The Art of Becoming The Well Seasoned Traveler Part 2

Keep Your Passport And Valuables Attached To Your Person

Keep your passport in a passport holder that goes around your neck with a metal rope that cannot be cut. Keep your money in a money belt or have a zipper container that you can safely pin to your clothing that has a place for your passport also. Make sure you always have them attached to your person. Make sure your plane tickets are were you can find them in a hurry. Keep a copy of your receipt for your hotel room and vouchers that you will have to have to see local attractions. Keep phone numbers for your hotel on you if you get lost while walking about as they can direct you back to your room. Take a cell phone with you that can be used abroad by putting a different sim card in it. Keep emergency numbers with you at all times if someone has to tell someone that you are sick and in need of medical care.

Take Change With You For Using Rest Rooms Abroad

Most rest rooms abroad require you to put the exact amount of change in so a bar will lift up allowing you to us the rest room. If you do not have change they will not let you in. Some rest rooms have matrons sitting by the door asking for more money then they should before they will let you in. Stores do not have rest rooms for the general public. Gas stations also charge to us their toilets. Restaurants want you to buy something before they let you use their rest rooms. I used a toilet in a drug store once and she locked me in the bathroom. My friend told her she had to let me out and luckily she let me out before we missed our bus back to our hotel for the night. In one rest room the matron barley let us in and she started pounding on the door with a billy club. In a train station the matron was yelling at us while we used the rest room. One rest room at a restaurant had men and women using the same rest room. Using the bathroom overseas can be quite an experience you soon won’t forget.

Allow Time For Unexpected Adventures On Your Trip

We had a plane ride over the islands in Hawaii that I truly enjoyed. Our guide told us the history of each island and we toured an orchid green house. He sold one orchid bulb overseas for $10000.00. We went in a submarine and we saw fish and big turtles in the clear waters of Hawaii. We saw Stonehenge in England which I had always wanted to see. If you see a day trip make reservations to go it since you will probably regret that you did not see it if your heart was set on seeing it. We booked several ballets, operas and concerts which I enjoyed immensely. Do not be afraid to look at local attractions such as monuments, museums, and much more on the spur of the moment as that moment may never present itself again.

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