Living A Holy Life


Holiness builds a relationship with God and builds spiritual strength and stability. Holiness makes us useful for Gods purposes. Holiness in your life helps us be effective for Gods purposes. Holiness in your life causes people around to glorify God. Holiness builds peace with God. Holiness pleases God and produces fruit. Holiness sets us free and draws us close to God. Scriptures: Readings in Psalms, Timothy, Peter and Ephesians.


Holy is anything that is directly connected to God such as your house of worship and your Bible and more. Obey Gods laws to be considered holy to God. Holy means clean and pure and being held sacred.  Living by Gods standards is considered to be holy. When we work hard Gods wants us to enjoy the benefits of our hard work for it is a gift from God. Have a sincere heart and speak the truth. Do not live a life that is in between holy and unholy for God wants you to live a truly holy life. God wants us to be holy so we can be set free from our sins.Glorify God by being holy and living a righteous life. Let your beacon shine in the darkness that will lead people to God.


Ways To be Holy

Keep the Sabbath day and worship and honor God for everything that he has blessed you with. Let other people know about your relationship with God and how he has helped and inspired you to become a better person. Help other people whenever and however you can. Live a life that you and God can be proud of. Keep the Ten Commandments and follow the Golden Rule. Always be kind, compassionate, caring, loving, joyful, peaceful, hopeful and bless others. Be grateful for other peoples accomplishments and do not try to out do them or keep us with the Jones so to speak. Be thankful and appreciative for all that God has given to you to enjoy. Remember to glorify God every single day of your life.

Remember On Christ The Solid Rock You Stand All Other Ground Is Sinking Sand

Keep a pure heart and soul and mind. Be a person that inspires others to do the right things in life. Live your life as Christ intends you to live your life. Do not attend church just to be noticed. Attend church because you want to grow closer to God and help him spread his good works. God has a purpose for all of us. Before you do something you may regret say to yourself is this how Christ would want me to act. Give with a cheerful heart not expecting anything in return. Make everyday a day that draws you closer to God and a day that helps many other people with all of their struggles, trials and tribulations in life grow closer to God also. Go out and fulfill Gods purpose for you in this World and do it in a Holy manner. God bless you with your spiritual growth.

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