Outdoor Totally Enclosed Cat Playpen

I am sitting outside with my cats. My cats are taking turns inside of their cat playpen. They are enjoying a nice warm and sunny day. The temperature outdoors is only 74 degrees. It is a perfect day to enjoy the great outdoors.

Kohl spent 30 minutes in the cat playpen. I checked on him every so often. Kohl was watching birds and breathing in the nice fresh air. Kohl was perfectly content and relaxed in the cat playpen.


Russ was thrilled to be in the cat playpen. Russ always tries to get outdoors anytime an opportunity presents itself. Russ was looking up in the tree branches at the squirrels that were moving around in the trees.


Cali looked around at her surroundings. Cali noticed some blackbirds. The blackbirds kept her interest for sometime. Cali kept sniffing at the wonderful fresh air.


All of my cats were thrilled to be outside. The cat playpen is a safe way for your cat to enjoy the great outdoors. Your cat is completely zipped in the cat playpen. You can stake the playpen to the ground or tie it to your deck. I looked out of my picture window to check on my cats. They were happy and content. I also set on my deck next to my cats.

I like the fact that my cats cannot run off or get lost while they are zipped in their cat playpen. The cat playpen is very roomy. The cat playpen has a zipper door and a zippered top for easy access. I feel that my cats are safe and extra happy when they are outdoors in the safety of their cat playpen. I happened to find this cat playpen online.

I would highly recommend a cat playpen to anyone who wants a happy and relaxed house cat. I like the safety factor of my cat being totally enclosed while they are outdoors.

I hope you and your cat have many wonderful and relaxing summer days ahead.

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8 thoughts on “Outdoor Totally Enclosed Cat Playpen

  1. I need one of these, Laura!!! Sounds like a great price and I am going to go on the search for one. Aaron has been trying to teach Buddy to walk on a leash but this seems a much better alternative for an older cat! Thanks!

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