Bean & Bistro Located In Northwood, Iowa

Coffee, Chai Tea And More

In love their coffee at Bean and Bistro. I have had their lattes, cappuccinos, regular and decaffeinated coffee. Their coffee has a nice mild flavor and I love the aroma of the coffee. I love their vanilla chai tea and their hot chocolate. I have had vanilla, pumpkin spice , caramel and other flavored coffee drinks. All of their coffee is made to perfection. If you ask for a lot of froth on your coffee that is what you will get.

Breakfast and Cinnamon Rolls And Cookies

I love their Wednesday burrito breakfast special. I order the burrito that has ham in it and it is absolutely delicious. I love all of the food at Bean & Bistro located in Northwood, Iowa. The burrito is filled with hash browns and cheese that I order. You can get your burrito with ham, bacon or sausage and it also comes with sour cream. The special comes with a large cup of coffee and cream if you want it. Their cinnamon rolls are the best cinnamon rolls that I have ever eaten in my life. The frosting is a light brown cinnamon frosting that gives it just the right amount of sweetness. I do not like cake icing cinnamon rolls as they are way to sweet and they do not make those which I am glad for. They also make another outstanding cheesecake cinnamon roll. The cinnamon roll has cheesecake on top of it and I love cheesecake. I generally take home two cinnamon rolls to have later on. I would highly recommend trying their cinnamon rolls as they are mouth watering. I like to take home some of their cookies to snack on. I have tried their chocolate chip cookies and more.


They have various kinds of wraps that come with chips. They have a grilled cheese sandwich which comes with tomato soup. I have tried their soup and I loved the fact that it was not spicy as I do not like spicy foods. Their grilled chicken wrap is delicious. They have smash burgers that come with caramelized onions, bacon and Swiss cheese and homemade chips. They have daily lunch specials that are very generous and filling. I love all of the food at Bean and Bistro  located in Northwood, Iowa.

The Owner And Staff

The owner always ask me how my food was which I appreciate. She works in the kitchen with gloves on while she prepares your food. Her co worker is an excellent barista and they both have pleasant personalities. They take time to visit with you and put a smile on your face. I ordered 6 cinnamon rolls one day for me and other people to pick up when I got there. They were ready to go when I got there.

The Atmosphere

The restaurant is nicely decorated. I love the antiques in the restaurant as there are two old coffee grinders and a neat little antique corner table with a mirror. She has pictures on the walls of people drinking coffee and old coffee signs. There are more interesting antique pieces to look at. You can she the care she takes in preparing your food in the kitchen while you you wait. Take a nice little drive and have some coffee, breakfast, lunch, cinnamon rolls and more at Bean & Bistro located in Northwood, Iowa.

Italian Night

Starting the 2nd Saturday in March from 5 to 8 PM she will be starting Italian night. You can bring your own wine or spirits to enjoy while you are eating your Italian food. There will be an uncorking fee for your wine or spirits. What a wonderful way to spend a Saturday evening with friends or family.

The Bistro Bed and Breakfast

She has a Bed and Breakfast above her Bistro. You can spend a nice quiet evening above her Bistro and get served one her wonderful breakfast items and your choice of hot coffee or other hot drinks that she has.

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