Precious Gifts

Family And Friends

Family and friends are a truly a precious  gift. Family is their for you through thick and thin. Family and friends are a cheerleader for one another. We respect and admire our family and friends.Our family and friends know all of our faults and all of our good points and they accept us for who we are. Family and friends try to uplift you in troubling times. Our families are an extension of ourselves. When everything in your life falls apart your family is their for you. Time spent with family and friends is very enriching and they lift up your soul or your inner being. A life without family and friends would be the downfall of any man. We are meant to be around people who love and care for us deeply.


God have us the gift of the Bible and if we abide by the teachings in the Bible we will be kind, caring, loving, peaceful, hopeful, joyful, faithful, graceful and compassionate human beings. We have the gift of the ten commandments which tells up how to act and behave to live in harmony with Gods teachings. God wants us to love our fellow human beings as we love ourselves. We should help the downtrodden, the poor and anyone who is suffering. God gave us the gift of Jesus his son who died on the cross for our sins so that we can have everlasting life in heaven.

The Gift Of Time

God has given us the gift of life and time on earth. We can accomplish much with our time on earth. We don’t know how much time we will have on earth. Our mission on earth is to make the World a better place for us having been here. We can try to keep our planet clean, help protect endangered species of animals and be good Samaritans to all who cross our path in life. Time is a very valuable gift so do not waste it on trivial matters. Time does not stand still for any man so if you want to do something do it today and do not put it off for another day or better day which may not present itself. When someone gives you a gift of their time that is the greatest gift they can give as they will never be able to recapture their time.

The Most Precious Gifts You Can Give Loved Ones

You can give your parents the gift of love and to always care for and respect them. Unconditional love is the greatest gift you can ever give as it makes us feel safe. Unconditional love cannot be shaken by disagreements, stress or dissatisfaction. Unconditional love does not leave when things get tough. You love someone despite flaws, but you also love them because of their flaws. You will never regret time spent with your parents and all of the fond memories  and love you shared growing up in a home that was heaven on Earth. You never will regret time spent with friends and family and the love and concern you have for each other. God has unconditional love for us. We love because he loved us. He gives us the ability to love others as he loves. Sing praises to God everyday.

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