Eye Cancer and Your Cat

I once had a Calico kitten and I named her Cleopatra. Cleopatra was a beautiful light colored Calico cat. Cleopatra loved to play with her Mother’s tail. Cleo was born on my farm in the barn that we had at that time. She had three siblings of various colors. Her mother was an excellent huntress and would come home with gophers and mice that she had killed. Cleo would follow me everywhere. She helped me when I was repairing items outdoors. Cleo would rub up against me constantly and purr away. She was excellent company when I was outdoors.


Cleo would chase leaves and pounce on them as a kitten. She followed her Mother on her Mother’s hunting expeditions. Her mother thought her all of her wonderful hunting skills. Cleo kept up with her Mother as far as her hunting skills were concerned. Her brother and sisters would play together constantly. Her brother was an all  black kitten and one sister was a yellow tabby and the other sister was a gray stripped tabby cat.

Cleo was always very healthy and energetic. She loved to climb up in the hay loft and sleep in the nice hay that was stored there. I think she had the nice threat of a pigeon now and then. I also saw some rabbit fur on occasion in the barn.

When Cleo was about six years old I noticed her eye was watering and was full of matter. I put eye drops in her eyes and noticed that they were not helping her. I took her to my vet and he diagnosed her with eye cancer. Cleo got along fine for about nine months. I noticed her eye was getting worse. My vet had told me that he could not operate on her that the eye cancer had spread to her brain. I decided to have Cleopatra put to sleep. I never want to see any pet suffer. Cleopatra was an awesome and wonderful loving cat.

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