Stay Anchored To Your Beliefs

Stay True To Your Beliefs

Do not let someone sway you to do something that does not tie into your beliefs. Stay with what works for you and do not try to copy someone else’s methods or what works for them as it will more than likely not be a true fit for you. Continue with a job that you like and do not keep moving around to other jobs constantly. You can move onto a job that stands for what you want to do in your life that will better you and help others as well.

Throw Out Your Anchor

Never let anyone try to take away what anchors you in your life. God, family,friends,neighbors,your job and your pets should be positive anchors in your life. Never pull up your anchor without giving much thought to it as your ship may drift away and sink deep onto the ocean floor. Your anchor is like your roots in life. The roots of the tree nourish it and refresh it day after day. Stay nourished and refreshed in your life and then you can help yourself and others that you meet on life’s journey.

Your Home Can Be An Anchor In Your Life

We grow very attached to the home that we grew up in. Home is where the heart is. We are familiar with the all of the sounds that our homes make in the winter months with the temperature changes. We remember family gatherings over the years and happy times growing up. We can see our Grandparents, parents, our children as they were while they were living in the house. There is no place like home as home is a very strong anchor indeed.

God Is My Anchor

Without God as my anchor in life I would drift away into uncharted waters that would be choppy and scary with every move of the current. God shows us love and mercy and he carries us when we cannot walk on our own. God has gotten me through every storm that I have encountered in my life. Gods give me a wonderful outlook on life even when times are difficult. Make sure you stay anchored to God and you will never drift into uncharted shark infested waters. There are people that will try to cut off your anchor in life. Stay clear from false prophets and people who promise you the moon the wind and the stars as you know they cannot deliver on their trumped up promises. God fulfills everyone of his promises to you. Stay anchored my friends.

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