Life With Purpose

Your Job

Does your job fulfill your purpose in life? I hope your job helps others as well as yourself. If you go to work with a job that does not fulfill you and others try to find another job that will. Some people work at the same job all of their life and there is no place for advancement. Do not work at a dead end job that works you literally to death. Your job should make you feel good about yourself and should also help other people.

Gods Purpose For Us

God has given all of us are own unique talents and abilities to help us complete are purpose in life. Some of us help save other people’s lives. Some of us teach others the skills they will need in life. Some of us spread Gods good works often. When we help others and are compassionate for their plight in life and bring hope, joy ,peace and love into their life we are one of Gods good and caring shepherds. God has a purpose for each one of us the moment we are born into the world.  We have to be observant and not miss out on are true purpose in life with God. God is your compass and anchor in life.Follow God on your journey through life.


Our families give us a sense of purpose. We love our families and we want the very best for them We want our children to have a better or easier life than we had. We want our children to have every opportunity that may be open for them to fulfill their dreams in life.We want our children to want for nothing in life. Our family is an extension of us. All of us our Gods children and we are greatly loved by our heavenly Father.

Everything Has A Purpose

We have hammers for hammering nails down tight We have saws for sawing down trees or cutting lumber. We have cats for catching and killing mice. We have house cats because they are excellent company and they make excellent pets. Rain helps things grow and it adds to our  water supply. There is nothing on earth that does not have a purpose. Some tools get used more than others but we need them all to get our task completed effectively and efficiently. Some people do more then others do but we need them all to get the entire mission completed. God gives us people with a wide diverse amount of abilities to get our callings from God completed. It takes a village to get the job done right. Thank you God for all of the talented people you bring to the table of life.

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