Spreading Out Your Branches

Do Not Trim Your Branches Unless They Are Dead

Spread your branches and watch them grow to help other people. Give freely to worthy causes and charities. Your money or time spent helping others will benefit many people. Other people will follow your example and that many more people will be help. Let your branches grow and grow to help those who are less fortunate than you are. If you do get a dead branch on your tree cut it off and a new branch will grow. Sometimes the best of intentions may not work out so move onto another worthy cause.

Worthy Causes

Ask your minister what they are in need of in church or in your community. They may need help at your local food bank or they may need a new furnace or repairs at your church that you could help with. There are many worthy missions that are in need of money. Many children go without enough food to eat so you could help fill their backpacks with enough food to help them get through the weekend until they can eat the school lunch. Meals on wheels is always in need of volunteers to help deliver food to the elderly. You do not have to look very far to find a worthy cause to contribute to in or out of your community.

Help Out People That Need A Hand

Call and visit people often that are elderly or that live alone. Just hearing the voice of another person can be very uplifting. Send them cards that say I am thinking of you or send them seasonal cards. Volunteer to help the elderly with repairs that they cannot afford to pay because high wages for them was $5.00 an hour or less. Never take advantage of anyone that already has a hardship or disadvantage because if you do it will come back to you someday.

Start A Program In Your Community That Helps People With Finding Expert Workers At Reasonable Rates

A group of retired workers could help people with small household repairs. You could get a group of young people that would volunteer to mow peoples lawns or clear their snow for free because they are not able to mow their own yard any longer due to health or financial issues All of us need help now and then and we are very appreciative when we are helped.

Always Think To Yourself How Do I Want To Be Treated Someday

God helps us out every single day that we are on earth.We also should help others every single day that we are on earth. Someday you will be on the receiving end and do want to be treated how you are treating people on the receiving end now. God knows what is in your heart as you cannot hide anything from God. Help support worthy causes however and whenever you can. Let you branches produce much fruit that will help people out for as many years as possible. God bless you for helping out your fellow man.

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