The Art Of Becoming The Well Seasoned Traveler

Plan Out Your Trip

Have a general idea of what you want to see and do on your trip and do not pack to many activities into one day as you do not want be be worn out and tired at the start of your trip. If a museum is closed that you had planned on seeing look at something else that might peak your interest. Museums do remodel and rearrange now and then and they have to be closed to do that. Sometimes Forrest fires will prevent you from seeing something. Drive to a park and look at the beautiful scenery their. I love to look at and visit historic places. Do not get bent out of shape if you have to change your plans for the day as that is just part of life.

Packing Your Suitcase

When you first start traveling you pack everything but the kitchen sink. My first suitcase was huge and hard to maneuver in small areas My suitcase got caught in a train door and almost became a suitcase of two cities of before I ranked it clear from the door of the train. Trying to move it down the train isles was almost impossible. I soon packed a large carry- on suitcase for my main suitcase and I did not miss a thing as I soon found out I could get by without all of those extra items that I use to pack in my huge suitcase.

Expect A lot Of Delays

You will be waiting a long time at the airport before your plane will depart. Getting through security may take up to two hours alone. Take along a book to read and have a cup of Joe and relax. Pay attention to potential gate changes and different times of departure. It will take a while for you to collect your luggage after you land. It takes time for your taxi to come and take you to your place of destination. Buses may be running behind schedule once in awhile so be patient and wait and be nice and kind to people as they cannot help traffic delays. If the weather is bad you will have to stay overnight and hope the weather is better so you can fly out the next day. One time we had to drive home the next day from the airport because the weather was not going to be improving in the near future.

Take A Lot Of Pictures

I love to look at pictures of my trips in the USA and abroad. You can relive your special moments through your pictures. I take pictures of architecture, beautiful scenery, flowers, historic homes, animals, monuments and my friends that I travel with and more.

Buying Treasures And Gifts

I collect crosses and they do not take up much room and they are easy to carry with you on a trip. If you buy a lot of items for gifts or family members find your nearest post office and send it home so you are not burdened down trying to maneuver with it on your trip. Try to buy small items that do not take up much room. Do not over pack your suitcase as some countries make you pick and choose what you want to keep or throw away until your suitcase gets down to the required weight limit.

Be Aware Of Your Surroundings

Keep and eye on your luggage and purse at all times. One woman in England left her purse under her chair at a buffet and it went missing along with her passport and she could not get home for ten days even though she was on a tour with us. No one wants their beautiful trip to end that way. God bless you and have a safe and memorable trip,

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