Cats In Purradise

A Contented Cat

Cats purr away when they are sleeping in a nice heated bed on a cold winters night. Cats are extremely happy when they are feed tuna canned in water. I  always give my cats some tuna canned in water on holidays or their birthdays. Kohl loves it when I comb out his loose hair as he will purr away the whole time that I am combing out his hair. Garfunkel purrs away anytime that he is on my lap or he is next to me in bed. Conrad loves his hammock bed as it is his favorite spot for watching TV programs. His favorite TV programs are Gunsmoke and any National Geographic programs that feature animals. All of my house cats love to watch wild cats in the jungle or birds. Garfunkel loves auto racing and watching Meerkats. Kohl watches TV from one of his circular beds on the floor. My cats next door love it when I feed them canned food in the morning. Hilford will let me pat him while he is eating and purring away. Nicole is  shy and does not like you be held or touched. She loves to sleep in a extra wide cat bed as she wants plenty of room to get nice and comfy. My cats next door love catnip mice and singing birds and circle game toys. My cats purr while I clean out their litter boxes. Some of them have a competition as to who will use the nice clean box first.

Cats Love To Be The Center Of Your Attention

When I talk on the phone my cats vile to get my attention anyway that they can. Cats get jealous quickly and they do not want you talking to someone one the phone. Cats want your attention 24/7. Cats will rub against you to be friendly or when they want something to eat. Sometimes your cat will plop down in front of you which is not wise of them but needless to say they did get your attention. Kittens learn quickly how to get your attention and get what they want to be in purradise. Kohl used to balance on the curtain rods as a young kitten and he never once lost his balance. I was always concerned that he would fall off and get hurt. Cats love to hide and they seem to love it that you are calling them and they are watching you run around while they are right their the whole time. I guess they want to make sure we are concerned about them when we cannot find them.

Cats Love Purradise

My cats love to be outdoors in the summer months in their outdoor cat playpen. Cats love to be patted on the head and fussed over. I make sure my cats are living in  purradise by taking them to the Vet for shots and health care. I make sure they have plenty of food and fresh water and heated beds in the winter months. My cats get new cat toys  and bedding and more to make their lives My cats are greatly loved and cared for and they are the center of my attention and they are family.

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