Treasures in Maiden Rock, Wisconsin

The Smiling Pelican Bakery is run by an Artisan Baker. All of her baked goods are made from top quality ingredients. I love her banana cream pie it is made with real whipping cream on top of the pie. I love everything that I have ever tried at the Smiling Pelican Bakery. Her Ginger lavender cookies are out of this World. She has a very large selection of baked goods to choose from. There are many kinds of ¬†cookies, cheesecakes, quiches, pies , scones, breads, soups, panna cotta, cakes, bars and more to choose from. I have traveled to many countries in the World and nothing compares in quality and taste to Sandra’s top quality baked goods. You can eat inside of the bakery or outside on the porch or eat by her beautiful flower garden. It is a very scenic drive to get to the Smiling Pelican Bakery and a wonderful treat is here for you upon your arrival in Maiden Rock.


I like the Cultural Cloth Store in Maiden Rock. She sells items that are made by women in foreign countries. I purchased a beautiful rug that was made in Guatemala by women. By buying the items in Cultural Cloth you also help out the women that made the actual item that you purchased. I also purchased a necklace that was made out of a bone it is a gorgeous piece of handmade jewelry that I will always treasure and feel good about buying because I helped out a woman in need in a foreign country.

I like Basil’s antiques and unique items that he has for sale. I have purchased many items at Basil’s over the years. I bought a music box, cross, belt, bowl, and many unique and interesting items. There are several other lovely stores in Maiden Rock. A wonderful drive with lots of treasures to choose from upon your arrival.

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