What Does A Cat Owner Want For Christmas

A cat owner always wants the best quality items possible for their feline friends.

I would like a new heated cat bed for my cats so they can enjoy the cold winter nights in complete and total comfort. Chewy.Com has a large selection of fine heated cat beds to choose from. They have heated beds for your indoor and outdoor cats.

Conrad in a heated bed

My cats like their Litter Maid self cleaning litter box. After a long day at work you don’t want to scoop away at cleaning your cats litter box. The Litter Maid self cleaning litter box does all of the cleaning for you so you can have a nice and relaxing evening.

Cat Litter

I like stainless steel water and food dishes as they are easier to clean and do not break if you happen to drop them. Plastic dishes and water bowls become brittle with time. Plastic bowls stain easily and look unappealing .

My cats like to eat more cat treats as the weather gets colder. Chewy.Com has huge selection of fine quality cat treats that are made in the USA to choose from.

My felines like to play with catnip filled cat toys. They like catnip filled toy mice, balls, snails, balls on strings and pretty much any cat toy that is filled with catnip.

A gift certificate from a pet store is an excellent item for you to give to any kind of pet owner. They can pick out what they are in need of for their pet at this particular moment in time.

A cat owner would like some Udderly Smooth Hand Cream from UdderlySmooth.com to keep their hands nice and silky smooth after they clean up after their cats.

udderly cream

A cat owner always is in need of good quality cat litter and cat food. I like to make sure all of my cats food is made in the USA or Canada.

I hope this post helps you choose the perfect gift for all of your friends that have a feline or two in their household.

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2 thoughts on “What Does A Cat Owner Want For Christmas

  1. I need to get Buddy and Holly a heated cat bed. Going to check out Chewy.com for one—they have such great customer service, don’t they? I have loved every single thing I have gotten from them and I know the cats have as well. Thanks for some great ideas!

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