What Do You Stand For ?

Do You Help The Underdog ?

Do you help people that are bullied or made fun of or do you just look the other way? We should stand up for those that are made fun of or bullied. No one deserves to be picked on and made fun of everyday as they go to school or to their place of work. All of us do our best to fit in and work with other people as much as we possibly can. Do not make fun of someone that cannot  run fast in a competition as they may have a health condition that is holding them back. Always put yourself in the other persons shoes before you utter a single word from your mouth. The spoken word is like a spent arrow lost in the night.

Do You Stand For The Right Things

Do want to better yourself everyday or just settle for the same old you ? We should try to learn something new everyday. If you see your friend or friends doing the wrong thing are you going to do it too just to win favors with your friends ? I hope you would tell your friend that is not acceptable behavior and that we should both go home and talk it over. Go to bed every night with a clear conscience that you did the best you could to make the world a better place today.

Do You Stand Beside God

God wants us to be good stewards and care for each other, the creatures on earth and the land. Tend to the needs of others and put their needs on your top priority list. Be a good steward to the land and all of the creatures that roam around on earth. If we do not care for the of all of the creatures on earth and the land all of us will surely perish. Do pray to God without ceasing ? I hope you pray without ceasing as God does hear all of your prayers. Without God by your side you will surely perish.

Sometimes You Will Question What You Stand For

It is hard to please everyone and you will not be able to. Remember to thank God everyday  for all of your many blessings. Your top priority should be to please God. God is our creator and great redeemer. All of us have sinned and we should not ever repeat our sins. Do not Judge others as your judgement may be much worse than theirs. God is the only Judge of man.

What Values Are Important To You ?

Respect, integrity, dignity, honesty, reliability, loyalty, dependability, a belief in  God, Family, and being a good steward are very important values to me. I hope that these are some of your top values in life. Respect people and be honest with them. Be loyal, reliable and dependable and have integrity. Praise God and have good family values and value your friendships with people that make your days a little brighter. Stand up for the right values.

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