The Black Sheep Coffee Baa Located In Greene, Iowa

Awesome Baked Goods

I ordered a vanilla chai latte and an Almond poppy seed muffin. My chai tea was excellent and my Almond poppy seed muffin was absolutely delicious. My muffin was very fresh and tasted like almonds and the poppy seeds added to the delicate taste. Patrons started coming into the coffee shop and bakery. The Almond poppy seed muffins were flying off the sleeves as they were a big hit with everyone. I ordered six almond sticks to take home. I ate one for an evening snack and it just melted in my mouth. I love almond letters and the almond sticks taste just like an almond letter. They had scones, cinnamon rolls, huge chocolate chip cookies, baked bread and much more to take home with you.

Lunch Items

I ordered a bowl of their hamburger cheesy soup which I took home with me to heat up for my lunch. The soup was packaged in a microwave container that was vented. I also took home four extra large chocolate chip cookies. I heated up the soup in my microwave at 12 PM. My soup was excellent as it had hamburger, broccoli and cheese in it. I enjoyed my soup while I watched TV. They sell paninis, ruebens, salads and breakfast items.

Friendly Staff

The employees were very friendly and accommodating. My barista knew how to make a perfect froth for my latte. All of the food items were handled with gloves on. The owner of the coffee shop and bakery came out to greet me and see how everything was. I appreciate it when the owner comes out to talk to her customers as it shows she wants everything to be done to the customers satisfaction. She was very pleasant to visit with. The Black Sheep Coffee Baa is located on Traer Street in Greene, Iowa. A very nice coffee shop to go to for a nice  morning drive or for a wonderful lunch and delicious baked goods to take home and enjoy throughout the week.

Nicely Decorated

I love the little black sheep in the coffee shop and the old antique stove and the pictures of sheep on the walls and the old coffee signs. The coffee shop is nicely appointed and has a relaxing atmosphere.

My Morning Breakfast

I ate one of the awesome chocolate chip cookies for my breakfast this morning. I figure why not start off your day with sweets as you can work it off throughout your day. I also heated up my left over chai latte. I enjoyed my breakfast today.

Baked Goods I Will Savor Throughout The Week

I will be munching away on my almond sticks as I love them immensely. I will also be eating more of the chocolate chip cookies. When I run out of my baked goods I will be making a trip back to The Black Sheep Coffee Baa and Bakery located on Traer Street in Greene, Iowa. I look forward to trying more of their coffee, lunch items and baked goods.

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