Walking On Your Vacation

Shopping At Stores

My friend and I stayed in the central part of town in a hotel. We would take off from the hotel in the morning and shop at the local stores. It is fun to look at the sights and shop while you are walking around. We would stop at local museums and would would buy tickets to concerts in the evening. I tried on a pair of shoes which I liked and and I carried them back to my hotel room. I once purchased a Christmas wreath that I carried to the local post office that I sent heme. A lot of stores would offer free shipping to your home which was wonderful so I would not have to carry it back to my hotel room. I found an old toy store on a vacation in France that had wonderful toys like the ones I played with years ago. I purchased a wind up toy pig and a robot and a an old car with a man driving it with his duster outfit on. I have found wonderful crosses in the windows of stores that I love to wear.

Looking At Sights And Scenery While You Walk

I have walked into bakeries and I have purchased their wonderful baked goods. They make for a good evening dessert after a day of walking and taking in all of the sights and sounds. When walking you can walk into the local restaurants and see which one you want to eat in later on after you look their menu over. My friend and I went on an old train engine for a ride after we saw their sign that the train ride would start in one hour. It was so much fun riding in that little passenger train car. We have walked up to old light houses and taken a tour of them. I love old light houses and I love what they stand for and I think of how many peoples lives they have saved over the years.

Outdoor Markets

I love going to the outdoor markets in Europe. I have found wonderful gifts to give people for Christmas. I have found unique one of a kind items. I have purchased old books, hand made wooden items for kitchen use, socks, shirts, toys for my pet cats and much more. I purchased a big antique serving plate for my friend for her birthday. I purchased a hand made flute and Turkish delights in Turkey. I also purchased a small Turkish rug. I love looking at the fresh cut flowers and produce items. I have purchased the fresh fruit at outdoor markets to eat in my hotel room at night which is a healthy snack to eat in the evening. I purchased a cuckoo clock in Germany.

Walking On A Vacation Is Good For You

You can talk to some of the locals as you walk along and ask them where you might go for tickets to a concert, opera, a play and more. I ask them where some of their favorite restaurants are located. People tend to be very helpful in directing you on how to find something you may want to look at in town. The exercise you get while you walk will keep you from gaining a lot of weight on your trip. Keep walking and you will be surprised by what you will see and what you will be able to do on your walking adventures on your upcoming vacations.

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