Accountability For Your Actions

You Are Accountable For Your Actions

Think before you act. If you destroy something you should be held accountable. I have heard people say the government will pay for that. The tax money comes from all of us and all of us are paying for something that you destroy. People have destroyed national monuments and then they they say the government will pay for that. All of us will pay for the destroyed monument with higher entry fees into the parks. The destroyed monuments will never look the same and they will decay much faster over time once there original structure has been damaged. Parks and monuments are for future generations to enjoy. Protect and respect your parks and monuments so young people will be able to enjoy them for many generations to come. You will be accountable to God  for your actions while you were alive on earth.

Trying To Pass The Buck

Do not blame someone else for your ignorance and lack of respect for other peoples property. If you make a mess clean it up. No on should have to hold your hand and tell you to cleanup after yourself. I have seen people put their garbage in a garage when the dumpster is only 3 feet away. Kids will say the other student did it when they are standing right next to the item that they ruined. Stop trying to pass the buck and be a responsible and be an upstanding person in your community. If you got a new bike for you kids for Christmas free from the Salvation Army do not go out the next day and get one from another place. Take only one item so that other people can have at least one.

Never Destroy Anything

Help people repair items that need fixing. When you break out windows on a building you and all of your friends will be paying for those windows down the road. The store will have to charge more for the items in the store to compensate for his cost in replacing the windows. No one wins when you destroy things. When you destroy something it shows a lack of intelligence on your part or anyone that is taking part in it. Fixing damaged items cost millions of dollars every year. Everyone’s insurance goes up every year to fix destroyed items. Your vandalism and no respect for others property will cost you dearly down the road. You may not be able to get a job when your future employer reads your rap sheet. All of your arrest and criminal records are public knowledge that follow you around and around like a Merry Go Round.


Raise You Kids So That They Are Held Accountable For Their Actions

If you see your child breaking something explain to them that that is unacceptable behavior in your household or anywhere that they may go. If they throw a rock through the neighbors window make them pay for the window and apologize  to the neighbor for what they did. If you see them destroying public property make them pay the store owner out of their allowance. Teach your children the right values to have in life as they will take them far in life.


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