Jumping To The Wrong Conclusions

Make Sure You Have All Of The Facts

Make sure you have all of your facts straight before you make your final conclusion. Jumping to the wrong conclusion can damage your reputation and damage the accused person gravely. Being accused of something you did not do is devastating and demeaning. The guilty party will get off Scot – free when you accuse someone falsely.

The Wrong Place At The Wrong Time

If you happened to be walking by a store when it was just robbed you may be accused of the crime because you were in the wrong place at the wrong time. If kids are doing something naughty in the classroom the kids causing the ruckus will run off  leaving one kid behind to get punished unfairly. My older cats and the Christmas tree. My oldest cat knocked over the Christmas tree thinking I would accuse the youngest cat which I did to begin with. The oldest cat tried it again when I was watching around the corner and this time the jig was up. My youngest cat got extra cat treats that night.

Sentencing The Wrong Person To Prison

People have been sent to prison just because they resembled the perpetrator. If you look at someone in a police line up make sure you are 100 percent sure that is the person who stole your money. No one would want to be in prison most of their life for a crime they did not commit. If you put the wrong person in prison you have robbed him of what he have done with his life on earth.

Teachers Judging Students Unfairly

If a child has had a grave illness in kindergarten the teacher should not laugh and make fun of the student. A horrible illness while trying to learn is very hard on a young child. She jumped to the wrong conclusion in thinking this child that had almost died was stupid. This teacher would laugh at the student every time they did not know an answer to a question and the rest of the class would join in. She made kindergarten a living hell for this student. She told this child to stay after school and clean the clock. The student told her she could not because she rode the school bus. The student told a friend to tell the bus driver to wait for her. The bus driver came into the classroom to get the student. The teacher told the bus driver that the student was so dumb they did not know they rode the bus. This teacher would make this student sit in the corner with a dunce hat on whenever it fit her fancy. This student to this day does not like people her own age and has a hard time relating to other women sometimes. Never pick on a sick student or someone that you think is easy prey as they will have ever lasting scars that they will carry with them forever.

Never Be Unfair To Others

You have no idea of what people have been through or what they going through today to get to the point they are at in their lives now. Sickness, pain suffering, and all kinds of trials and tribulations come to all of us eventually. Do not jump to the wrong conclusions about anyone.

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