing taken away by violence , or hath deceived his neighbor

I  have purchased items over the years that have been misrepresented to me my by their seller. They have said that the item has never been used and when you open he package you can truly see that the item has been used. I generally have to write a letter to the seller in order to get my money back. It is a sin if someone misrepresents something to you for financial gain or otherwise. I will never go back to a business that has misrepresented there product to me.

I purchased a SUV and when I got home and looked it over I discovered it was not AWD it was FWD and it had a smaller motor in it. I finally got the vehicle I had wanted with the help of friends and a signed statement from one of the main sales people. I ended up with a SUV that was one year newer and that had AWD. It took one whole year to get the SUV that I had purchased. They did not only hurt me by misrepresenting the SUV but they committed a trespass  against the Lord.

Let the buyer beware. There will always be deceptive people in the world unfortunately that will always try to fatten their bank acct. at your expense.  Do your homework and know everything possible about the item you are intending to purchase. Make sure every single little detail of your purchase is in writing and  signed by the seller and then you will have proof to back you up if necessary.

Remember no one ever deceives the Lord he knows what you are doing every waking hour of the day.

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