Give Your Anxieties To God

Do Not Be Overly Anxious About Anything In Your Life

Anxiety will eat you alive in your daily life. Do not be anxious in your daily living as God knows what you need and he is always by your side. Pray to God for guidance in your life and remember to Thank God daily for all of your accomplishments in life. People with anxiety disorders have persistent and intense worry about everyday situations. Ask God for help when you feel anxious about anything and you will eventually see your anxiety fade away. Give your anxiety to God as his answer will be much better than any solution you could come up with on your own accord.

Normal Anxiety

It is normal to feel anxious before a test such as have I studied enough, have I read the right materials and am I really ready to take this exam. Before you give a speech in front of a large audience it is normal to be a little bit anxious. You may think will I say the wrong thing or will I be so nervous I won’t be able to speak at all. I love what one of my teachers told be years ago. He told me to imagine everyone that I am talking to is only dressed in their underwear and that does put all of your anxiety to bed.

Sickness And Anxiety

We are anxious when we are waiting for medical test reports. We may wonder what we will have to endure in life before we get better or die someday. I do not think about such things as I let God guide me down the road he has chosen for me to be on in my life. Take Gods hand in life and never let go of it and you will not feel the anxieties in the World.

God Can Save Us From Our Own Negativity

If you look at things with fear and hopelessness you cannot accomplish anything good with you life. The Devil wants you to be depressed and feel overly anxious and then he has control over your life. Never let the Devil in your life and always pray to God for daily guidance to help free yourself from the bondage of depression and anxiety.

Be A Mentor To Help Others In Their Daily Living

Listen to and talk over problems that you may be facing in your life with caring people. Everyone has different experiences in their life and a solution is most likely just around the corner. Never loss hope as all of us have much to offer the World if we do not let negativity take over our lives. Crying and worrying has never solved problems for anyone. Worrying about an outcome that will most likely not happen at all takes the joy that could have happened in your life today away.

Give All of Your Anxieties To God

Pray to God for daily guidance without ceasing and Thank God everyday for all of the blessings that he has given to you throughout the years. Do not be anxious because God will show you the way to a happy life if you let him in your life. I thank God everyday for my many blessings.

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