Life in the Day of a Cat

My cats start out their mornings with me giving them fresh water and cat food. I then clean out their litter boxes. They always drink the fresh water that I have put out for them. My cats eat some of their cat food. The cats then run upstairs and look out of my picture window at the birds eating out of my various bird feeders. Conrad and Kohl look through their cat toy box and select the toy of interest for the day to play with. They always select at least one toy that is filled with catnip. They will throw the catnip toy up in the air and then lick the catnip toy later on. They take turns sitting on my lap later on in the day.


My cat family next door starts out their day with fresh water and food and a clean cat litter boxes. Lorenzo always licks my hand every morning after I clean out the litter box. The kittens play with their Mother’s tail and the various cat toys in the house. The adult cats love to sit on the windowsill cat beds and watch the world go by. All of my cats like the cat scratching post combination cat beds. They love to chase each other playfully throughout the house. When I check on them throughout the day they are generally laying on one of the cat beds and looking outdoors at nature. I give them cat treats and canned cat food as an afternoon snack. I hold them and pat them on their heads and scratch them under their chins. My cat Russ enjoys being in his enclosed Cat Playpen.

My outdoor cats start out their mornings with an early morning hunt. They like to hunt in the ditches and the cornfield for mice. My outdoor cats are all good mousers. I give them fresh water and cat food in the morning. On a hot day I will find them laying in the shade and relaxing. When I have had outdoor kittens they love to play with leaves that blow around in the wind. In the winter months they sleep in their heated cat beds. They always have water to drink in the winter with their heated water bowl for pets. They have some tennis balls to bat around in the building they stay in.

I hope you and your cat have a wonderful and lovely day.

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