In Search Of Beautiful Fall Foliage

In Search Of Beautiful Fall Foliage

I have always loved to go for a drive and look at the beautiful colors of fall foliage. As a child my parents and I would drive to McGregor, Iowa located along the Mississippi , River. The leaves are absolutely spectacular in this area. We would cross the other side of the river and drive to Praire du Chien, Wisconsin and we would visit the Villa Louis which is a National Historic Landmark located on the St. Feriole, Island in Praire du Chien, Wisconsin. We would also drive to Galena, Illinois and look at President Grant’s home which was built in 1859-1860. We would drive to an apple orchard in Nashua, Iowa and also we would stop and look at the Little Brown Church.

Looking At Leaves Along River Roads

I like driving to Keosauqua, Iowa which is along the Des Moines, River. Keosauqua is one of the villages in Van Buren county. I love to stay at the Historic Hotel Manning overnight when traveling in the fall and looking at the villages of Van Buren county. I like to look at Bonaparte and Bentonsport , Iowa as these villages have changed very little over the steamboat days of old. Farmington, Iowa is a city in Van Buren county. They have lots of interesting old stores to see and shop in. I love this beautiful historic area. River roads are a great place to drive along and enjoy the awesome fall foliage.

Governor Larabee Mansion Located In Clermont, Iowa

I love this drive and looking at his beautiful mansion and all its beautiful rooms and furniture which sits up high on a hill looking down at the town. He would purchase five or more items at one time and sell them at a small profit except for one and then the one he wanted would be free. He had a pet ocelot  and when she died he had a taxidermist prepare her body to look lifelike and you can see her when you take a tour of his magnificent mansion. The outdoor area is well manicured and stunning.

Fall Foliage In Vermont, New Hampshire And Maine

Now is the peak time for looking at the fall foliage in Vermont and enjoying their homemade Maple Syrup. I loved driving to Stowe, Vermont and staying at the Trapp  Family Lodge. The Sound of Music is based on the Trapp family. The leaves in this area I would rank no. 1 on my list. Driving through the White Mountains in New Hampshire will amaze you with all of the beautiful fall leaves colors. Traveling through the New England states is a wonderful. We saw the Cog Railway. The White Mountain Lodge has 5 star accommodations and excellent food. Driving in Coastal Maine to see the fall foliage. We drove along the coast in Camden, Maine. We also stopped and toured several of he lighthouse’s in the area. At night we had a wonderful lobster dinner. We drove to Kennebunk and Kennebunkport, Maine. We drove past President George H. W. Bush’s house in Kennebunkport, Maine. We drove along the Hwy next to the Atlantic ocean and we enjoyed our spectacular scenery and we ate some fried fish and chips at a small road stand that was very popular. In the evening we had a wonderful duck dinner in Kennebunkport, Maine.

Boulder and Estes Park Colorado

When traveling in Colorado go early before some of the roads get closed in the higher elevations due to snow. I love driving in Boulder and Estes Park, I also love driving on Hwy 7  that takes you to Lyons, Colorado where I always have to stop for homemade Bing Cherry Juice. Estes Park has magnificent fall foliage. Drive along the Big Thompson River for spectacular fall colors.

Enjoy The Colors of Fall

Find out the peak time of year for the best fall colors in the state that you will be traveling to. Looking at leaves and taking drives in the fall is fun and relaxing. You can shop in the towns stores and maybe buy some new fall clothing. Enjoy some coffee at a coffee shop and dine out at a new restaurant. I also look for gifts that I can give to friends at Christmas. Enjoy the fruits of your labor this fall by driving in search of the perfect fall foliage.

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