Helpful Hands

Helping Hands

All of us need helping hands in our lives. We may need help mowing our lawns or shoveling our snow. If we did not have helping hands we would have long grass and weeds in our lawns or our steps and sidewalks would be covered in snow. We are Gods helping hands when we help those that can no longer help themselves due to health or other problems. Helping others gives one a wonderful feeling. If we were not Gods stewards there would be many weeds growing on our path in life.

Giving Hands

Give, and it will be given unto you – Luke 6 – 38.  When you treat people right they will generally treat you right. When you give to the less fortunate you are helping a child of God. You may be on the receiving end of someone giving to you someday. When you give something to someone think to yourself is what I am giving them represents God or how I want to be represented. Give others something that you like and not something that is cheap or worn out. Make sure your giving hands always represent the best in you. How you act and what you give others says volumes about your giving hands.

Faithful Hands

I hope everyone has faithful hands. When you lose faith you have lost everything that is good in your life. Ask other people for support when you are struggling with your faith. Pray to God to help you get your faith back. Without faith in your life your task seem worthless. You must always think that the plane that you are on will safely land and not crash as that is faith. Keep your faith as things will get better eventually.

Teaching Hands

Our parents teach us many things that will help and take us far in life. Everyone that teaches and enriches  our lives is someone to be admired. We learn a great deal from books that have been written by someones hand. The hand of God is referred to sitting on the right side of God and is a special kind of honor. God is the greatest teacher. The Lord of Heavens armies is a wonderful teacher, and he gives the farmer great wisdom. Isaiah 28 : 29. Our teachers we have in our lives teach us many things that we will us in our daily living throughout our entire lives. We are never to old to learn as we have better time management skills, we are more disciplined and we have technology on are side.

Joyful, Kind, Loving,Caring and Hopeful Hands

Doctors and nurses help us while we sick by caring for us and helping us feel like our old selves again. Food bank workers prepare food for those that are less fortunate with their hands. Spouses love each other and care deeply for each others well being. God loves all of his children deeply. Kind people help you when you feel down trodden by listening to your concerns and helping you get over hurdles safely in life. Be joyful in life and hopeful and let your light  shine in the storms of someones life so they can see the sunshine after the storm.

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