Muck And Mire

Do You Find Yourself  Stuck In The Mire?

Mire is like sinking sand in your life. If you keep on trudging along in the mire you will be trapped in quick sand up to your neck. You may even succumb to the quick sand and be buried alive. Some people never seem to learn and they keep trudging in the mire their entire lives. You need to clean yourself from the mire in your life. Clean up your attitude in life. Do things that that nourish your soul. Become a respectable person in society.

Muck In  your Life

Forget things that happened years ago in your life that bring you down and you will become a much happier person. The past tries to keep the muck stuck to your inner being if you do not let go of the past. The past should be like spilled milk as you clean it up and move on to better and worthwhile pursuits. Some of us seem to always step in the manure in the farm yard instead of watching our step and changing direction in our life. We must always remember to forgive ourselves in life for all of us have been embarrassed and made mistakes in our lives. No one in this World is without sin. Ask God for forgiveness and do not make the same mistake again. Pray to God for guidance in your life often.

People That Bring Muck Into Your Life

If someone puts you down all of the time and never praises you for the good things you have done get rid of them as they are muck in your life. Find people that are your cheerleaders as they will encourage you and lead you onto a better more fulfilled life. If you enable people to bring muck into your life they will. If you have a relationship that is a mucky one get out of it ASAP. If you do not respect yourself other people will not respect you either.Pray to God for help in getting rid of all of the muck in your life.

Mire Holding You Back

Sometimes we keep in the mire by trying to buck the wind and the weather as we have storms in our lives. When you have storms in your life forget about the storm and think what you can learn from the storm. All of us will have illness or sickness in our lives. We have to learn to embrace the illness and not let it empower us. Think of all of the things you can do with your life to help others with the time that you are given on earth. Do not have a pity party. Pray to God for the path that is the right path for you to use with your illness to help others and always remember there is always someone that is in worse shape than you are. Never give up the race in life as even the turtle will cross the finish line eventually. An illness can be a great gift from God that will enrich you life considerably along with the lives of others. Thank you God for my on going journey in life for I still have much to learn and much to offer others.


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