Living A Purposeful Life

What Is Your Purpose In Life

You will find your life has many purposes for many people to be impacted by what you do with your life. Take care with what you do and pursue in life. What you do with your life will be seen by many and will affect many people. God has a given purpose for each one of us. If we do not listen and observe we might not find the true purpose for our lives. God want us to help spread the good news and be wonderful stewards that see and recognize the needs of others. You should not have to be paid to help elderly people as it should be given to help them out of faith and humanity toward others. God helps all of us 24/7 and he ask for nothing in return expect that we accept him as our Father in heaven. As a good steward you help people that are in dire need or that are going through difficult times. If everyone has to be paid to be a good steward we are truly in a bad state as far as our relationship with God and everyone one in this World.We are doomed if we no longer reach out to others with Christian love and fellowship.

Your Occupation

Does your occupation truly help others or are you in it just for the money. Money is the root of all evil as it will not keep you company or buy true friends for you. Money does not care about your well being or comfort you in sickness and in health. If money consumes your every waking hour you are truly doomed to failure. Remember it is truly better to give than to receive. I hope your occupation helps enrich the lives of others. If you own a store pretend you are a customer in your store now and then. You will probably make a few changes after you have put the shoe on the other foot. Be friendly and kind to all that enter your door and thank them when they leave your store. A store without a friendly and knowledgeable staff will be doomed to failure. Know all of your merchandise and stand behind what you sell. Teach others what you have learned in your life and do not let your skills or gifts be buried with you.

Finding Your True Purpose In Life May Take Awhile

It may take a near death experience for you to find your true purpose in life. One grows closer to God when you you go through a near death experience. You want to spread Gods good works more than ever. God has saved you from death so that you may spread the good works and let everyone know what God has done for you in your life. You will become more vocal and kind and it will be easy to talk to others when you know God is always by your side 24/7. Go out and live a purposeful life with God by your side.

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