Keeping Up Your Spirit With The Covid 19 Virus

Talk With Friends Often

When you are are feeling down talking with friends helps a great deal. Friends lift up your spirits, they support you, improve your self-confidence and relieve stress in your life. Friends make the dark days bright and sunny days. Lift people up and compliment them on their achievements. Talk to people in the rest home and help them lift up their spirits. Try to find humor in things and make people laugh as laughter is the best medicine. Go for a drive with a close friend, stop at a park and have some coffee together, go to a store and buy something that you have been wanting for a long time and enjoy each others company.

Read Books

Read books that have a happy ending.  If you love to read about history read history books. I like to read travel books and plan where I might like to go to next year. You can escape for awhile while you are reading a good book. Read inspirational books, devotionals and the bible as they will inspire you to see the bright side of things. Some people like to read fiction books or romance novels. Read the books of your choice and escape for a little while.

Remember Their Is Always Someone Who Is Worse Off  Then You

No Matter what your problems may be remember someone else is battling much bigger problems in their life. Feel blessed to have a roof over your head, food to eat and a family and good friends. If you have health problems they are minor compared to someone else who is fighting for their life day by day. God bless you and yours with good health.

Cooking And Baking

I like to bake things in my oven and create new dishes. I love to make casseroles. I baked some apples and sprinkled the top of them with cinnamon. I cook a lot of vegetables form my garden such as green beans, Swiss chard, salad turnips and I bake butternut squash and potatoes. Baking and cooking can be very relaxing and you have something wonderful to eat when you are finished. You will most likely get compliments from your family if you prepared some of their favorite dishes.

Relax , Unwind, Walk And Send Cards To People

Take an afternoon nap and re-energize yourself. Write a letter to friend and let them know you are thinking about them and I guarantee that will lift up their spirits and make you feel better also. If you are stressed out from work  take time for yourself and do not feel bad about it. Go out for a walk even if it is a short walk as exercise is proven to help relieve stress, elevates your mood, and relieves tension . Go for a walk with a friend and notice birds, leaves, cars, houses and much more.

Focus On God

God wants what is best for his children on earth. Pray to God without ceasing and God will take care of things in his time frame. God helps us with problems and he knows us inside and outside and he knows all of our thoughts and what we need before we even ask for his blessings.

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